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  1. You guys are arguing with someone who thinks it wouldn’t be insanely, hilariously obvious if “a few friends” all got together to drum up a false allegation and also that not one person in that group of friends (22 in this case) would say out loud , “actually, I’m not going to attempt to destroy a person who doesn’t deserve it,” during the recruitment process.

    You’ve all already lost this one.

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  2. 36 minutes ago, Jets1958 said:

    Don’t stay in Green Bay. Stay in Milwaukee. Less than a 2 hour easy drive and tons more to do. 
     Check this out - https://www.hyatt.com/shop/MKEZW?rooms=1&adults=2&checkinDate=2022-10-15&checkoutDate=2022-10-17&kids=0&src=google_paidmeta_MKEZW_localuniversal_2_US_desktop_2022-10-15_selected___organic

    less tha $120 a night a a 3 star Hyatt. Many other option just nortH of Milwaukee on I 43.

    I live about 1:45 from Lambeau and of course we drive the day of the game. Easy in and out. Parking is simple.

    Good thought.  Will definitely look into this too.  Thank you!

  3. 15 minutes ago, johnnysd said:

    My boss is very let's say frugal. If we are visiting customers and I let him choose the hotels, he finds places far far worse than that. One of them did indeed have bed bugs and those are an experience I wouldn;t wish on an enemy.. I was amazed how quickly everything went. Flights are pretty ridiculous too so planning on flying to Chicago and driving.

    The flight issue is also about timing.  I want to be home Sunday night and best way to do that without having to rush out of the game is actually Chicago.

  4. 1 hour ago, maury77 said:

    Green Bay is awesome if you have never done it, but there is absolutely nothing to do besides the game. I'm debating between Denver and Pittsburgh. I've been to Denver, but not for a game. I've never been to Pitt. 

    Had a great time at both.  Surprisingly enough, had some amazing tacos in Pittsburgh.  The famous sandwich place was underwhelming.

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  5. 5 hours ago, johnnysd said:

    I made my GB hotel reservation like 20 mins after the schedule announcement and there were only a few rooms at the decent hotels left already.

    Good on you.  For now... I'm staying at the Quality Inn, for $770 which is an absolute travesty.

    You can recover my body here:


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