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  1. I think the majority of this board would goo in their tighty whities if they had our coaching staff.

    Oh would you guys shut up already.

    You're staff looks solid, you've achieved a modicum of success, but you're sitting on this board acting like you've really accomplished anything as opposed to being 'better than last year'...

    I'm sorry, but I think it's time for a reality check. Your a decent team, who's winning some low scoring games with a gimmicky offense that may or may not work forever.

  2. now that i've seen the interception machine that is brett favre, nobody turns the ball over. lol the whole team sucked last year because our defense was pathetic.

    and still, i take favre and his 40 game tying/winning drives anyday, i'm just saying, we have seen the ultimate in interceptions.

    ask Suggs and the entire league.

    The difference is, and it's been a bit excessive this year, and Favre is at the end of his rope, if not beyond, but you can get away with throwing more picks when you make up for it with TDs.

    Chad rarely makes up for his mistakes and he needs to be perfect. When was the last time you saw a Chad Pennington led team win where he didn't have a near flawless game? I've seen many from Brett Favre over the years.

  3. there are posters on this board who are suicidal when they see chad throw up a line like yesterday, especially when our guy threw 3 picks(yes he added a game winning drive, great! not the f&^kin point.)

    let penny have his games. HE DOESN'T SUCK! NEVER DID! these are the people who need to let penny go, the one's making an excuse for every good game he has this year. the wildcat, ricky,ronnie, th playcalling....the dinks and dunks, whatever, he was a SIGNIFICANT dolphin upgrade,. we got the better,except ours comes with 30 int's a year.

    Again, I'm new here...

    But all I see is your thread on Chad. Not a bunch of people ready to jump...

    He had a solid game, where he threw for a bunch of yards and 1 TD. I fail to see how this is relevant to anything, and as I said, fail to see anyone getting worked up over this but you.

    As far as the wildcat, you cannot discuss the Miami offense without discussing it. Considering in prior games (I didn't see a second of yesterday's game because I was at the Jet game) a large portion of the Jets offense came with Pennington at WR. Those plays are not a success because of Chad, they're a success because of Ronnie Brown, nothing more, nothing less. Was it Brett Favre who propelled Leon Washington on his 60 yard TD, or should we be considering ourselves fortunate we have Washington who made that play and Favre just handed him the ball.

  4. The answer to this is as follows.

    Baker injured a hip before the game, and as result the Jets needed a body to fill the gap.

    But, Bubba Franks was inactive today, and Keller, I'm not sure, but the CS probably has little faith in his blocking ability or playbook knowledge in the set.

    So in essence, their last minute adjustment was to stick another Tackle in there.

    Enter Robert Turner, specifically game-planned into week 8 as Chris Baker in lieu of a real TE. Note, that the CS chose overtly not to have receiving option in there, eg Keller.

    So, I don't think this is indicative of the CS using generic sets from game to game in the offense as a whole (although they do do this), but it was definitely an indication of the CS's tendencies in decision making. It was an obvious tell. I don't see how you don't use Keller there at ALL.

    There was simply no back-up plan in place for the "regular TE" today!!!!!!!

    Not that this doesn't make a lot of sense.

    But can we not run out of a formation that doesn't include a TE, or fake TE?

    Or pass out of one that isn't a shotgun, empty backfield?

  5. If you want to cut ties with a girl, who you were never officially 'dating' (as evidenced by my post a few pages back), but had been hanging out with for a while, is there any good way to do this without having 'the talk'. I kind of want to let this fade into obscurity without so much as a word from me.

    However, much like Terry Schavio (too soon?) she just wont take a hint, and keeps on dragging this out.

    If it's not official, do I really need a break-up speech/explanation?

  6. Holy sh#t. You mean to tell me I can predict 99% of the time if the Jets are going to run or pass is NOT because I can read minds???

    Excellent post. We are the joke of the NFL. Thank GOD we have a pretty fair amount of talent or we would be winless.

    Unfortunately, your telepathy is based more on Brian Shottenheimer and Eric Mangini rather than any sixth sense.

    Your future as a telephone psychic looks bleak. Very bleak.

  7. RB Danny Ware is inactive for today's game against the Steelers


    I'm going to skip the obvious question, 'why would any of us care?', and jump to the 2nd one of, 'why would you post this after the game was already over?'

  8. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say if you watch the game over again, you'll see more than 3 formations ;), and you have to also factor in personnel packages

    as far as predictability goes, everyone was predicting the jets to pound jones, and they came out passing with favre

    my problem with shotty is he seems to never attack a weakness like the NFL's worst run defense

    I commend him for trying to pass to get a lead, but when he had a lead, he still kept passing

    I am sure I would. And I thought I alluded to that in my original post. The point was, there were 3 that were used primarily, and when used, there was almost no variation in the simplest form of run/pass.

    I'm not talking about pregame predictions at all. I'm talking about lining up in a formation that screams run, and running. Then, lining up in a formation that screams pass, and passing. The overall philosophy is not as important because they have all game to adjust to it.

    And again, I'm not even saying we passed too much (though I believe we did), I'm saying it was painfully obvious when we were going to pass, and painfully obvious when we were going to run.

