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  1. Ok, so that was definitely the surprise of the night.
  2. Coming up short on a tabernacle joke, so I’m just imagine him saying something along the lines of, “Hey Jermaine, that Lin Manuel, huh?”
  3. JJ pulling off the lewk in a way Garret Wilson did not.
  4. A good team without major holes can always find good players in the mid-to-late 1st.
  5. Why does Jerry Jones always look like he’s about to unveil his evil plan to James Bond right before Bond escapes his unnecessarily elaborate attempt to kill him?
  6. Seriously… Gardner’s ceiling is best CB in the league.
  7. This is like when I declared that no way is a franchise QB named Mitchel. Ironically, they’re now teammates.
  8. Cons: Tiny Hands Pros: Sort of looks like Justin Herbert
  9. Kyle Hamilton’s dad owns Los Pollos Hermanos?
  10. You could fit like 6 Garrett Wilson’s in that man
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