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  1. I agree 100% with the herm post and the penalties post. we ran it 3 times from the 3. how about play action to bubba ? the 15 yarder on pace basically ended the game

    I disagree 100 % with the pressure post, you can't blitz every play, we hit cassel and sacked him enough

    I didn't mean pressure as in, QB pressure. You're rarely going to accomplish much in that dept. when you have a guy doing little more than 3 step drop and throw a screen.

    I meant, pressure as in, do something on the other side of the ball, so he can't just dink and dunk into FG range, which was their entire offensive gameplan. In other words, for the Pats to have won the game, the Jets should have MADE CASSELL BEAT THEM. They did not, they allowed themselves to lose a war of attrition, that falls on the coaching, and is inexcusible.

  2. Here are just a few things that I thought went well.

    -Revis played very well against Randy Moss, whether it was the conservative play calling or the inexperienced QB had anything to do with it aside, I thought he was very effective in making Moss a non-factor. Lowery I thought played well too, and between those two we have the makings of a borderline great secondary.

    -Kris Jenkins is a man-child and played very well I thought, the one play where he pushed the Pats o-lineman into the running back causing him to fall down was awesome.

    -Stuckey looks like he could be a really good receiver really soon. And if he gets a good rapport with Favre, that can only be a good thing.

    -Keller's catch and run was impressive and it could be a sign of things to come for him.

    1st, at what age do you stop being a 'man-CHILD'? Just wondering, because I assume Jenkin's has probably reached that plateau at this point.

    More importantly, your last point is exactly why this was such a poorly called game, are you kidding me with Dustin Keller? 1 look all game, against a team with old LBs and a not so great secondary? Really?

  3. Somewhat

    We score in the 4th quarter to make it 16-10

    Need the defense to step up and make a stop.....yet LaMont, Welker and Cassel kill us

    Everyone is saying how the defense was great.....we were playing Cassel folks

    Our defense cost us the game, plain and simple

    Agree 100%.

    The Jets D absolutely has to come up with a big play.

    Defenses don't cost you games where the other team scores 19 points.

    If our offense could have stayed on the field, it wouldn't have been an issue, and Bellichick wasn't giving us the opportunity to make a big play on defense, did you notice it was all screens and short passes, then running plays, which mind you (in the 4th) were with a fresh running back against a defense that was on the field all day. Regardless of the fact that it's Lamont, that's still a mismatch.

  4. Handoff the ball THREE STRAIGHT TIMES on 1st and Goal from the 3?

    I said it to my father before the first handoff, and I'll say it here, and I still believe it.


    To be successful we need to be able to get those yards on those runs. We couldn't, while the playcalling was piss poor for most of the game, you absolutely have to be able to get those yards on the ground.

  5. While your post is mostly correct. It's not about the loss...

    Most people had us losing this game before the Brady injury, and still having a successful season. You're right, on paper, this is a 1-1 team, with a tough schedule to start, but who can really take off after the bye week if we sit 2-2.

    But, it's about how we lost.

    On paper, we were the better team. Their secondary is mediocre at best, the linebackers are mediocre at best, and while their defensive line is very good, we should have had more success on offense.

    However, we played Herm Edwards Football, we played Chad Pennington Football, and we played what I fear is becoming Eric Mangini Football... and that's scared, unimaginative, and nearly incompetent on the offensive side of the ball. There was no effort to exploit the Patriots weakness, there was no effort to go for the kill, all-in-all, there was no HEART.

    And what's worse, this particular 'strategy', or lack there of, played right into the hands of the Patriots strategy, that was, make no mistakes, take no chances, just eat clock and kick field goals, essentially, hide Matt Cassell. We let them do that by not EVER putting the pressure on, by not EVER taking him out of his comfort zone of having a small lead. And, did anyone here not see this strategy coming?

    We also lost this game in part due to special teams, the missed FG's hurt, but what was worse was our gimmick punter... In a game where the other team isn't going to take a single risk, you can't give them easy field position with your booming 20 yarders... (But hey, they had reverse spin)

    How about lack of discipline? Did we shoot ourselves in the foot with penalties or what?

    I'm sorry, but we lost this game not with the talent on the field, but the ineptitude on the sidelines, and that's something people are not going to be very happy about. This may not be the early favorite to be the POTW like yours, but don't begrudge people for being upset with this team went out there and beat itself in embarrassing fashion.

  6. Face it. If the shoe was on the other foot, and Favre went down week 1, we'd all be screaming that the maker of those shirts had no class... We'd all be angry and someone would get an email address of the company, post it here, and try to get people to write to them what dickheads they are.

    But because it's of the best player, on our greatest competition, some people celebrate it. That's fine, but you should be aware of the blatant hypocrisy of that.

