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  1. I disagree. I am happy that Mangini isn't on the radio mid-week saying "we are going to run the ball more this week". Read these blogs of the main stream media guys -- how many times have they written about only being able to see the first 40 minutes of practice? Which consists of stretching, warmups and punting.

    I would rather these guys not see the practices. I would rather the assistant coaches don't talk to the media. None of that helps the Jets on Sunday and that is all that matters.

    Yes Mangini can go overboard at times. Not saying if Vilma's problem last year was in his left or right leg. Big deal if he releases that, but he is trying to change a media friendly culture. He has established his rules and they are what they are. Everyone knows it, so I am not sure what the point of pressing him on this is.

    They aren't covering a Presidential election here.

    The point, I think, is not specifically Nugent, but an overall frustration that Mangini has basically made him, and his colleagues useless.

    I agree with you that Mangini shouldn't release his game plan, like Herm used to do, but there is a middle ground between giving up your game plan, and treating every question like they're asking about troop movements in Afganistan.

  2. thats not reporting thats just bieng annoying. yelling and whining like a little bitch! thats not what they teach you at journalism school

    Yeah, but after 2.5 years of someone making your job unnecessarily difficult, I can understand DL being a bit upset.

    Did he handle it as well as he could have? No. Do you always?

  3. a$$hole was the word you were looking for.

    I don't come out in support of the media guys that often, but here I will.

    Leberfields job is to report on the Jets. He's supposed to be able to get information and hand it out to us, the fans.

    This Jets organization goes above and beyond in the realm of secrecy. Literally, can anyone think of the competitive advantage that the Chiefs will have this week by knowing Nugent is out with a hamstring, vs Nugent is out with a 'leg'.

    You want to replace the Chiefs, fine, the Bills the following week, what is going to change in their meetings, in their gameplan, if they are to know that Nugent is out with a hamstring vs. a leg.

    There's protecting your gameplan/strategy, and then there is absurd, and Mangini and co. have gone past the point of absurd.

  4. EY --

    I have some concerns about your crew. You guys are TERRIBLE at this vcash thing. Save son, vsocialsecurity isn't going to be there when you need it.

    I am going to spot you some vcash because I know this has been a very difficult time for you. As a token of our appreciation.

    Thanks Max,

    It's much appreciated. I will never again bet my VCash on the Jets.

    I was wondering, with my new found VWealth, is there any way I can by some long term Mutual VFunds?

    I'm trying to do the responsible thing here.

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  5. The NE & Oak losses were due to ineffective offense, w/ a QB still learning the system. Chad obviously knows this O well so it is fairly safe to assume we likely would have won both and at the very worst the Oak game.

    Chad's never really run an effective offense.

    Yes, he can move the ball between the 20s, but that's about where it ends.

  6. This is all I will say in my post game wrap-up.

    If a girl must stay over, which has already ruined the forthcoming night's sleep, why do they also think they are entitled to more than 50% of the bed?

    Shouldn't they be happy to have any bed at all, let along the whole damn thing while I lay there, staring at the clock, anxiously awaiting the sunlight...

  7. Yeah, I remember it being called the double. I remember in Morris Plains, if someone ordered the double, they rang a cow bell when the waitress brought it out. Great. I'd be embarrassed enough just with the waitress when I ordered it, least of all having it announced to everyone there that I was a glutenous beast. :)

    I never even considered it as a one man task. The 24oz is hard enough to eat.

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