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  1. 5 hours ago, johnnysd said:

    I made my GB hotel reservation like 20 mins after the schedule announcement and there were only a few rooms at the decent hotels left already.

    Good on you.  For now... I'm staying at the Quality Inn, for $770 which is an absolute travesty.

    You can recover my body here:


  2. 2 hours ago, Cyberjet said:

    Just saying….

    States with the Lowest Literacy Rates

    1. California

    California's 23.1% of adults lacking basic prose literacy skills make California have the lowest literacy rate of 76.9%. The state of California and the state Department of Education are being blamed and sued for the failing literacy rate, as families and students believe that they are not receiving a quality education in reading and writing.

    2. New York

    New York has the second-highest percentage of adults lacking basic prose literacy skills of 22.1%, equaling a literacy rate of 77.9%. Despite this, New York has the ninth-highest percentage of adults with Bachelor's degrees or higher of 35.7%.

    3. Florida

    Florida has the third-highest percentage of adults lacking basic prose literacy skills of 19.7%, equaling a literacy rate of 80.3%. Florida has the lowest number of public libraries per 100,000 residents of 2.6.

    4. Texas

    Texas has the fourth-lowest literacy rate of 81.0%, with 19.0% of adults lacking basic prose literacy skills. Texas has the fourth-lowest number of libraries of 3.2 per 100,000 residents.

    5. New Jersey

    The fifth-lowest literacy rate in the United Statesis in New Jersey, where 16.9% of adults lack basic prose literacy skills, and 83.1% are literate. Despite this, 38.6% of New Jersey adults have a Bachelor's degree or higher, the country's fifth-highest. Additionally, New Jersey also has the third-best public schools.

    Considering these are English literacy rates and this also looks quite a bit like the states with the highest non-native English speakers, I'd say this list isn't exactly what you're "just sayin."

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  3. 1 minute ago, jbt said:

    have to beat NE and Miami once.  Bears, Jags and Lions at home should win.  Brown suck, Steelers and Seahawks will be tough on road but they are an average teams.  hey we beat Titans and Bengals last year.  7 minimum, 9 is possible but I would say 8

    Lots of words to say, "you're right!"

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