  9. Nice first thread. I can tell already that you are gonna be welcomed addition around here. Sounds to me like you guys are having the same offensive issues that my team has. Not a good sign, man. Hopefully things start working themselves out or BOTH teams will be firing OC's.


    Giants were blitzing the hell out of you guys late. Ben didn't look like he could handle it. You guys needed to complete some quick slants and get that YAC. It wasn't happening.

    They're 6-1 for a reason, but proving to be vulnerable. We'll see how it shakes out w/ them come playoff time.

  10. You couldnt be more wrong.

    You shouldve noted that your predcition is what YOU want to happen, and not based on any actual knowledge of the game.

    Dolphins fans realize exactly what this year is. No one is expecting playoffs. We're looking for improvement with a new regime after ****ting the bed last season.

    The only reason this thread is as long as it is is because Jets fans (some, not all) are jealous of the success Chad is having in Miami. You guys LOADED up in the offseason spending alot of cash and you are one game better than us... bet it stings a little :P

    Jealous of the success?

    Last time I checked, not only did we beat you, but we have a winning record, and you, a losing one.

    Sure, we've looked shaky, but that shakiness has us in a pretty solid spot to make a playoff push if we can win some of the more difficult games coming up. Is there some frustration on our part? Absolutely. But are we jealous of a losing team, who's gimmicking their way to a few wins? No sir.

  11. Hey it was great seeing everyone today and meeting a bunch of people for the first time.


    Drago and friends

    War Ensemble and his brother

    Thanks everyone for stopping by, the tailgate was a lot of fun. Uncle Tony, Duane and the rest of the Harley crew did a great job once again.

    Thank You!

    Wish I could have made it, but I didn't get to the lot until about 30 min to game time.

    My friend, who had the tix, and was driving apparently got a bit too drunk last night. He didn't set an alarm, and didn't wake up to his phone.

    So I basically busted into his apt and woke him up, but this took considerably more time than if he just woke up when he said he would.

  12. That's NOT my point. My point if that if it's so important, top men like Parcells won't **** around because of a guy like Pennington. I think that Clemens specifically wasn't good enough or ready to start. I'm not sure about Henne, but I don't buy that you need to have a truly ****ty guy start in order develop a young QB. I'd prefer to follow the model of development used for Philip Rivers, Aaron Rogers or even Eli, There is something to be said for throwing a guy into the fire, but most QBs aren't truly ready to play until around year 3.

    The Philip Rivers 'Development' was one of the least talked about, and biggest blunders in the NFL's recent history.

    If Brees was still in SD, they'd have won a Super Bowl in the last couple years. No doubt.

    Aaron Rodgers started in his 4th year, Eli started in his 10th (11th?) game. How can you compare those situations at all?

  13. Serious question fellas: What is the Jets record if Chad P. is their QB instead of Favre?

    Personally I think you guys may be a game better with Penny. I dont see you losing to Oakland and considering Chad shredded New England this year you may have taken that game as well.

    Obviously this is purely hypothetical. I understand personnel dictates playcalling and game management, but I cant see you being a worse team with Chad.

    Ronnie Brown and the Wildcat won New England.

    Chad does not score enough points to beat Arizona..

  14. It's worth it because it means Chad Pennington is no longer starting, and even though he hasn't been horrible in Miami, that is a good thing for the New York Jets.

    On the other hand, it's difficult to get behind this trade completely as he's been all over the place. He looks old, and he's throwing the ball wherever he sees fit, without regard to who's catching it.

    When he buckles down, he's successful, it just seems unfortunate what it takes for him to get there, ie, us being down against a bad, bad team.

  15. I'll agree that this may be a recurring theme with this staff. It seems with Brad Smith they have the perfect guy to use as a RB/WR with that spread formation. Force the other team to add a DB and then run. Isn't the purpose of having all this versatility?

    See, my feeling is to the contrary. We don't need to get cute with Brad Smith. We don't need, we just need to line up in a way that it doesn't telegraph what we're doing. I don't want Brad Smith carrying the ball as a typical RB, as he's likely to fumble (he can't take those hits)... but I'm telling you, we don't need to trick people to win, we just need a few more formations and looks that our opponents have to prepare for a run, or a pass. Today, we really didn't have that.

  16. Is anyone else concerned that we are an average NFL team with a 40 year old QB? That is not a recipe for success. I was/am all for Farve in 2008 and maybe even 2009, due to lack of better options. But lets be serious, we need some sort of franchise QB if we ever want to be a legit team.

    Also, a little luck wouldnt hurt too.

    In the 2003 draft we traded up to 4....No top QBs there for the taking.

    Of course the next year Eli/Rivers/Ben were all there.

    In the 2006 draft, we took DBrick....Cutler was available.

    At the 2008 draft (b/c we needlessly beat the Chiefs in the final game of the year) we missed out on Matt Ryan.

    Here are the starting QBs in the last 5 Super Bowls:

    Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, Big Ben, Donovan McNabb, Matt Hassleback, Jake Delhomme, Rex Grossman. Sure Delhomme and Grossman suck; but their teams also lost - and havent been heard from since.

    Delhomme does not suck.

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