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  1. I tried to tell you guys months ago what Faneca's strengths and weaknesses are. Nobody wanted to listen to me and most folks thought i was wrong. I know he's still a good OG, but usually when the Steeler FO thinks a player is not worth the high salary they are right. Oh yea, alot said the Steelers would miss him too.

    He's still a huge upgrade for us. We had Adrian Clarke at the position.

    However, he's not producing the way he was paid to.

  2. The bye week didn't hurt, it was the fact that Oakland came out and consciously made an effort to stop the Jets passing game. Once Oakland adapted to the spread, there was no counter adjustment made by the Jets. Of course if Baker doesn't fall down in OT, we're probably not discussing this right now.

    Well, that's not entirely true either.

    We all wouldn't be miserable. But at the very least, we'd be concerned. Even if we won it in OT, it would have been a piss-poor showing.

    With the current talent level on this team, there is simply no excuse for that.

  3. this team should have won yesterday and they would have been in the drivers seat, if they don't beat KC at home then the word "playoffs" should be out of the jets vocabulary, these october games were HUGE for us especially with the pats/titans/broncos three game stretch we have.

    If they don't beat KC at home then the word "happiness" will be out of my vocabulary.

  4. EY played a very good game. Don't forget about his post in the politics forum before those PMs, antagonizing Ham and begging for him to ban him. He put Ham in a corner, and left him no choice but to look stupid. EY is very smart, he set this whole thing up to come off as a victim. He was always so good in those JI Mafia games.

    I am in no way defending Ham, and that his personal attacks weren't outrageous. But it could have easily been avoided.

    And, if those PMs weren't sent, I would have been here on my own. And ok with it.

    I appreciate the compliments, backhanded as they may be, but nothing I could have concocted would have had any real affect had there not been many issues before, a few after, and ultimately, 3 PMs with no responses from me in between, and then one more.

  5. Look no further than this lounge.

    I'd say about 80%, if not more of all posts on the drama exile have come in the lounge. Why aren't the posters posting about the Jets? We just came off one of the toughest losses in recent memory, and instead everyone wants to be involved in some bull**** internet drama, and shake their stick at a new female poster or two.

    JI is/was nothing more than an OT forum with the Jets intertwined. Get ready, because that's what you're looking at in the future.

    And in a day or two, the drama will die down. And hopefully most of the people here will integrate into the JN Jets forum, some already have.

    For now, it's very new, bear with us as we make the switch. I've already talked to some people about keeping the old inside jokes off the main board, and as long as the BS is kept to the lounge, what difference does it make?

  6. What's the difference, Yellin?

    Maybe you should rethink who's actually arguing there is a difference?

    Tx wasn't banned, and you made a series of decisions that reflected your dissatisfaction.

    Ham wasn't removed of his modship, and I made a series of decisions that reflected my dissatisfaction.

    I don't agree with what you did, and you don't agree with what I did, but the real difference is that you're trying to act like you're better than me (us?) for it, when you're exactly the same.

    Now please, I'd like to enjoy my time here, that's why I came here, not to argue about BS...

  7. Don't patronize me, you passive aggressive bastard.

    I'm not here to get in fights.

    I'm here to enjoy posting on a board, something I used to do.

    Sorry if everything didn't go the way you'd hoped. It is what it is. Please do not try to lessen my (our) JN experience.

  8. First of all, my beef with TX transpired because of his massive ego. He thought he could do whatever he want and got away with it because he was buddy-buddy with Sooth. TX's classic excuse was, "I've been here since 2003, who the hell are you?" -- and Sooth agreed with him. Same exact situation as Ham. It's bull****, all the way around.

    Your intention was to break JI. You had a vendetta, and you wanted to rise victorious. You wanted to win. Don't deny it; don't play innocent. At least man up and admit that you're in your glory right now.

    Such ****ing nonsense.

    So, you didn't want to let Tx get away with his BS as you saw it, and I didn't want to let Ham get away with his, our methods were simply different. You followed Tx from thread to thread provoking him, then started a thread in the VIP, I simply left. Had I not been followed, and those PMs never sent, I'd be sitting on JN with the regulars here, and not surrounded by former posters. But Ham made his decisions.

    As to the underlined, I thought I said that in the above post.

    Of course, when you feel wronged, you want to be vindicated. But, I did not campaign for people to leave. I did not send a PM to a single poster telling them, 'hey, sign up for JetNation'... They did that on their own accord. The fact that they are here proves that I was right in leaving.

