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  1. Being outscored 45-10 (or whatever the number is) speaks legions as to the adjustments that they are making (or not making) at the half.

    They are getting schooled in game, which is a bad time to have that happen.

    Dead on.

    You can't go to the prevent for the entire second half.

  2. No it's just we had a thread like that too here once.

    But yours was probably better I'm sure.

    Where did I insinuate that?

    I'm still looking for an answer as to how trying to get people in to the main board to discuss football is a bad thing.

  3. It's true, and sad. At this point, none of these guys look qualified to be where they are. This is the problem with hiring position coaches rather than coordinators. Mangini had one year of experience calling defensive plays. He's clearly smart, organized, and ambitious, but he's had to learn the nuts-and-bolts of running a defense as he's gone along. Ditto for Schottenheimer, who is absolutely the worst offensive playcaller I've ever seen--at least Paul Hackett's game plans had a sense of flow to them, however predictable it might have been. Sutton is the exception, but he's no better.

    We know these guys are smart and driven. But their performance thus far begs two very large questions:

    1. Will they improve? And by how much? Unfortunately, they seem to be getting worse as the talent of the team rises. At this point, the excuses of "the OL/defense need time to gel" and "Favre is still learning the plays" are wearing out their usefulness. This team should be 4-2, and you could make a convincing argument that they should be 5-1. The execution has been mediocre, but the coaching also clearly needs to improve.

    2. How long can we (meaning Jets Nation writ large--Woody, Tannenbaum, the players, the fans) wait? When is the tipping point when we collectively decide once and for all, that these guys are not "learning on the job," they're just "bad coaches"? Some have already made that call; what matters is when Woody makes it.

    I honestly don't think Mangini gets fired after this season, especially because it looks like we're headed for 8-8 at worst. But something needs to be shaken up. Schottenheimer absolutely has to go. I know throwing assistants under the bus is the last refuge of the damned, but the offense is sputtering and the performance against the Raiders was inexcusable. If I were Mangini, I'd demote or outright fire Schottenheimer if this team doesn't put up at least 35 on the Chiefs. Callahan is right there to replace him.

    As for the rest of them...who knows? I am somewhat sensitive to the idea of "gelling" and "learning the offense." These are not minor concerns--you can't drop a QB into the last week of TC and expect him to be gunning on all cylinders by week 6, even if he is Brett Favre (and especially if he's hurt, God forbid). The defense has been much-improved.

    I'm extremely disappointed in Mangini, but I'm willing to give him the rest of this season. This is when we learn what he's made of. He's got his toys, they're not working, and it's on him to make adjustments. If this team plays its best ball in November and December (and, God willing, January), then you have to give him some credit. But if we keep seeing these flat performances, he needs to go, 8-8 or not.

    They'll probably all stick around, and I think we'll do better than 8-8. I just don't know if they will have what it takes to compete with the better coaches around the league.

    I mean, how often have we said, 'we were outcoached' as opposed to 'we outcoached them'?

  4. This is what bothers me. No one cares about your threads on JI or wants to read them here. Us who want to will go over there and read them. There is a reason why we posted here and not there and you are bringing that HS feel to this place is bothering me personally.

    Um, that was meant to say that some of us were very anti-chad, and should jump in that thread.

    I don't know how participating in a football thread on JN is now a bad thing too?

  5. I'll say this for Lowery. He'll be solid, you have to consider who his counterpart is. Teams don't throw at Revis that much for that reason, Lowery is still a ROOKIE, and he's not a physically gifted guy. I think in time he'll be solid, by solid I mean he'll give up some plays but he'll make some plays. Give Lowery some credit as we've played some tough teams.

    That's it right there. You barely here Revis's name anymore, and that's a good thing. They mentioned the same thing about Bailey last night. The great corners just don't get opportunities much.

    And, well, they gotta throw somewhere.

  6. People around here have been treating him like he's some sort of god and a top tier #2 Corner. He's nowhere near that and you could see that any game after the Miami performance. I like him, he has potential, but people around here need to stop celebrating him like he's anything special. He's Justin Miller with less speed.

    You were onto something until the last sentence.

    Justin Miller has all the raw talent in the world, he lacks the instinct for the ball and the technique.

    On the other hand, Lowery does the best he can with what he's got, has tremendous ball skills, and so far as I can tell, (I'm no expert on this) pretty good technique... (at least in that he turns back for the ball and doesn't just throw his hands up).

    On top of that, I'm unaware of Lowery ever punching a woman in the facial area.

  7. The only high level Jets coach who's anything more than average is Mike Westhoff.

    Mangini was hired because he was attached to Bellichick.

    Shotty was hired because of his name, and because Brees went from suck to good.

    Sutton was a leftover, promoted because we couldn't find anyone else.

  8. I'd rather stick needles in my eyes than watch Pennington QB my team again.


    And, I'm sure Chad has a lot of 56 point performances in him. And the bulk of that offense has come with him at WR, maybe we just had him at the wrong position.

    Favre didn't play well, and we still should have won... we didn't, but hopefully we'll run all over KC and give Brett some time to relax.

  9. This. Hence the little getting-to-know-you thing going on right now. Some of us (okay, mostly me) are gonna require a little acclimation. I mean, can you imagine if I came here and just went straight into football? That'd go over real well.

    Perhaps under your username, An Acquired Tasted, would be a good little disclaimer.

  10. Dear EY,

    it might be helpful if you search ( it is free) before you start accusing me of treating Jetsbabe like dirt.

    I have said many times in the last day that I felt this was overwhelming. Jetsbabe called me a cranky old hag once and then a hag again a second time.

    That is why i said "pot meets kettle"

    She has also assumed that i am jealous of her beauty. I realize that she is a pretty girl, but i am far from jealous. I am overwhelmed. I have said that many times.

