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  1. Didn't Nugent make game winning field goals last year against the Steelers and Chiefs?

    How many kickers attempted 50+ yard field goals last year? What was their percentage?

    I'm by no means a Nugnet aoplogist but I think he gets a bad rap from Jets fans.

    11 Kickers made more 50+ than him. I don't have easy access to their percentages.

    I can tell you that he was 26th in the league in percentage after a quick recheck. In fairness, lets call him 25th if you eliminate M. Gramatica, who was 5/5.

    Again, I'm not one of the people calling him a 'bad kicker'. But anything above 'decent', I think is wrong.

    Also, I know you want to eliminate the draft, but it does count for something, in terms of value... And we're certainly not getting value for our pick.

  2. Nugent is a good kicker. His haters always point out where he was drafted not his performance. Remember the 20 page thread when he missed the game winning field in the preseason?

    Would you rather have Feely or Nugent?

    Nugent was 1/4 last year in 50+ yard kicks.

    Nugent long was that one, at 50 yards.

    Nugent's percentage was 80.6, out of the top 20.

    Nugent's career percentage is not much better, 81.5

    Nugent is an ok kicker, but really, the best thing he has going for him is his name. Not that Mike Nugent is a special name, but it's not Doug Brien (aka Herm's Scapegoat, aka Chad's Scapegoat).

  3. Point taken. I usually won't post this kind of stuff. I just like to do it once in a while for s's and g's. Apologize if it offended any of ya's. I take my share of heat when it comes to my QB so posting this kind of stuff is also a way of giving my side of the debate. I fully realize that it won't get read by many too. It's all good by me.

    No offense at all.

    And I honestly don't understand the hate for Big Ben. He's a very good QB. I like Favre better, but up until this year, much better than anything we've had. Sure, he's benefited from a powerful running game, but I remember him beating the Colts with his arm in the playoffs. His ability to keep plays alive is like no one else in the league.

    Besides being a rival player, and a terrible biker, I don't know what's not to like about the guy. :confused:

  4. Do you remember where they had problems in that election? I'll give you a hint, ALOT of old people lived there ;)

    Listen, I'd love to disown just about everyone in South Jersey with their orange skin, slicked back hair, and shaved chests... In fact, if exit 10 down were to succeed from the state, I wouldn't mind one bit.

    But at the end of the day, you have to take the good and the bad... No different than having a retarded cousin.

  5. Yes all $5 worth of advertising revenue will go a long way in prize money.

    One of best parts about JN is the ability to edit the title under your username.

    Since I'm transitioning over here, I figured I'd add something to make me feel a bit more close to home.

    Oh, and I guess that makes $60 total now. 5+55.

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  6. I think I would. Vilma was getting bullied by guards because of Robertson. I think Jenkins would of make Vilma a better LB in the 3-4.

    He would have been better, no doubt, but still not good, and still a waste of his natural talents.

    Jenkins has been a huge {pun intended} upgrade, but remember, there's still only 3 men on the line, that's going against 5 offensive linemen, and on running plays often times 7 blockers.

    In situations like those, the linebacker is going to be engaged by a blocker before he even has a chance to touch the ball, it's his ability to get off those blocks quickly to make the play, that's what Vilma lacks.

  7. Jet fans are like Kimbo Slice.

    Sure, we look pretty badass, we talk a good game, and we can kick the crap out of lesser competition (Dolphins Fans).

    But then, once we face even a modicum of real competition (Fans of Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Washington, Dallas, Green Bay) we get knocked the **** out in 0:13 seconds.

  8. No.

    Addition by subtraction. The 3-4 defense is all about being BIG. Players need to maintain their gaps, take on blockers, shed those blockers, and make the tackle.

    Vilma is not big.

    Vilma is not a maintain your gap player, he's a sideline to sideline player, who runs by blockers rather than engaging them.

    Vilma gets engulfed by blockers (guards) when forced to engage them as the 3-4 mandates.

    Vilma makes tackes in the 3-4, but usually down field with the back falling forward.

  9. What is the worst incident you have witnessed against an opposing fan or yourself at the ballpark?

    • "A major brawl spilled on to a lady who was seven-to-eight months pregnant. In 36 years, there have been many at Jets home games, but this was disturbing."
    • "A New England Patriots fan urinating in his seat and claiming it was just beer to security."
    • "Some guy wearing a Dolphins jersey was having problems breathing after getting into a verbal shouting match with a few guys. The medics had to come and they loaded him up on a stretcher. As they were carrying him down the stairs everyone started tossing bottles (some still full) and anything else they could find at the guy. All the time he's flat on his back, getting oxygen, strapped to a stretcher. Hanging with the Jets crowd is like going to a frat party. That's why I go to one game a year and that's it."


    We even take a beating in Dolphins Stadium

    What is the worst incident you have witnessed against an opposing fan or yourself at the ballpark?

    • "One fan punched another for drinking his beer through a straw. Not manly enough, apparently."
    • "I think it is more important to measure the worst incidents by opposing fans at the stadium. With Miami playing so horribly last year, game after game opposing fans verbally [and in many cases physically] initiated confrontations with Miami fans at our home stadium. The worst fans in the league are Patriots and Eagle fans."
    • "Usually it's the Jets fans who start the fights."

  10. This is probably not the worst, but it's from this season.

    At the Pats game this year, I'm sitting with my Dad, and two Jets fans, male and female, presumably dating, and about my age (mid 20s) are sitting behind us.

    The guy, who's wide set eyes, square jaw, and overbite, would indicate some form of retardation, was belligerently drunk and would not shut up the whole game. I am not talking about 'making noise for your team', I'm talking about offering analysis, which was mostly set in hinsight bias (after a run for no gain, 'how could you run it there', after an incomplete pass, 'we shoulda ran), criticizing every call that went against the Jets even if they were correct, and all of this was on a constant loop. The only break he took from his 'brilliant commentary was to drink more or scream about spygate or bill bellichick being a cheater. At some point towards the end of the game, his shirt disappeared, and he ran up and down the isles to antagonize Pats fans. I hummed the tune to deliverance.

    The girl, who must have had some deep seeded emotional issues to consider being seen in public with the obvious product of inbreeding, some time late in the game accidently spilt some of her beer on me. She apologized and I did not give her a hard time as life had obviously already kicked her once or twice while she was down.

    My father, equally annoyed by these two drains on society, told me: "That's the last game I go to this season".

    To make the point of another thread, maybe this is why people don't go to the games. If you want to enjoy what's going on, on the field, you're much better served sitting at home.

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