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  1. By the way, I have to say, because I just picked up on this. It's pretty funny that a lot of the guys that left started some of the same regular threads we had over there. It's reminiscint of the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria landing and and everyone just getting out to set up shop in San Salvador.


    I've already killed 3 of the natives and ravaged their wives.

  2. I seriously doubt it, what's your proof? I'm quite sure jetsinsider had all of those things first. for the rest of the site it looks like a bad copy. hey, one more question, without the jetsinsider bashing posts where would your big board ranking be?

    one more thing smizzy, i notice a lot of attacks on limo's and sooth's appearance. I just had the misfortune of scanning the jn photo album and you shouldn't be calling anyone fat. in fact you look like an overweight hillbilly reject from miami ink. i guess though if i looked like you id tatoo myself heavily as well.

    i look forward to the proof of all of jetsinsider's thefts.

    Asking for proof is fine. And I wasn't here to know if that's true or not...

    But do you have any proof of which came first? Funny thing about proof is the burden falls upon the accusatory party. So, you're accusing Smizzy of lying, do you have anything besides 'seriously doubting it?' or stating your 'quite sure JI had all of those things first'?

    Another funny thing about JI bashing, today, it started when it's site owner, a grown man with 3 children mind you, talked **** about a 20 year old girl over an internet disagreement they had. This thread was called 'happy birthday Jets Babe' and only got ugly once an ugly element was added by someone outside of the JN world.

    So again, the burden of proof falls upon you... got any?

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  3. I am not sure what to say right now. Trust is earned and it will take me awhile to get you to believe me again. I want to do the right things. Sometimes my choices leave a lot to be desired though, I do realize this.

    If I gave you $55 as a good will gesture, would that be an adequate first step?

    Perhaps in real money.

    I can't seem to hold onto VCash.

  4. I am sorry that I misled you initially. Had you know of my Mexican heritage I felt you wouldn't have given our relationship time to properly blossom.

    No excuse though. I lied and for that I am sorry.

    I don't know who you are anymore.

    How can I ever trust you again?

  5. Mario Williams was a bust after his first year too

    Yes... Yes he was.

    We shall see with Gholston. Obviously no one can be happy about him right now, but it's unfair to compare him to Mayo.

    Gholston needs to learn the position, he needs to mature, and he has all the physical ability.

    He is not a workout warrior, as he performed all through college, unlike D-Rob... I'm willing to give him until early in the season next year before I start making judgements.

    I'd love him to be out there making an impact right now, but the early projections of him being great were wishful thinking at best.

    I honestly believe it will come, and if/when it does, he'll be a real problem for other teams.

  6. Another fun fact about Vilma...

    If here were really having a great year, and really making a big impact, then the Saints would probably not be outside of the top 20 in every major statistical category on defense outside of Rush Yards Per Game, where they are an impressive 18th.

    So, again, as I've always said, Vilma compiles a lot of tackles, but never any that seem to get his defense off the field.

    A good defensive performance on a drive is typically 3 tackles... a 3 and out. That's the goal, no?

  7. John Abraham is a monster pass-rusher.

    He has no place in a 3-4 defense though.

    Vilma is a solid MLB.

    He has no place in a 3-4 defense though.

    Don't miss either of these guys. In fact, the one guy we missed these last few years was Jason Ferguson. With Kris Jenkins in the middle, it's moot, but losing him hurt us the last few years.

  8. Same. Only I hope my 20 year old girl is one of your 3 kids.

    Thanks for the heads up.

    Rather than reading my kids 'Goodnight Moon', 'The Little Engine that Could', or other common bedtime stories, I will prep them for this day by reading them the thesaurus each and every night.

  9. Damn he wrote that? Brutal.

    I hope, when I'm in my mid 40s, similar to him, with 3 kids, that I too can get so worked up by something a 20 year old girl does on the internet that I will make nasty comments about her on her birthday.

    That's when I'll know I've truly 'made it'.

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