    I know we had a good thing going, and it's too bad as you say, and if you're breaking up with me, and saying you want to remain friends, that's ok. I'll heal, and hopefully, someday I'll have the strength to carry on.

  9. I think he made one against the Chiefs and Skins last year.

    That being said.. I'd love to see Feely stick around. And Hodges hasn't sucked too bad, plus he's got awesome tats, gives the team more "street cred".

    Oh, the old initials tats.

    I remember when I got my first ones.

  10. I'm going to take this up as a serious offer.

    You completely abused your power as a mod at JI. Making you mod was probably the biggest mistake Sooth ever made, in a long list of mistakes running that site. You banned people because of BS vendettas, you loved internetz drama, and you were all around bully. A complete shocker, because you were one of my all time favorite posters. You completely changed when you became a mod.

    I also don't believe that all the mods badmouthed Jets Babe in the mod forum. I wouldn't doubt that you lied about that to fire her up and join your bull**** revolution.

    This whole thing is immensely stupid, and I blame you and EY completely. Virtual ego to that max. Jesus, go out and get laid or something.

    Then stay at JI.

    Sooth made it clear that posters are not valued, and the site will go on.

    I did not ask one single person to come here, but am I unhappy about how it transpired, absolutely not.

    And if you want to compartmentalize, where does your ****-fit with Tx fit in the world of BS internetz drama? You're no better.

    But really, I post at JetNation now, I have my reasons, and they're merited. Other people seem to be doing the same, and I'm glad to have them around. You can stay on JI, it's fine, really it is. But don't begrudge those who left for their own reasons, most of them good reasons, or else you're just telling me that Klecko and I are the kings of the internet and everyone will do what we say without a reason. I really don't think that's the case.

    JI has plenty of posters, and as Sooth says, the site will go on. Enjoy it... I'll be here.

  11. No I can't ban anyone. So now you can all tell me what you really think of me. And I can't send you threatening PMs or anything. I just have to take the abuse and admit I have a small penis and try to make up for it by being an internet tough guy.

    Here I liked you all along.

  12. Welp, thanks internets.

    I'm here too I suppose. A lot of posters that I respect jumped ship so here I am too.

    Anyone who can PM me whatever info they got on the full metal poster holocaust that happened over there I'd appreciate just so I can decide whether to be a multi-site user or a full-on emigrant.

    Sorry that those things happened to you, EY. To be honest I'm surprised. Ham was always very classy to me and even congratulated me on some personal issues, but what he said to you was inexcusable.

    Thanks, and welcome. Hope you'll stick around, and get posting on the football side of things, after the sting of this loss disappears.

  13. We should be able to run all over the Chiefs. Then again, we were able to run all over the Raiders and that didn't do us much good.

    Will we come out with another baffling game plan next week? Apparently the trend is to come out in a shotgun 5 WR set against a poor rushing defense. Great thinking Mangini and Schottenheimer.


    Yeah, we should be able to do a lot of things against the Chiefs, but we should have been able to do them against the Raiders too.

    I'm really at a loss, I mean, I know the gameplan was weak, but so was the execution, were there never WRs open? What was the deal there?

    I'm not confident in anything anymore, except that the Bills are probably going to smack the crap out of us, and Faneca is being highly overpaid.

  14. Speaking of which, what is this Vcash stuff? Can I use my $530 for two hours with one of SAR's lady friends? :P

    VCash is what I lost on the Jets.

    Basically, it's virtual money that you can use in the 'Nick Ferraro VBookie Forum', to bet on games.

    You get a buck for each post, and if you don't bet on the Jets, you can make more an more. Just fun stuff.

  15. I can vouch for that at least. It went down kinda fast and ugly. I had no idea about the back story though and what was happening in PM land. It really sucks man because you were a great poster there but I certainly understand your reasons for not wanting to be there anymore.

    Thanks. I left knowing I'd be leaving a lot of great posters behind, but Max was incredibly welcoming and cool to me... I knew my story there wasn't completely over, as evidenced by today, but I wasn't coming back if I was the only guy from JI to come this way.

    I'm very happy here, and hopefully most of the posters who've joined today will stay, and we can keep having a good time on this side of the Mason Dixon.

  16. That's what was so funny. It literally takes 10 seconds to change a users name. Sooth made it sound like they didn't have time to answer the hundreds of requests for user name changes.

    All you have to do is ask. Nicely.

    For $55, can I get other peoples usernames changed?

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