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  1. The lack of formation variety-play call has been a concern for me as well. It gives the defense an advantage.

    I don't mind having so few formations, but I wished they called more, different plays from these formations. Heck, if I remember correctly, the SB champion Cowboys had only 2 formations, but they called a variety of different plays out of them.

    Favre has been here long enough to do that.

    The problem is, not so much the # of formations, though I would like to see a few more, but rather, that the formation basically dictates the play that's coming. I sat there and was able to guess run or pass with near flawless accuracy today.

    I figure I have slightly more football knowledge than Herm, but he must know something to be able to figure that out.

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  2. I know that the coaching staff is going to get ton of criticism for their pass happy approach, but Favre's execution has been very poor and opportunities are being left out on the field.

    Dustin Keller was open for a TD on both the 4th quarter pick 6 and the near pick 6 plays. Favre is not reading the defense correctly, and he is throwing into double coverage way too often. He has been a large part of our struggles the past few weeks.

    The final comeback drive may be the spark that takes our performance to the next level for the remainder of the season. The team showed some emotion on that drive which we have not seen for a long time. I hope Favre can pull it together soon or we are in for a rough season if the consistency and execution do not improve.

    It's really a disaster, as soon as the ball leaves his hands, it looks like a mistake so often.

    I don't know what it is... because whether or not he 'knows' the offense, he should 'know the colors' and not throw the ball right at the team in red and white, which is exactly what happened.

  3. I was at the game today, and had the pleasure, interesting vantage point of sitting in section 301, which is upper deck, endzone. Essentially, the field to me looked like it would if one were playing Madden.

    I'll start by saying this game was close, and almost lost because of Brett Favre, and only won because of Leon Washington. However, when I can sit, seeing the whole field, and based on the formation, know what's coming, well, that's a problem.

    The Jets, as far as I could tell had 3 basic formations today.

    The first, the 'big' package, with '#75 reporting as eligible', was our running formation. It was pretty much the only time we had a back directly behind Favre, and pretty much always a run. The only exception was the 3rd and 1 where we threw long, and really should have run it. I loved when we did it in Arizona, but it works because of the element of surprise. We've seen it before, and recently, so we had double coverage instead of a receiver wide open. Does anyone know if it was #75's birthday or something that we needed to have him this involved?

    The second was a back split just off to the side and behind Favre. This was a pass formation. The runningback came out of the backfield as a target, and the receivers ran their routes. I believe we ran out of this formation twice. Once on a reverse. Once on a pitch out to Leon. The reverse was a success, but when we lined up in this formation, the defense basically knew we were passing.

    Then, of course, the 5 reciever set, which has proven so successful for this team........ Not so much. Empty backfield, obviously no running options, so again defense knows pass.

    And that's it. Basically 3 formations, all of which telegraphed what type of formation we ran. In the past, I thought the offense was unimaginative, but now I'm starting to believe that we are completely telegraphing what we do based on the way we line up. It seems to me, exceedingly predictable and that's the reason the offense (mistakes nonwithstanding) becomes wholly ineffective.

    I don't sit in meetings, so I couldn't say if it's Mangini, Shottenheimer, or some combination of the two, but something has to change, and it has to change from the way we line up.

    *My first thread on Jet Nation.

  4. isn't his job to be a professional beat writer. its not like he is the editor of a local highschool paper

    I'm not sure I understand your analogy.

    So, because he's older, and his job is more specific/important someone making his career significantly more difficult without good reason means he shouldn't be upset? That he should just do the best he can without ever questioning why?

  5. I am not 128, the rest of those people are.

    I'm going to have to believe him.

    There's a subtle, but obvious difference between Ben, and JR, and that's the usage of punctuation. Unless we're going to give JR enough credit to do something so minor that most people wouldn't even notice to distinguish this character, then we have to assume someone else is typing for Ben.

    That having been said:


  6. I'm embarrassed to say this, but I've never actually seen any of these movies.

    What's the back story? I just watched the teaser, and it seems like a kid, who's birthday was friday the 13th, died at summer camp.

    But how do they rationalize him alive as a killer, who, if I remember correctly, is now immortal?

  7. That's why I'm laughing. People wanted Harrison crucifed for it. The irony is so rich I can only take a little at a time. :rl::rl::rl:

    This is exactly why I never commented on that. It was only a matter of time... Like being a Jet means there's automatically some high moral fiber for the players that this would never happen.**

    **Not that it necessarily has, need something better than 'heard it on the radio' w/ no other confirmation.

  8. He has every right to question Mangini's policy on injuries. But he kept it up and became a dooshie very quickly. That didnt sound like a guy trying to get to the bottom of an injury, that sounded like a guy who wants attention and knew exactly how to get it. Mangini has every right to tell him nothing and the Jets have every right to tell him to shut his yap.

    I prefer Mangini discloses zero information about the team. F#ck the media. They dont do them any good.

    You're right, it wasn't a guy trying to get to the bottom of an injury. It was the culmination of a guy who's pissed off that he can never get any information.

    This was obviously the tipping point.

  9. As I'm sure you know, another side to this is player safety. you don't want the other guys knowing exactly where it hurts, or they will twist in in a pile

    he's protecting his guys, screw the media, they are useless now in the internet age

    That's understandable, but it's not like anyone is gunning for Nugent when he's not playing. Nor was anyone gunning for Vilma when he was on IR.

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