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  1. I pray you are right. Chad Henne is a poor man's Chad Pennington. He's not going to make anybody in Miami forget Dan Marino.

    Your second sentence is correct, the first is not.

    Chad Henne has a huge arm and limited accuracy, he's the 'anti-chad'.

  2. No we don't know this. It is quite conceivable that more that Pennington's first choice was Miami over the Vikings.

    Favre who felt mistreated by Packer management wanted to stay in the division so he could play the Pack twice a year obstentiably to prove the management wrong.

    Chad's first choice very well could have been to be a starting QB in the AFC East. The Pats certainly were not going to start him nor pay him as a starter. (Although I personally would love to have him backing up Brady, he is head and shoulders above the Pat's backup QBs) That leaves the Bills and Fins.

    The season opener won't be the superbowl. But if Chad can lead the Dolphins to a victory while embarrassing the Jets defense and Eric Mangini it may very well feel like winning the SB to him.

    No matter your opinion of Chad 's abilities, he no doubt feels he is much better than Jets management and fans give him credit for. And Miami is the perfect place for him to try to prove it.

    If Chad is truly the 'winner' and 'warrior' and 'competitor' that so many claim him to be, than being vindictive would come in second to playing for a team that gave him a legitimate shot at a Super Bowl title.

    Instead, he ends up playing for a team that won 1 game last year... Maybe he felt comfortable, because him and the Fins had that in common.

  3. He is one of the better QBs to have played the game. I definitely would put him in the top 20. Possibly on the low end of the top 10, but that is not a lock. He is a lock for the HOF.

    But that is not really relevant.

    Go sign Joe Montana if you want the roster to have the best QB to have ever played the game.

    Favre's career is significantly better than Chad's. No comparison. No debate. Not worth discussing.

    However, as we start the 2008 season who has had the best career is irrelevant. Chad is improving as a QB, Farve is declining. And at this moment in time Farve is only slightly ahead of Chad. Very good chance by next season Chad will pass him, not carrearwise but seasonwise.

    In what world is Chad 'improving' as a QB?

    The statistics would severely disagree with that statement, in fact, every single year, Chad has gotten statistically worse, it's a noticeable trend.

    Favre had two bad seasons, and then last year, a season that Chad could only dream of... 38 yr old Favre >>>>> 31 yr old Chad, landslide.

  4. That's why a team who plays him twice a year and is run by the greatest football mind of our era picked him up in a heartbeat so the 6 other teams interested wouldn't nab him and NOT even make a competition of it, he was named STARTER but this forum is full of geniuses so he must suck!

    If Chad was good, wouldn't a team like the Vikings have gone after him? Someone who could be a 'good QB' away from the Super Bowl?

    Chad Pennington is better than anyone the Dolphins have at the moment, he was better than Brooks Bollinger and Vinny Testeverde also, 2005 was a hell of a year. He's in these two situations, he's the equivalent of the Special Olympic Gold Medalist.

    He's holding the fort for anywhere between 8 games and 2 seasons depending on progression for Chad Henne, that's all...

  5. Jets Babe is definitely real.

    Borgoguy, stop acting so self important, no one was out to get you, in reality no one really knew who you were until that post.

    Oh, and speaking of self important:

    I am without question the best poster on JI, bar none. :cheers:

  6. But your not a former first round pick, aren't the most accurate QB in NFL history, or have NFL experience.

    The Bears, Fins, Falcons, Chiefs, etc would all be happy to have Chad start for a short term to find their QB of the future.

    Chad Pennington doesn't owe the Jets ****...he's been plenty professional throughout his career to this organization. They should have granted him his trade.

    The Jets don't owe Chad anything either... He's stolen more money from the team than he's given in return, by a longshot.

  7. Either way... you just make my point stronger.

    He was a mid-late first rounder until he became a workout warrior.

    There were mock drafts projecting him top 5 long before the combine.

    Gholston had 14 sacks, and absolutely manhandled the #1 overall pick in their year end meeting.

    He's by no means a workout warrior, he just happens to be a monster.

  8. You may be right. Chad sucked last year. I wanted him benched after 5 games myself. I don't think Clemens did much to inspire faith in Mangini though. I was ready for Tui or Ratliff after 3 or 4 games with Kellen myself (I'm not saying that he should have been benched after that though). The things is, when you're a HC of a team that just spent tons of money in the offseason to build up the Offense, I would think he is leaning towards the vet who has already won a lot of games in this league. You can talk bad about Penny all you want but that fact does remain. I would think it is a hard evaluation of Clemens to be made on last year's performance since that is all they have to go on. The OL was crap as we all know. The bottom line is Chad has more of a chance than most of the people here seem to think he has and he is not going to lay down and let Kellen take the job away in camp. Despite what you think of him he is a fighter. I don't care who starts. I really don't. I just think it's crazy to think Pennington does not have a good chance to start again. Clemens didn't blow anyone out of the water yet. He actually looked worse as the year went on IMO. I hope he looks great in camp and learned from last year.

