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  1. I don't know, you were pretty effective at manipulating Klecko.

    Klecko made all his decisions for himself.

    Again, flattered you think it was me, as opposed to him being de-modded that sent him over the edge.

    It's good to know I'm practically a god to you.

  2. Random thought: I think all the new JIers should start anew in their relationships with the moderators and other posters they disagreed with on politics and other stuff on JI. Right now's a good chance, and there's no point harboring grievances against someone about the politics on another site that are not allowed on this site.

    I've just seen a bit of it and wanted to make a suggestion. Hope you guys don't mind.

    I agree.

    And disagree with you on this one BF4LC87, I think it's best to try to assimilate in as much as possible, lest some of us goofballs wear out our welcome.

  3. Last night you wanted to be a JI mod, and now you start a thread bashing the place. That didn't take long. :confused:

    Was this all part of your master plan, EY?

    You must think I have a Ph.D in infantile psychology or something.

    I can control them, I can control them all... hahahahaha

  4. We know you have a lot of JI stuff to get out of your system and we won't hush you guys...but When you guys are all done Bashing the powers that be on JI....take a couple minutes to check out JetNation.

    Our Vbookie section is a virtual bookie. You all get free vbookie points for joining and for posting. You can use those points to wager on all the NCAA & NFL games each week along with MANY other games. (MLB,NBA ,Boxing & MMA)

    I run the Stud or Dud game http://www.jetnation.com/forums/showthread.php?t=63525&highlight=Stud and about 5 FF leagues every yr here. I also provide a Pro-Pick 'Em and Survival leagues....all have huge vbookie point prizes!

    The point is...our goal is to have fun and provide you guys with a place to cut loose. All we ask is you do it within our rules and guidelines.

    I look forward to reading your stuff :thumbup:


    Just reposting. Seems like people are already getting involved, and hopefully the JI stuff will die down soon.

    That Late Night Crew thread may stick around just as a place for us to BS, but it's mostly harmless.

  5. I'm sure you will all integrate quickly and well. I'm just suprised it has taken this long since to me this is clearly the better site.

    I switched on my own. It's not an easy thing. Over on JI everyone knew who I was. It's starting from scratch.

    That having been said, with a number of people coming over, it makes things a lot easier.

    As to which site is better, I'll simply say I enjoyed most of my time at JI, and have enjoyed my time here thus far.

  6. I'm pretty happy to see new posters here. I haven't lurked over at JI in a long time so I don't really know any of these guys. Time will tell......

    That's all we ask for.

    Give us some time to settle in, we'll make our way to the main forum, and hopefully most of the new posters will not make you wish we all were gone.

  7. I've used the following in my resume with some pretty awesome results - "bestest", "fantasticness", "non-confrontationalness", "team playerness", and "shows up on time". Feel free to copy/paste.

    I've got this so far:

    Eric is the bees knees, better yet, the cat's pajamas. Working with him was an honor as his team playerness was some of the bestest I've ever encountered in my 30 years.

  8. I, too, am making the jump from JI.

    I've posted over there since around 2000/2001 and over the years have seen my favorite posters jump ship. I stuck around after the 2005 civil war, through the 'VIP' bull****, the NJ hate, and through the ridiculous double standards that applies to certain posters. But enough is really enough. I'm done with the drama and garbage spewed over there, along with the attitudes of some of the hierarchy. So here I am. I just wish I had made the move sooner- I'm shocked at how many of the solid old time JIers are over here!


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