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  1. Do you think we would know a little bit more about Clemens and Ratliffe?

    Just a little?

    Think that may help make some decisions down the road?

    Ratliffe is a joke. Sorry, everyone got fired up about him throwing a few nice deep balls to our fast receivers against 3rd string defenses. Laying your hopes on this guy is ridiculous.

    I believed in Clemens, still think he deserves more of a shot, but if the coaching staff decided to bring in a 39 year old QB, rather than continuing to give Clemens a shot, then it says something about Clemens...

  2. After you fall in love with a stripper, the affair is usually short, you have to look yourself in the mirror, a nd you have just wasted a piece of your life for a fling.

    I don't care if you waste your life, but please don't waste a season of sport for me.

    What talented QB are the Jets not starting this year, that they could be starting, but are starting Favre (the stripper) instead?

  3. The wording in the article is horrible. Did the question ask who they want to least play, as in play against or did it ask who they least wanted to play for? If the question was asked like it was written, it leaves alot open for interpretation. Either way I dont think I would want to play for Mangini either.

    According to INFL, they asked which coach you'd most like to play for, and which you'd least like to play for.

    To address the other comment, they talked about the Black coaches, and relatability to the players.

    It's not a list of the best coaches, but it's certainly bad, and not unexpected, to see Eric Mangini as the 2nd least popular.

  4. Just logged in to post this. Saw it on INFL.

    Players were asked which coaches they'd most like to play for, and which they'd least

    Top 5 Coaches (most want to play for)

    1. Dungy

    2. L. Smith

    3. Belichick

    4. Herm

    5. Tomlin

    Bottom 5 Coaches (least want to play for)

    1. Coughlin

    2. Mangini

    3. Gruden

    4. Petrino

    5. Belichick

    Same old Jets. It's unbelievable that on every list, we make our way to just about the most embarrassing position on it.

    I'm also going to go ahead and say we're the worst, because the guy in front of us won the Super Bowl last year, and the guy behind us won recently, and is one of the most well respected coaches in the league.

    And, this isn't an ESPN.com poll, it's the NFLPA.

  5. Just to clarify for the new guys. This thread was started with the intentions of giving people with even a slight hint of Photoshop talent a place to post their work. Not a place to rip off every image that can be found on the internet. Thanks.

    I wish I knew how to edit images.

    All I've got is this:


  6. Yea, the reason for the carpe diem is basically a thought I have every day after seeing how young my father went. Smile, laugh, be happy.

    well, I was going to ask if you knew what carpe diem meant...

    Anyway, if I were you, I'd totally get this tattoo.


  7. Just my opinion, but I believe that Jenkins is the MVP. He makes players around him better and enables things to be switched up.

    Washington is situational.

    Jenkins is definitely the defensive MVP... but he spends so much time on the friggin' bench it's hard to get to fired up about him.

  8. I like Camarillo, a great story and a solid player. Would love a guy like him on this Jets team.

    I got to be honest with you.

    I'm tired of guys like this on my team. I mean, sure, they're good for the lockerroom, and maybe for a 3rd and 4th string guy, but he's the prototypical 'Mangini Guy'. And we all saw where that got us.

    Not a dig on Camarillo, but I'd rather upgrade our talent than our good stories. I honestly don't watch football for someone that I can relate to, someone I can look up to, a role model. I watch it in the hopes (albeit fleeting) that my team will win.

    There are plenty of real life people to look up to, and to feel good about, I don't need it on my favorite football team... I'd rather have guys that go out and make plays. Screw the Horatio Algers story... Everyone loves Wayne Chrebet much more, but Keyshawn is undoubtably the better player.

    F the intangibles.

  9. Dunno what you find difficult to believe about generational resentment driving people's decisions, e.g., shmocial shmecurity.

    I don't find it difficult to believe.

    I simply wasn't expecting that as your explanation.

    I was confused, but then I decided to roll with it, ultimately claiming: VICTORY!!!!!!!

    Though, if I agreed to meet Ham in whatever dark alley he had planned, perhaps I would be dead now, and he'd be the victor.

  10. For What It's Worth:

    It's not a border war. It isn't a fight between Sooth's ego and the rest of the world. It's the generation gap. bitonti likes to say that progressivism always wins out over conservatism in the end because time only moves in one direction. Whether this is true with respect to political ideology is off limits here and in any event beside the point because it's certainly true as it pertains to biology. It must seem retarded to hear, because it certainly feels retarded to say, but at the most basic level this whole thing is simply the product of Ham's resentment at the fact that one day he will be dead and Yellin will still be standing.



    Well... OK.


  11. Oh, and I'm glad that my amazing posting could bring another great JI poster over here, since you were quite obviously referring to me in your opening sentence. So glad I could be of help to JN in that way. Its amazing how many people want to experience my awesomeness as much as possible.

    Um, who were you at JI?

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