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  1. Dude if you have an in with Sar, you have to get him over here like now. :lol:

    I've met SAR personally, he's a really good guy. Funny as hell in real life too.

    SAR is fiercely loyal to JI. He's not coming over here.

  2. I don't think you should apologize to anybody, no. If you get banned for speaking your mind, so be it. but Ham's skin is too thin to be a mod, he takes everything too personally. I have nothing bad to say about anybody there, except the fact that Ham was an awful choice to be a mod. that I will say. :P

    I can only say, if their goal was to not have me and my 15K posts banned for life, then he was a bad choice.

    No reason to throw anymore gasoline on the fire.

  3. I'll bet dollars to donuts that there's a heated debate going on in the JI mod forum right now. sooth will send you an email to apologize to poor Ham and you will be allowed back. I'm just gonna guess that's whats gonna happen.

    Disclaimer: I have met every JI mod except for Warfish, Chesapeake and the legendary Ham. and the one's I've met are all cool guys.

    I don't know anything about that, but certainly I'm not going to apologize... I'd actually have to feel bad about anything I said to apologize, right? You think I do?

    Ches and Fish are both cool guys, from the board at least. Never met either at them.

  4. Welcome EY. I think you'll find this place a better board with a much lower stroke quotient. That Ham guy appears to have real issues but thats his deal. The only thing you have to fret about some of the mods here is not bending over in front of them - but you'll get used to that. Again - welcome

    Thanks NJ.

    I've caused quite the chaos. I am pleased.

  5. Hello EY,

    that is rather unfortunate. I kindly ask that you remove the Toyota for Sale heading underneath your screen name. Until you have a Toyota for sale.

    Warm Regards,

    Mister Morals

    Ah, gotcha.

    Had forgotten about that.

  6. Not only that, but I think I've seen a fan interview at a certain 8th grade site.

    If JN sucks so badly, why are our ideas always being stolen?

    The site did an interview with Jay Mohr, a poster named SAR I was given a blog, and to make fun of it, he did an interview with Jets Babe.

  7. Now you know what it feels like. No fun is it? What say we bury the hatchet? Either way, welcome to the more enlightened Jets fan site.

    There never was a hatchet. We're cool. And I'm perfectly at ease with my banning. Don't mind it a bit.

    In fact, in the exchange, I basically asked him to do it. I was not interested in being talked down to by this particular mod, and disrespected by him, so I figured I'd just go out in a ball of flame and make a statement.

    From what I'm told, it's been made. So that's that.

  8. That'll teach you to talk bad about Green Jets and Ham. One of my aliases was banned for the exact same reason. Just once. No warning or anything. :rl: But seriously, welcome to JN. I think you'll find that in this case the grass truly is greener on the other side. And alot more potent because there are some posters here who are high as a mother f#cking kite yo.

    I'm sure I'll be quite happy here.

    One thing I wont do is talk smack about JI, it's a good site, there are just a few fundamental problems.

    I have a bunch of 'friends' over there who are all good posters and guys, but it can be a bit of a circus, and the problem is, some of the clowns have become more than entertainment.

  9. guys, thanks for the welcome, I have to run out, I'll answer you individually later...

    There is no link b/c my comments have been deleted. I have the post saved, but now is the time for diplomacy.

    We'll see how my mood changes later.

  10. I applauded the Jets for making the entire upper deck PSL free in the new Stadium but this highest bidder strategy may backfire with the economy going down the toilet right now.

    I'm sure the Jets projected numbers wont even come close to what they actually get.

    No, but I'm sure they'll still be big numbers.

    The people who were planning on playing ball in these auctions are still going to play ball in these auctions as they're not the ones that have been crushed by this.

    Do you really think Joe America who's 150K in retirement savings is now worth 90K was originally planning on sitting in those seats?

    Those seats are going to corps and millionaires.

  11. Chad Pennington can win a game where he only needs 17 points.

    Most times, that's not going to be good enough.

    Sometimes, it is. While Miami may be 2-2, in 4 games, the man has 3 TDs.

    Let's compare that to the New York Jets QB, who has 12.

    Bottom line, we want to be a great team, and great teams need* QBs that can win games for them. You can win with Chad Pennington, but you're never going to win because of him.

    *Spare me the once in a blue moon Doug Johnson/Trent Dilfers because there are 10 great QBs who win it all for every one of those guys.

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  12. Vilma is not on this team right now because there was no place for him in the defense.

    Are you guys serious?

    OLB? He'd get eaten alive.

    Safety? You think he has the fluidity in his hips to drop back (way back) in coverage when necessary.

    Simply put, in the Jets 3-4 defense, if there was anywhere that Vilma could excel, he would be doing it now.

  13. Here's what I don't get about the game today.

    The Jets have a HOF QB and the Pats have two (Hobbs and O'Neil) questionable CB's and Mangini/Shotty do not go after them.

    Sorry to say, but the Jets offensive game plan sucked today.

    It seems so simple, and yet, it just wasn't done.

    I just don't get it.

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