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  1. Bleedin Green

    Why do you hate Leonard Williams?

    If you're in favor of giving Leo a new deal, then that's totally fine, but the bold is a complete myth around here. Just go back and look at the insane volume of dead money the Jets have had on the cap nearly every year since Macc has arrived. A willingness to eat a terrible contract you gave out doesn't make it a good one. Sure, they've been able to get away with that each time, but that has more to do with all of the unused cap dollars they've had thanks to a complete lack of talent.
  2. Bleedin Green

    5 year anniversary of the Idzik 12

    The fact that Maccagnan wasn't similarly fired along with Bowles is one of the most unforgivable sins of the Jets' unfathomably stupid ownership yet... and that's really saying something.
  3. Bleedin Green

    5 year anniversary of the Idzik 12

    Oh, don't get me wrong, Geno was by no means a successful pick and I'm not trying to argue otherwise. Absolutely no one is. However, regardless of that, he still doesn't come anywhere close to being as mind-numbingly of a stupid pick as Hack was. All draft analysts were talking about how absurd it was from the moment it happened, and to this day there was not even a single moment that he looked even slightly competent at anything at all. Even for all Geno's failures, and there were a great many, he did have the occasional flashes of some talent that could be seen deep down inside. Enough to earn him at least multiple backup jobs in the NFL, even if not good enough to be a starter. Bottom line, there are definitely a great many degrees of failures that occur in the NFL draft, and Hackenberg falls in the category of the very worst of all time. The awfulness of that pick is only potentially beaten out by any others based strictly on any picks that were as useless he was that were selected higher, because it is quite literally impossible for anyone to be any more useless than Hackenberg.
  4. Bleedin Green

    Why do you hate Leonard Williams?

    I've got no hate for him, and wouldn't be in a rush to trade him (although if the price were right, no one but Darnold is off limits). With that said, the reality of the situation is he simply hasn't come to live up to the hype, whether it be the hype that came with him pre-draft, or the marketing job the Jets have tried to roll out surrounding him. A good player no doubt, but when you're talking about going DT in the first round for the 4th time in 5 years, with 2 Pro Bowlers already on the roster, he better be truly elite to justify the pick, and he simply hasn't done that. In truth, I think far more hate goes in the direction of Maccagnan for the pick, than Williams himself, as Macc's only really success pre-Darnold was ultimately a good but not great player at a non-premium position that was dead last on the list of Jets' needs when he took over.
  5. Bleedin Green

    OBJ goes off on Giants

    Oh boy, here we go again with the junc having no grasp at all how statistics actually work, or what any of them even mean. Randomly pointing to things he claims support his fabrications, despite the fact that they never do, and regularly contradicting himself along the way. When you have to not only cherry-pick stats, but then immediately make excuses for why those cherry-picked stats mean something different than they show, strictly because you want them to, you are already wrong every time. Especially when you go right into making an argument fully dependent on the things you just finished saying don't count or, better yet, never even happened but you simply claim would have. The fact that we have to listen to junc ranting on things that have absolutely nothing to do with the topic of this thread proves it all rather definitively. Beckham being an incessantly whiny psychopath is somehow all Eli's fault, despite the fact that such an argument is immeasurably idiotic in every single form, other than junc clearly having a personal grudge with the Manning family. Then we get to hear him carry on for the 5000th time about other players who have nothing to do with any of this, using arguments that have been repeatedly objectively proven to be factually incorrect, simply to remind us his general lack of understanding of basic logic, statistics, and you know... words, especially when it comes to the QB position.
  6. Bleedin Green

    5 year anniversary of the Idzik 12

    As much as Geno may have sucked, he still had a job in the NFL when Hackenberg was getting benched in the AAF. Geno literally had more TDs 30 minutes into his NFL career than Hackenberg ever will. There is no level of awful that will ever match the complete and utter uselessness of Hack.
  7. Bleedin Green

    OBJ goes off on Giants

    Such an amazing team player. Also comical seeing Kitchens basically going out of his way to say that he isn't going to criticize Beckham simply because he's not allowed to. A bit cringe-worthy when feeling the need to repeat it's voluntary and not mandatory 5 times in response to a single question. Sounds like they're off to a great start.
  8. I don't know, they were both pretty gritty. You know, real lunch pail players.
  9. Bleedin Green

    5 year anniversary of the Idzik 12

    The truly frightening part is while that draft was an unmitigated disaster, Enunwa was still a far better pick than any (not named Darnold) made since.
  10. Bleedin Green

    Hold The Line Please!

    I mean... love isn't always on time, right?
  11. Bleedin Green

    OBJ goes off on Giants

    Regardless of whether or not you think he deserves it, he absolutely will be.
  12. While I mostly agree with this, the other possibility to consider is if Gase isn't a fan, and doesn't think Anderson really fits into the things he wants to do. If that were the case and you know he'll get minimal use before walking next offseason, then I could see considering a deal. With that said, the more likely situation is that this rumor is either complete BS, or Maccagnan is mind-numbingly stupid (I mean, the latter is obviously true regardless, but it's just a question of whether it applies to this particular topic).
  13. Bleedin Green

    OBJ goes off on Giants

    Post-2002 he certainly was, regardless of whether we want to blame it on injuries, especially relative to the credit some try give for team success that was in spite of him. But I know from past experience, that is a verrrrry long argument of its own, so we'll just leave it at that. Regardless of that difference in opinions however, I'm sure you'd agree attempting to prop up the greatness of Pennington in the same breath as trashing a list of HOFers is a mind-numbingly stupid position to take (obviously not the one you are taking).

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