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  1. Picturing you running around your neighborhood last night like Oprah except with purple Crocs.
  2. Undoubtedly this is a first!
  3. Haha - wow! Two celebrities in that shot!
  4. I wouldn’t insult women by accusing you of menstruating, but holy sh*t guy…
  5. So, I had the early 2nd round on the radio in the car and the broadcasters are laughing over him. Was amazing.
  6. FWIW, I think the clash was the point. Pearls and combat boots - and then the contrast of the suit. I'm not a fan, and don't think he pulls it off. But, looking at the boots, if they were the white versions, I think it could have worked better. Anyway, yeah, football beer burgers boobies.
  7. $1,550 Pradas. https://www.saksfifthavenue.com/product/prada-lug-sole-leather-combat-boots-0400014237453.html?ranMID=13816&ranEAID=4i8eVI6oWNE
  8. I don't think you get to take a victory lap when you go to bed early.
  9. Lol... Good catch! @Maxman needed to muscle his way past Top Gun sunglasses guy. He's getting mauled.
  10. This man gave me a long term extension, am I right bros?
  11. Not that you care, but there's a way to do a femme couture look, but Wilson's clearly uncomfortable. Whoever dressed him for this misfired big time.
  12. Don't make fun of the Bar Mitzvah boy. It was a big day for him.
  13. Only JJ's really pulling off the lewk.
  14. If he’s not, I’m sure hmhertz or whatever will let us know about it soon enough.
  15. ESPN talking about the Jets having the best draft
  16. Ok, so that was definitely the surprise of the night.
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