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  1. The NE & Oak losses were due to ineffective offense, w/ a QB still learning the system. Chad obviously knows this O well so it is fairly safe to assume we likely would have won both and at the very worst the Oak game.

    Chad's never really run an effective offense.

    Yes, he can move the ball between the 20s, but that's about where it ends.

  2. This is all I will say in my post game wrap-up.

    If a girl must stay over, which has already ruined the forthcoming night's sleep, why do they also think they are entitled to more than 50% of the bed?

    Shouldn't they be happy to have any bed at all, let along the whole damn thing while I lay there, staring at the clock, anxiously awaiting the sunlight...

  3. Yeah, I remember it being called the double. I remember in Morris Plains, if someone ordered the double, they rang a cow bell when the waitress brought it out. Great. I'd be embarrassed enough just with the waitress when I ordered it, least of all having it announced to everyone there that I was a glutenous beast. :)

    I never even considered it as a one man task. The 24oz is hard enough to eat.

  4. That's right. I have heard that, but never been to that one. They don't have many things on the menu, but everything is fantastic and cheap. The 24oz steak is out of this world. They used to have a 48 oz, I don't know if they still do, but I never was THAT hungry. :)

    Oh, they still have 'the double'... but I'm not man enough for that.

    The 24oz is just called 'our steak' on the menu.

  5. Chad nearly beat us w/ half the talent in Miami, he never loses to Miami. We would ahve betaen them. Again, why would we have lost to Arizona? We'd be at worst 4-2 and likely 5-1 beating Matt cassell's Pats like he did w/ Miami.

    Ronnie Brown beat Matt Cassel.

    You can't have it both ways.

    If Chad, as a Jet, wins game one because 'he never loses to Miami', then he loses to New England because 'he never wins against New England'

  6. haha you guys are too much. a breath of fresh havin you all postin here. pretty awesome

    I got 23 yrs under my belt with a son & daughter. I wouldn't change much & have enjoyed the ride watchin my kids battle life.

    I've made my son the estate executor though cause I don't think I take lying there helpless & hearin my daughter say " umm like how much is it costin to keep him plugged in?"

    I was one year old when you got married. That makes you old. :box:

  7. Oh yeah. With lots of cheese. Best I have ever had were at these steak houses called Arthur's. One is in New Brunswick and another in Morris Plains, NJ.

    To die for.

    There's one in Hoboken too.

    For about $30, you get yourself a 24oz steak with a side of roasted potatoes, a 22 oz draft (Killians for me), and a French Onion Soup.

    My favorite place to eat in town.

  8. That was the baby spider.

    His father catches little kids.


    You got to give it to this Spider. He's equal opportunity. Very racially an culturally sensitive.

    Though, the black guy is eyeing up two white women, so maybe it's more of the same. ;)

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