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  1. Well if he were with the 9ers last year, that would suggest at the very least LaFleur is on board with this move, for whatever reason that might be.
  2. Yeah, I'm definitely not sure how to feel about all of this. Obviously, you want to see some positive return out of a new player, particularly at such a position of need for the Jets for a very, very long time. However, you also don't want that to come with a guy like Becton getting beaten repetitively, when he's supposed to be one of the cornerstone pieces for the future of this offense. If anything, you'd hope for more of a back and forth than it being such a one-sided affair as it has seemed to be so far. The flip side of it is, I'm not so sure we've seen enough to really be ready to
  3. Nothing really happened, it's just that most of the hype for Herndon's rookie year was based on him being graded on a significant curve. The problem with that mindset for a great many players over the years is there's no guarantee they'll ever get any better than that, and so far Herndon looks to be one of those that what we saw there was already his peak. Now of course, that doesn't mean the Jets can't get some more out of him this year than the past couple because well, you know... Gase, but at this point he's shown himself to be little more than a quality backup until he's able to pro
  4. Well jeez, that seems a bit overly-critical of 6th graders.
  5. This is some pretty significant revisionist history right here. Many fans may have wanted Mac sent packing (e.g., I was very adamant that if Bowles was fired, Mac absolutely had to be too, specifically to avoid what followed), but the Jets never even slightly hinted in that direction at the time. Rather, they actually doubled-down on Mac and it was widely reported that he was given even more authority, with direct say in the head coaching hire. Mac pretty clearly picked Gase's stupid ass because that was the one he thought he had the least to worry about, to the point Gase even made public
  6. Although if I really must choose, the answer is a simple one with qualifiers. The Bucs get themselves another ring, but in the process with the expansion of both the regular season and # of playoff teams, bring it all under serious criticism when the Bucs back in with a glorious 6-11 record, thanks in no small part to the league's 32nd ranked offense in which Brady has such a horrifically awful season in every capacity, he quickly becomes the joke of the league. The entire postseason is no different, as Brady posts a glorious 0.0 QB rating for the entirety of it, as their D single-ha
  7. If those are our only choices for who wins next, I choose for the NFL to go out of business and another Super Bowl never be played again.
  8. The article actually says it was 7th worst, so certainly not good, but far from all-time bad either. Dead money this year is also likely a bit of an outlier for many teams though, considering there was far more going on than normal last year due to the reduced cap.
  9. I mean, in Tru's defense, he had just witnessed the Jets pay out a record-setting contract to Mevi$ to do nothing more than be a useless waste of space at the very same position. Who wouldn't want to take a deal like that?!?
  10. Thank you, I was just about to say the same. People seem to take one extreme on the other on this, and neither is right. No, dead cap is not money still being paid in the future, short of any future guarantees that had not yet been hit. However, dead money is also not some great scheme by teams to get away with paying out less money. It is money that was already actively paid out to the players in years past, that they didn't yet take the cap hit from. If anything, that means it allowed a team to spend more money in the past years on other players, not less to anyone. Basical
  11. I'm optimistic about Wilson for his career, but expecting him to break either record in his rookie year is a bit of a tall order. Here's hoping we all are given reason to feel it is very likely to happen in one of his future seasons. For the skill position players, one of the best things the Jets have going for them there this year is a very wide range of talent, giving them the opportunity to use many different players to their strengths. It's a nice luxury to finally have, but also means there's only so many opportunities a single player will get, which makes hitting any of those numb
  12. I have no idea what's going on right now, but I'd like to formally request a mod-kill of all involved parties.
  13. You managed to start a thread on JN that didn't erupt into one of the dozen pre-approved petulant arguments. That on its own should tell you, there actually are no answers out there. Nothing we know is real.
  14. This seriously brought tears to my eyes (but only in a good way). God bless Lauren, you, and your entire family.
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