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  1. I said it from like 30 minutes after drafting him... And, yes, this could be a huge OldTakesExposed, but JJ seems like one of the most likable guys we've had as far as I can remember.
  2. Yeah, without the trading of the guy who was actually capable of leading an NFL offense.
  3. Beating Green Bay in GB is reasonable? Denver in Denver with Wilson?
  4. Fair enough. Veteran is certainly an option. Might do both in that scenario.
  5. I think it's hard to find more than 8 wins next year, but I'm hopeful for a minimum of 6.
  6. Don't understand a scenario where we're picking top 3 next year and not taking a QB.
  7. We could have traded down and added a ton more talent, yes. We'd also be without a QB this year, and last year with Darnold would have been completely untenable. I wish Wilson was better, but knowing the circumstance and not having to trade up for him, I completely understand and respect the pick there.
  8. You drafted Sam Darnold to be the weapon the moment you used 4 high picks on him. Macc was, obviously, an unmitigated disaster - but Sam Darnold's failings were his own. If Wilson busts, we're okay, because we only used 1 pick on him and improved the roster elsewhere.
  9. Run defense is the easiest thing to fix. This year hopefully fixed a lot of much harder things to fix.
  10. We love Mekhi, he's helping my kids with their art projects
  11. It's already clear that you think adding that qualifier makes your point not dumb. But, I appreciate you reiterating it.
  12. Dunning Kruger running wild like Hulkamania in here rn
  13. Idiot: The starting QB's job on a contender is not to mentor rookie QBs. Not an Idiot: The 86th overall pick from Liberty University who is forced into duty in his rookie year and doesn't play well, has done so because of lack of mentorship from the starter. Seems legit.
  14. Wish he would have said something like, "When I'm here, I'm preparing to try and win a championship. How much of that time are you hoping I'd sacrifice on that task, to mentor Malik Willis for the future? Crickets? Okay. We have great coaches here who will do that. I'm going to go back to trying to win a Super Bowl for the Titans and their fans."
  15. Maybe this will help... That's not a mustache, it's actually his finger.
  16. Here's him celebrating with Lions fans: Here's him smiling with Goodell: Here's him smiling by himself: Some of you are weird.
  17. I suspect he went to the draft for him and his family - to celebrate an incredible accomplishment in his life.
  18. Maybe he just doesn't like being paraded about like a show pony?
  19. Angelo, you already are delicious.
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