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  1. Perhaps, but to UC's point, in fairness for a legitimate comparison, you'd have to go through the entire league and eliminate both their very worst and very best games as statistical outliers and then compare to see where everyone falls. It's entirely possible that one game would have a more significant impact on Darnold's numbers than the overwhelming majority, and that would certainly be interesting to see, but cherry picking for the sake of a particular narrative doesn't mean much on its own.
  2. Darnold definitely had himself a good game for the most part. In truth, many of the arguments around here come simply from a matter of the ridiculous level of those who immediately make up a list of excuses for every mistake, poor decision, or bad throw he ever makes. That INT, for example, was a special level of awful, there's no two ways about that, but we still had to hear why it could be the fault of every other person employed by the Jets not named Darnold. With that said, it happens to every QB on occasion, so doesn't define a player on its own, but it still happened and the #1 priority is simply looking to have those kind of plays occur as rarely as possible. Ultimately, he gets credit for a solid game against a very tough opponent, but when all is said and done, it was an offense that got two scores on the day, one of which was in garbage time, in a game they lost by a significant margin, so also hardly does much to anoint him either.
  3. Quadrupling down on non-premium positions is not a praiseworthy situation. In truth, it simply further shows how oblivious he was to the concept of the priorities and needs of this team. In the end, whether anything further is done at those positions will be entirely at the discretion of Douglas. If not, that will be much more a matter of him understanding what actually needs to be done for this team, rather than anything to credit Macc for.
  4. Sweet mother of God. Macc was far and away the worst drafting GM in the league, but the argument from some here is he suddenly deserves credit, simply because it's technically possible he could have done a slightly worse job if he had deliberately gone out of his way to take only the most awful of players with every pick (as opposed to just the majority of the picks). Players getting injured isn't a free pass when that is literally the reason the entire rest of the league passed on them, because unlike Macc, they weren't too dumb to understand the situation. Macc was immeasurably bad at absolutely everything he ever did. That's all there is to it.
  5. I'm talking about when Adams threw his little temper tantrum and Douglas refused to publicly acknowledge it.
  6. The situations with both Osemele and Adams would already seem to suggest he has no interest in even dealing with headcases who have only a fraction of the crazy of Beckham. Not to mention, ya know, the whole thing of his entire career being part of front offices who don't typically put up with that crap.
  7. "Articles" like this are such a ridiculous concept. The entire Jets portion is related to nothing but citing a different writer's baseless conjecture. There's not a single thing we've seen that would suggest either Douglas or Gase are the kind of guys who would want anything to do with Beckham.
  8. One thing working for Jackson's runs, he's generally pretty good at avoiding getting drilled the way RG3 just was.
  9. Alright, it's all coming together now. Just need to score as many points in the next 1/2 quarter as the first 3 1/2.
  10. Now I understand the confusion, Ficken thought he was already kicking an onsides kick when going for the XP.
  11. I just had to go and say something positive again... like I shouldn't know better by now.
  12. "After review, the ruling is against whatever would be in favor of the Jets."

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