    I can understand you are being protective of her and I respect that.

    Have you read ANY of my posts? How would you like it if someone came into your house and just sat down in your comfy chair and grabbed the remote and watched what they wanted to on TV and then bitched when you got mad?

    It will take time for me to assimilate to all of these new people., but I do expect a tiny bit of respect here.

    If you want me to find the posts where jetsbabe called me a hag i will find then for you and send them to you.

    I already said that I agree that the hannah montana remark was a bit out of line.

    YOu have max and the mods support. Havent you noticed that none of them have had my back?

    Believe it or not ..i know a lot about football also.



    No need for a search. I know Jets Babe, so I know she's not innocent here. And have told her to play nice as we are on your turf, and the new people.

    I also know that it takes two to tango, I could sit here and claim innocent in one of the insinuating incidents that ended with a lot of people here, but I won't do that either. These things are mutual. So no need to find those posts, I saw them in this thread, and have no doubt that they exist.

    Again, I'm not judging you as a Jet fan or a person for one second. I'm sure you're admirable in both. I'm simply commenting on a smaller situation that in my opinion, would be best to squash now, rather than linger on. I'm commenting on your sentiment of wanting us gone.

    The mods and Max want to grow the site, and having us is in the best interest of that. I understand the 'good poster' thing is something that needs to be proven, and not assumed, and I hope I, and the people who followed my over shortly will prove that to you.

    And to respond to Bren, I was checking the main board last night, there were two valid Jets threads started by our people, and a host of other comments. That should grow with time as the drama dies down, I'm repeating myself now, and there's nothing I can do to prove it to you, but that's what I believe will happen. I'm sure plenty of chatter will continue in the Lounge, but isn't that what it's for anyway?

  11. wait.. you were in middle school when this site started.

    see now.. the situation is.. JN was started from scratch. We didnt go off into a new site.

    we are just trying to explain that you guys need to be a bit more respectful and you cant expect us to automatically welocme 57 new "good" posters in 24 hours ..coming here starting new threads that are just inside jokes and not seeming to care about the old guard.

    if you wanted to have your own place, you guys should have started one... but you came into our home. you need to give us time ... we have tried to explain it to you in a couple of different ways...

    i will ask my 16 year old daughter and maybe she can give me some pop reference that you might understand. maybe there is something on gossip girls or hannah montana that would make better sense to you.

    Green gal,

    I was here a week before everyone showed up, and as they have come, I've tried my best to get everyone to assimilate as quickly as possible. The web drama has already started to die down, and the people I know are making their way into the main boards and contributing.

    That having been said, and maybe I missed some posts (there have been a lot) in which some provocation occurred, but you've treated Jets Babe like dirt since the moment she arrived.

    And you're right, this is your board, and we are the new people, and you've made it pretty clear that you will not welcome us under any circumstances, or give us time to transition, but Max and the other Mods have, so I ask that you simply give us some time before judging us. We're a big group, and a fairly close one, but most of the people who've come over can contribute a lot to Jets content, including, and this may shock you, Jets Babe.

    That's all,


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  12. Conspiracy theories are hilarious because the ones that put them out there never asks the simple question, "Why?"

    That is, Borgo, "Why would JI posters be loyal enough to Sooth to invade another board and do his bidding?"

    Why would Penningtong-detractors like me, CTM, EY and others want to do the work of the Biggest Pennington Fan on the net, Sooth?

    Why would EY want to do the bidding of Sooth who took Ham's side over EY's? Heck, Sooth and the other moderators took the side of an out-right bigot over mine. Now, I want to help Sooth out?

    Why would those who complained to Sooth about his favoritism and his response being "Buh Bye!" want to help him out?

    Answer those questions Borgo and then you won't go from point B to Z because you'd never have gone from point A to B.

    SMC, give it up, that's an obvious surface dusting of the true depths of our scheme.

    Chad Pennington is still a New York Jet. Sooth and Kleck arranged for the 'fake' Brett Favre trade to help with this prank. Hint: It's not really Brett Favre, he's back in Mississippi.

    And clearly the fight between Hammer and I was a rouse as well. In fact, just last night you could have seen as at Pinkberry on the Upper West Side, sharing some sherbert.

    Well, the jig is up.

  13. All too well. Although CBS ha taken me on staff...we'll see how that goes. The union world is so bizzare.

    Wifey just applied for a gig at Atlas, although she's really sick of the biz and wants to change careers.

    Staff jobs are nice, but even that's not really what I want. I had this crazy idea of being a docu filmmaker. That was long before I realized that you're either Michael Moore/Ken Burns or your a starving artist.

    I applied for a job w/ Atlas just recently too, an AP gig, but it's online, and I'm sure my resume is lost with 2,000 others.

  14. ha.. i did the same exact thing a few years back, but never ended up taking the test.. was definitely contemplating law school for awhile, but then i figured i'd miss the 'excitement' over not knowing where my next meal was coming from that comes with freelance teevee.

    I'm definitely taking it. Already paid for.

    I know that if I walk I'll miss the excitement, and I love the day to day work, but you must have a stronger stomach than me, because the not working portion of it has me in knots.

  15. what do you do?

    I work freelance in TV.

    What exactly I do is dependent on the size of the production.

    I work both in production or post, depending on where work is.

    I'm an editor and an associate producer. But, on bigger stuff, I'll still be a production assistant or an assistant editor. Really depends on who's hiring me at this point.

  16. EY what are you working on these days?

    I'm in between the baseball show, and a PBS web series that starts early next month.

    So, I'm working on a back up plan, and studying for the LSATs. I don't know if I'll ever use the score, but it's good for 5 years and I can use it whenever/if ever I need it. Freelance lifestyle is tough, but I don't have to tell you that man.

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