  7. Dumbass. ;)

    First of all, TV's run on electricity, if you didn't know that.

    Second, I would have to find a bar with the Sunday ticket as the Texan game is being broadcast locally on CBS.

    What do you think the chances of the DirectTV signal coming through in a category 3/4 hurricane. :rolleyes:

    Listen, I live in the civilized world. One where we don't have to deal with hellfire and brimstone every day.

    My only concern come sunday will be how much steak I can eat and beer I can drink at the tailgate and still make it to my seat in time for kickoff.

  8. I was hoping Ike would take a turn overnight, but the projected path is still Freeport, Texas, which is only 16 miles from my home.

    With that said, we are evacuating later today through Sunday night. They just reported that due to the storm, to expect wide-spread power outages for up to 10-14 days after the storm.

    Anyway, looks like I'll be missing my 1st Pats game in over 12 years. If the Jets do pull off the win and I'm not here to take my lumps, it's because we have no electricity, and not because I'm avoiding you guys.

    Anyway, enjoy the game Sunday and I'll be back when I can.

    Brady goes down and you orchestrate this whole 'Hurricane' thing. I'm simply not buying it. Way to convenient.

    Seriously though, good luck to you and yours... But why can't you watch the game wherever you are?

  9. Hey EY, good to see you here.

    In my mind, "getting the job done" is leading the offense to 20-24 points and minimizing turnovers. If Cassel can do that, then the defense needs to step up bigtime to get the W.

    The game Sunday will be a good barometer of how the Pats season will go with Cassel.

    Fair enough. I believe he will be able to do that............. SOMETIMES.

    I think against average defenses, his weapons around him will carry him. I think against good defenses, he's going to make mistakes, and take hits. I just don't see it.

    On paper, maybe your defense can hold a team to 20-24, but when you start turning the ball over in your own territory, or going 3-out deep in your own territory, all those things you're not accustomed too, then I just don't see your, still relatively old, defense holding up.

  10. Obviously, Cassel is no Brady by a long shot.

    With that said, I am cautiously optimistic that Cassel can get the job done.

    I look for the Pats to utilize the same philosphy as they did in 2001 when Brady took over from Bledsoe. Run first, pass second. I see them doing away with the 5-wide, empty backfield (Cassel does not have Brady's progession read expertise nor his quick release) and going with more 2-TE sets. I think they will always keep a RB in for maximum protection.

    This philosphy is all well and good if the Pats have the lead or are within one score of their opponent. The real test for Cassel is when the Pats fall behind by 10-14 points in the 2nd half. Time will tell.

    Hey Tx... Good to hear from you, regardless of board.

    Could you do me a favor and define 'getting the job done'?

    I think you'll be a mediocre team this year, and I think we've got you this Sunday. The offensive line has looked shaky at best, and I'd be shocked if we, and others, don't start bringing the house on Cassel... We've really improved stopping the run it seams, my only real fear is Faulk/Watson... I like Revis's chances against Moss.

    If the Jets can establish any kind of running game, and that's a big if, I think you can put this one in the books.

  11. Wow...ruthless thread. Whoever said that tidbit about 9/11 really needs to check themselves. I'm all for rivalries and all but there are boundaries that shouldn't be crossed.

    As for the Pats/Jets, I think Brady's injury makes for some compelling drama this weekend. I may feel differently as the weeks progress, but as of right now, I feel completely confidant that Cassel can get the job done.

    I believe karma has provided Belichick the perfect opportunity to show the football watching public exactly how great he really is. It's become a common thing for the skeptics to pit Brady and Belichick against one another as if one of their greatness somehow detracts from the other. Newsflash, winning 80% of our games since 2001 isn't the result of either one of them. It's the result of both of them working together.

    I also think you people will be surprised at how "Brady like" Cassel can look at times. I've noticed this the last few preseasons (admittedly not this past one though). Cassel has had four years to learn the system and watch Brady. I have no expectation of Cassel being as good as Brady but with our improved defense and supporting cast, he might not need to be.

    Anyhow, I'm looking forward to Sunday. The best rivalry games are when both fanbases are truly excited about their team and expecting big things. Most Patriots fans may not share my enthusiasm, but they'll come around after we get a few more "W's" under our belts.



    Hypothetically speaking, what is the Colts record this season with Jim Sorgi?

  12. Hey EY,

    You should write an article on your blog using that picture. The premise could be that you have conclusive proof that Miami finally has bookend tackles that they can build around for years to come.


    I've been a Jets fan my whole life. 15K posts online should be testament enough to that, but that moment made me question it all. Lets just say I've never seen that at the meadowlands.

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