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  1. I don't see us overcoming New England this year.

    What I will say is, unlike last year, and many years in the past, I don't think ANYONE is looking forward to playing us, and I don't think ANYONE is marking us down as a W right now.

  2. That definitely is a sweet gig that they have. I talked to SNY last year and no matter how hard I tried they wanted money from me to advertise this site there.

    Somehow Brian got things reversed. Chalk marketing up as another thing I am terrible at.


    From what I've gathered, SNY is notoriously cheap, at least with it's programming. Here's my take... I'm sure they wanted to attach Blogs to their sites, so rather than go out and hire writers, they found a few established blogs, and offered to partner up. No money, just logos and links. They get their content, writers get their pop. Win-Win. No one spends a dime.

    Now that they've got that, they have no interest in you.

  3. this is another misnomer by football idiots. you don't need a Terrel Owens or an Antonio Gates to win a super bowl.

    good teams win just as this, as a team.

    What do,

    Terrell Owens

    Chad Johnson

    Roy Williams

    Randy Moss

    Larry Fitzgerald

    Anquon Boldin

    Braylon Edwards

    Steve Smith

    All share in common?

  4. If the Jets were not wrongfully penalized this game, then the score would have been different. Hell, the Jets would have blew out the Giants. Lets say the Jets score a field goal on that one Brad Smith catch that was called back, and of course the Cotchery touchdown that was called back.

    Jets would win 20-7. 10 of those points scored against one of the best defenses by the starting offense.

    They were not wrongfully penalized... The penalties were the correct calls, the just didn't have an affect on the outcome of the plays...

    Poor discipline.

  5. The Jets do not have superior offensive talent by any stretch of the imagination, but look no further than the Giants game...

    Sure, the two big plays were called back on penalties, but if you watched them, Favre used these weapons to make big plays. The penalties themselves were not related to the outcome at all.

    As far as the defense goes, look at the early returns from the additions this year. Kris Jenkins makes them bigger and stronger up front... Pace is having a solid offseason and providing good pressure. The ends are mediocre and #2 safety and #2 CB are an issue... but overall, this defense should get to the QB and cause some turnovers.

    We're not an elite team, but we should be in the hunt with Favre.

  6. Did Schein say he could be the best, or did Tatupu?

    Tatupu... Schein reported the quote.

    That having been said, I'm not going to jump on the 'best in the NFL' bandwagon, because I think that's a bit absurd for a guy who's started 8 games... But last year, Harris was the first guy that started to fit the mold of what the Jets have not had in a long time.

    Big, strong, physical football players. To hell with this idea of finese (See: Vilma), this offseason we did what we needed to do to become a powerful football team, one that has big bad mutha****ers on it. A team that can 'out physical' you. This is something we haven't been able to do in a long time.

    Harris was the first, then we added Pace and Jenkins, then Gholston in the draft. The defense is bigger and meaner, and Harris is definitely leading that charge.

  7. I found it interesting that you had a whole 2 posts on this forum before Favre was traded to the Jets, now you're here all the time. Aheemm can you say bandwagon fan.

    The true posters here stick around during the 4-12 seasons, not just show up when the Jets make an exciting trade.

    He's got about 3,300 posts on 'the other site', so that argument falls pretty flat.

  8. Brett has made some of the best throws we have seen as Jets fans in 20 years...sure they have meant nothing but this guy is still one helluva qb... going to be a very interesting season. Ok off his jock now :cheers:

    I've said this many times on 'another' jets website... but Chad Pennington Football, beyond being ineffective, was simply boring to watch.

    Favre is making football fun again, we finally have a real QB.

  9. Why are Ginn and Pennington a terrible match? Just because Ginn's fast and Pennington doesn't have a great arm doesn't make it a terrible match. They both love the game and love to study and they have quickly developed an excellent relationship.

    Because Pennington's limitations are in direct conflict with Ginn's strengths (scratch that, strength, because he's only got one thing, speed). Santana Moss made his first pro-bowl, and had his breakout year only after leaving Pennington for the mediocrity of the Washington Redskin's QB carousel at the time.

    Oh, and most posters on this board 'love the game', that doesn't make them a good fit at NFL QB.

  10. Dear Green,

    Yeah I know what you are thinking. You are thinking "damn the Dolphins just might be for real this year." Get your notebooks out and start taking notes. Ted Ginn, Ricky Williams, Channing Crowder, Matt Roth, Chad Pennington. If you have troubles will spelling just write down 19,34,52,98 and 10.

    Can't wait until opening day in OUR house.

    When I think of the names that strike fear in the hearts of Jets fans, I think of:

    19. The over-drafted, over-glorified, undersized punt returner...

    34. The formerly talented, turned pot-head who hasn't played 16 games since 03 running back...

    52. Who?

    98. Are you talking about my Rabbi?

    10. The oft-injured, noodle-armed QB we discarded a few weeks back...

    I'm horrified.

  11. You don't know me, and who's fault is it that they let themselves get in that situation.

    If they were not going to keep him they should have traded him out of the division, not wait for someone to sign him to an offer sheet.

    Your boy saban was not satisfied royally screwing you by leaving, but he personaly told belicsum what to offer to put you in that situation.

    I know it's hard to admitt that your teram is run like they are in the ray charles league, but they are.

    Have fun with another season of getting owned.

    He's right. New England signed him to the offer sheet, much like Washington did with Coles, their hands were tied at that point, either match the salary, or let him go to the Patriots.

    I don't know what their cap situation was, but they obviously decided it wasn't in their best interest to pay that salary.

    That having been said, watching that video, it's classic Chad, if the defense rushes four, and doesn't apply any pressure with those men, he can find a man open. And Ginn will get open, he's too fast not too.

    Now, does anyone think that Jacksonville will only be rushing four during the regular season? Does anyone think the Jets will be week one? Do you think Miami's offensive line all of the sudden improved so much that we wont be putting Chad on his ass?

    This game is only scary in the 'hype' sense, it has all the makings of a bloodbath. :box:

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  12. I was going to say... stop yelling at me! I haven't followed too much college ball the past couple of years, but Henne's arm didn't look so hot to me. I only remember watching the Ohio St. game. Even if you are 100% correct, please rephrase the "anti-Chad" comment. I don't want to read thousands of posts clamoring to trade for him.


    The UM/OSU game was not a fair indication of Henne as a QB... from a style perspective... also, he was hurt.

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  13. Of course it will effect him some, but the fact that three starting o-lineman are on pup effects him more - if you know what I'm sayin'.

    Like Peyton Manning, Brady don't need no stinkin' pre-season. Same wide-outs, timing is not an issue. Hang back, Tommy. Eat gelato with Giselle in the North End and get ready for the home opener against KC.

    Isn't the regular season exhibition for you guys also? :rolleyes:

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