    Do you acknowledge the fact that Clemens looking worse may have had some relationship with Mangini playing musical chairs with the already dismal offensive line as the season went on? Could his decreased production have anything to do with the fact that he lost Coles to injury, and Cotchery was not playing at full strength? Leaving Brad Smith as an actual WR?

    You're right, Chad has won games in this league, but the idea of him being a 'winner' is patently false. He's a .500 QB in games he's taken the majority of the snaps. Much like after a great 2002 campaign (6 years ago), he's a 1:1 TD to INT ratio passer.

  9. Okay He-Man, so you came here to stir up more sh&^ I see. Chad will most likely be starting this year so I hope everyone is mentally prepared for that. Mangini does not care if you like it or not.

    Stir ****?

    Explain to me what is factually incorrect about my post, and then let's take it from there.

  10. Apparently so does Gholston according to some very knowledgeable people.


    But here's the difference.

    1) We need passrush much more than we need a running back.

    2) We didn't have to trade our entire draft to get Gholston, if he busts, it's one pick. If DMC busts after we trade up for him, it's 3-4 picks.


  11. i bet you have a closet full of nagle, jolly and meshawn jerseys.

    Ah, I get it, you don't actually care about winning or building a good team. You simply want to have a flashy name on the back of the Jersey you buy.

  12. so your proposal is continue our trend of losing with scrubs because not all teams with superstars win? awesome. why not field a team 40 million under the salary cap and accept that the lombardi trophy is unattainable by a team playing on the biggest media stage in the world?

    Again, media market means nothing. All teams are on a level playing field because of a national television contract and revenue sharing. I've said this, you either ignored it or don't understand it.

    My proposal is to build through the draft, see if Clemens is the real deal, if not, take a QB in the first next year. We addressed three huge problems this offseason:

    We improved the O-line. Do you realize that 2 starters on our O-line last year don't even have jobs as back-ups.

    We improved the run defense. Jenkins is a huge upgrade over D-Rob. And hey, he's an elite player.

    We improved the pass rush. We made awful QB's look like Montana. We added arguably the best pass rusher in the draft, and another guy who can get to the QB in Pace.

    The Pats 3 Super Bowls came without elite WRs or RBs. I'd go that route rather than your Al Davis, 19 wins in 5 years, philosophy.

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  13. you're defending the indefensible. if you're happy with the jets over the past 40 years, i think a comparison to the washington generals over the raiders is more appropriate.

    Where did I say I was happy?

    I've said multiple times they've been a bad team.

    What I'm also saying is you're solution to that fact is completely and utterly wrong. It's been proven by those 40 years of NFL history. Or more notably, proven by the success of teams in the salary cap era.

  14. saying that some teams with elite talent haven't won is no excuse to support a team with such a languid history of mediocrity (or worse). because some teams with elite talent haven't won the prize doesn't excuse the jets from trying.

    It's not 'some teams', its the cream of the crop in elite talent in the NFL, and they all share a lack of a championship in common. Marvin Harrison is the only one missing from that list, and it took how many tries? The best QB possibly ever? And at the end of the day, an ENORMOUS contribution from the defense to finally get over the top and win. All the other variables were constant, the defense showed up, and they won.

    The point, which you obviously missed, is that these playmakers are 'icing on the cake'. They're not helping their team win championships.

    No one is denying that the Jets have been a bad team, but your advocating putting 24 inch chrome wheels on a Ford Taurus. At the end of the day, it's still a Taurus.

  15. cards: larry fitz (obvious elite talent)

    steelers: are you kidding? rare case because their defense was AMAZINGLY dominatant. jets don't have that luxury. plus, big ben is twice the QB penny will ever be. add hines ward (physically limited but exemplar of consistent production).

    seahawks: alexander and hasselback, despite their flaws >>> any jets offensive player in the past 20 yrs

    saints: brees, colston. new wave of elite talent. if jets grabbed brees we would've won 8+ last yr.

    You used the words elite, and now you're dropping names of 'solid' to 'good' players such as alexander and Hasselback... If you call Alexander elite, you absolutely have to call Martin the same. And QB is a wholly different issue, and I'd agree, we haven't had a good QB since Namath, again, bad management, you wont hear any argument from me on the QB issue, listen, we haven't had a good QB since Namath... Bad drafting.

    Colston is an elite WR now? Please, he's good. That's it. And we were in no position to sign Brees. You were going to pay a guy 10 mill coming off a shoulder surgery when we already had another guy on the roster we were paying similar coming off a shoulder surgery?

