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  1. Getting models from craigslist to go to a Perez Hilton party.

    And so you would be paying for the company of these two gentlemen?

    Hell no.

    Those two LADIES, would get to go to the Perez Hilton Halloween Party. What's better than that?

  2. And what the hell would that even include exactly?

    I don't know, but one of my roommates got the invite, and we're thinking about getting two models from craigslist and rolling in with them.

    Party like that, gotta make an entrance.

  3. It'll sure make it sting less IMO. Kinda like you just got dumped by your ex-girlfriend but then you end up nailing her cute best friend, doesn't make the pain go away but you feel better about life for a few weeks.

    Losing to Oakland is not like getting dumped by your girlfriend. Its like getting rejected by the ugly white trash chick at a crappy bar. Beating KC would be nailing that ugly chick's fat chain smoking asian friend.


    I didn't even read the rest of the thread. You guys beat me to it.

  4. i can care less about press conferences.

    Coors Light Guy1: Coach, Coach, how was your barbecue?

    Mangini: Well, some aspects went well, but there are things to be improved upon.

    Coors Light Guy2: Coach, how about the ice cold coors light?

    Mangini: Obiviously that was one facet where I think we did well.

    Coors Light Guy1: I heard there was an incident with drinking too much Coors Light?

    Mangini: I think that's everyone's responsibility, we couldn't stop them from driving.

    Coors Light Guy3: Now that it's over, I heard there's a big mess... What's next.

    Mangini: We'll start off with a little housekeeping.

    BORING... we need better press conferences. :character42:

  5. As a Jets and a Mets fan, I've often wondered why I bother with sports...

    They do nothing but cause me unhappiness.

    My cousin was the biggest bandwagoner around. He was a Bulls fan, then a Lakers fan, now he roots for the Cavs. I used to make fun of him for it at all times and whenever possible. Now, I have to just take my hat off to him.

    He's avoided all the misery that I've come to expect from watching sports.

    Seriously, what is the upside? Anyone? Is there something to be enjoyed?

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