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  1. I sweat like a whore in church in airports and malls. Don't know why, it sucks though.

    Malls is a bit bizarre?

    I was scarred for life in a mall once though. You know how Christmas time, they have Santa, and you stand on line to get your picture taken?

    Well, in this case, the had a Ninja Turtle instead. I got there with my mom, must have been 6 years old, and we waited on line, a long line. Then, the ****ing turtle gets up and goes on an hour lunch break, and we're supposed to stand there... I mean, come on, give someone else the ****ing costume, right? It's not that difficult.

    So, he comes back, and the line resumes, and I **** you not when I say, that I was the next person on line, literally first person, when the ****ing Ninja Turtle got up and was done for the day. I was none too pleased.

  2. Wasn't even a friend just some dude that we knew, and we thought was cool. Me and my buddy wanted to get a house off campus. None of our other friends wanted too, they were too lazy. So we team up with these two other dudes. Little do we know its Hitler and Napolean(dudes like 5"3).

    All because our real friends were too ****in lazy. Now they wish they lived with us.

    The shoes thing is pretty F'd up. Especially if they're your girls he's messing with.

    I'd never tell you to go after him physically, but you gotta set him straight about crap like that.

  3. I'm not even a slob, I do clean up. This all started when he decided he wanted to hang up a chores list with days of the week and times and ****.

    You learn to hate the people you live with.

    Why do you think so many marriages fail?

  4. Yo, EY. You ever end up punching your roommate in the face? I'm considering it and I just wanted to know if the whole lease thing was a pain in the ass or if I should go ahead and do it.

    Strangely, yes.

    But it came over a wholly different issue. He swung at me first... and then a mess ensued, until the other roommate jumped on top of me.

    And we still live together, which is weird... We talk now, because it's convenient. When one of us moves out, it's likely that it'll be the last we deal with one another again.

  5. My sleep pattern is all messed up. I flew from Boston to Philly this morning for a meeting and then back to Boston tonight.

    Even though its only a 50 minute flight to Philly, sitting in airports and on planes, it sucks the life out of me.

    When I get in the car and drive home I get my 2nd wind. Anyone else make these kind of trips?

    What's in Philly?

    I take the Megabus down there for $10, can't beat it.

    I used to fly from Kennedy to Upstate NY pretty frequently. 50 minutes in the air and there was a time when it was cheaper than driving.

  6. Getting models from craigslist to go to a Perez Hilton party.

    And so you would be paying for the company of these two gentlemen?

    Hell no.

    Those two LADIES, would get to go to the Perez Hilton Halloween Party. What's better than that?

  7. And what the hell would that even include exactly?

    I don't know, but one of my roommates got the invite, and we're thinking about getting two models from craigslist and rolling in with them.

    Party like that, gotta make an entrance.

  8. It'll sure make it sting less IMO. Kinda like you just got dumped by your ex-girlfriend but then you end up nailing her cute best friend, doesn't make the pain go away but you feel better about life for a few weeks.

    Losing to Oakland is not like getting dumped by your girlfriend. Its like getting rejected by the ugly white trash chick at a crappy bar. Beating KC would be nailing that ugly chick's fat chain smoking asian friend.


    I didn't even read the rest of the thread. You guys beat me to it.

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