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  1. It's more likely the former, but there may be more reason for ignoring it. Personally I really don't take it seriously and can't see how others can. Anyway, this is the wrong board for that debate.

    Get some sleep, JN.

    yeah, i wasn't going to take it any further than that... and yeah, it's about that time.

  2. Yeah, it's me, JJ. Here's the reason as far as I know: I only do short term bannings. If someone needs to be gone it's up to the owner. He's either not around enough to realize the frequency of the problem, or he agrees w/ 99. Leniency has always been in effect and 99's seen some pretty good retorts. Good entertainment IMO, but my job was done as far as he's concerned. Now back on topic, when is III showing up?

    I fear it's the latter... my feeling has always been freedom of religion means freedom for all religions... honestly... A lot of crap goes on on JI... but it's disgusting to be consistently told you're going to hell or whatever...

    It's offensive, and what's worse, there are a lot of people who probably will be swayed by him.

    I think SBIII is probably done for the night.

  3. My gift to JetNation......

    Penningtologist Defined:

    To be a Penningtologist is to blindly defend chad pennington as currently being an elite QB based on his performance in 2002. It's to ignore the fact that for a long stretch of this season he was a bottom 5 QB by rank. It is to ignore his bad performances as flukes and embrace his domination of poor defenses as proof of his legendary status.

    But most important, it is the job of the Penningtologist to blame anyone and everyone else for Chad's performance when it is not up to snuff.

  4. Sooth ran us all off. So please don't mistake his hatred for us for any bad feelings that we have for JIers. There are lots of good posters over there. Having read this thread unfortunately none of them have come over here yet (just joking).

    But I totally get the site loyalty thing. You get comfortable on a site -- you make lots of friends. That is why we never pressure people about where they post. Just not our style. The internet is a big place. I always thought the JetNation word filter was a small move, but what do I know.

    I gotcha... you sound like a real down to earth guy.

    still never responded if knowing me is a good thing?

    BTW, has the term penningtologist made it's way over here yet? It was my greatest achievement on JI?

  5. Eric --

    This will probably be my first serious post in this thread. I am a die hard Jets fan. We run this site because we LOVE the Jets and can't get enough Jets talk.

    When I am tired of reading about the Jets I read the Landing Strip. Love the OT stuff there, lol. I know who you are, I have been reading your posts on JI for awhile. :P

    I hope this is a good thing?

    I like the OT stuff, well most of it... and I participate in the threads where I think I can debate something... much more fun for me...

    I think JI has a lot of very knowledgible football fans, and a lot of punks as well...

    I never checked out this site for more than a minutes at a time because i feel like i waste too much of my life on one site as it is...

    I understand your reasoning for running this site, and i understand the feud with sooth, I joined VIP before I knew or understood any of this and just thought I'd support a place that I spent a lot of time on... I don't know if I'll do it again, we'll see.

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