    Steelers, you said no team but the Jets. I showed you one.

    I'll give you Larry Fitz, an oversight on my part...


    Now, let's look at some of the elite offensive talent, barring QB's because that's a different argument.


    Roy Williams

    Larry Fitzgerald

    Chad Johnson

    Randy Moss

    Terrell Owens

    Braylon Edwards

    Steve Smith


    LaDanian Tomlinson

    Brian Westbrook

    Steven Jackson

    Larry Johnson

    Ronnie Brown

    Adrian Peterson

    That's a nice list of elite offensive playmakers, no?

    I'll save you the trouble in counting the Super Bowls accrued, it's 0.

  16. every other team, except the jets has had an elite talent in the past 20 years. we're the only one. inexcusable. the only reason you're defending them is because you yourself have come to tolerate diminished expectations.

    Please, you don't know me at all.

    And, I'll counter with the Cardinals, Steelers, Seahawks, Saints, should I go on?

  17. explain to me why a team in the top media market in the world has had exactly zero elite offensive players in the last 20+ years.

    Bad luck: We did draft a WR #1 overall, he didn't turn into the superstar many had hoped, but he was good.

    Bad Management: Bad drafting, it's not like we haven't tried, it just hasn't worked out. And elite players don't usually shake free in FA.

    This isn't baseball: Market does not matter one bit, there's a salary cap, revenue sharing, and national television contracts rather than local ones.


    And while the guy may not be 'elite' by many standards, we're probably sending a RB to the HoF on the first ballot, no?

  18. a wideout instead of a TE in round 1. make a strong move for Chad johnson or roy williams. trade up for DMC.

    Every team in the first round passed on these WR's in the first round, maybe they just weren't that good?

    As far as Chad Johnson (see above) and Roy Williams, they're both on their original team, maybe the Bengals and Lions don't want to trade elite WRs for draft picks.

    DMC would have been fun, but he's got a pretty high bust potential. On top of that, are you really going to basically give up your entire draft for another running back?

  19. insert 30 year old cry baby bengal receiver below.

    As far as I can tell, said crybaby still resides on his original team.

    Combine that with the fact that it's been documented that the Redskins offered a 1st this year with a conditional pick that could go to a 1 in 09, and it's pretty apparent he's not going anywhere.

  20. Make a move for a top flight offensive threat that doesn't reside on the line or else you'll be losing a lot of 16-10 games this year and will be unwatchable, yet again. this is new york dammit, not topeka. GET SOme DAMN SUPERSTARS!!!

    I love comments like this.

    Who? Name the player. I'd love to see them get more offensive weapons, who in their right mind wouldn't?

    But who is this stud who's available that we sat on our hands and didn't go after?

  21. I'm sure this will lead to more fun. I think Chad is a viable starter. I won't say he's better than Clemens for sure because it remains to be seen what Kellen can do. I will say that at this point in time that Chad has proven he can be a starter and Kellen hasn't ... yet. Personally I'd like to see how Chad bounces back from that awful year and if Kellen really is what I thought he was when he was drafted or if he is what we have seen in the limited amount of time he has played. There is no way that I can kill either one of them for last season when the line was horrendous. I have never seen a professional football team rotating guys in and out at LG AND RT. Chad has not had that good of an OL since 2004. In 2006 they had Anthony "Cement" Clement and a bad RB by committee after Martin went down early and played hurt for a few games (if I remember correctly). Most people here are going to tell you that Chad sucks. I happen to disagree and have confidence that he can lead this team with the revamped O-Line, Franks, and Richardson. People seem to forget how good Chad is at the play-action. I know that will get some comments too but oh well. I am more than willing to be won over by Clemens if he can get the job done though. I just want the team to win. Mangini can play Qb for all I care as long as he can win them games.

    I don't know how much more fun I can offer you...

    I'm curious though, if you say you want to see how Chad can bounce back after an awful year, have you considered the fact that statistically, Chad had just about the same year as he did in 2006? And the only difference is we played tougher competition and his wounded duck INTs were returned for touchdowns more frequently?

    Have you considered that since the 2004 Wild Card game, Chad has exactly one win against a team with a winning record, NE in 2006, in the mud in a game that the NE WR (forget who) fumbled away a New England win, and then CP did everything he could to give it back by throwing a sure-fire INT that Cotchery made a miraculous play on to steal from Gay (I think thats who it was)? Beyond that, not one win against a team with a winning record in that stretch?

    And my all-time favorite, have you considered that Chad Pennington is a quarterback who's weakness is throwing?

    Again, just looking to get a feel for the atmosphere here. :)

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  22. Just checking in from the 'other' board.

    Is there anyone on this site who actually thinks Chad Pennington is a viable starting QB? Or just that he's better than Kellen?

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