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  1. Bleedin Green

    Bell is now an out of shape fatty

    I guess he learned more than we even realized from Mevi$.
  2. Bleedin Green

    jets staying with 3-4

    We'll have to wait and see how true this really is, but if it is, it quickly flushes down the toilet the most recent excuse of Maccagnan's incompetence being displayed, as more of his FA signings are cut, that it was supposedly a matter of scheme fit. I'll admit I'm surprised (assuming it is true), but that's actually usually a pretty good sign when you have a coach whose priority is getting the best out of who he has, and willing to adapt to make that happen, as opposed to forcing his way on everyone else.
  3. Bleedin Green

    Pierre-Louis Jets DECLINE option Tuesday

    You've explained literally nothing. The things you've even tried to explain have been factually inaccurate without exception. But by all means, you keep patting yourself on the back for being incapable of comprehending anything being discussed.
  4. Bleedin Green

    Pierre-Louis Jets DECLINE option Tuesday

    The bold is completely false, because the current total head count includes PS players and anyone else signed to futures contracts at the end of the season. Not to mention you're also counting in guys who don't even have contracts yet, based on more questionable assumptions. Your entire argument is based on excessively flawed logic that everyone on the roster is good enough, unless of course the Jets decide to cut them, in which case you are quick to defend that it was totally the right thing to do. So apparently, the other 50% of empty spots on the roster are all completely meaningless now. Who knew? This would at least explain why you don't seem to have any issues with Maccagnan in charge of all of this continually constant failure, because you and him seem to be equally unclear on how NFL rosters actually work in the real world. But hey, third rebuild's the charm, right?
  5. Bleedin Green

    Pierre-Louis Jets DECLINE option Tuesday

    Except for the little fact that they need 90 guys for camp, which is very relevant considering a number of the guys you are counting are nothing more than camp bodies at best. So the 30 they currently have out of 90 is in fact 1/3. And 41 (which is assuming they're all tendered) out of 90 is not a much better place to start. Even counting their 6 (not 7) draft picks, that still leaves them with half of a roster to be filled with entirely with FAs and undrafted rookies. To top it all off, the guy in charge of this excessively large volume of new incoming players needed is the same one who got the Jets into this current mess, twice, and has shown little-to-no ability to have success in either the draft or FA.
  6. Bleedin Green

    Pierre-Louis Jets DECLINE option Tuesday

    The problem is that the imbecile who signed this hot garbage is the imbecile cutting this hot garbage and the imbecile that will be replacing this hot garbage. As if that wasn't bad enough, the Jets seriously only have about 1/3 of their roster covered, which even at this time of the year is absolutely absurd, especially considering that includes a bunch of guys on future contracts that can in no way be replied upon. It's ultimately an even more excessive level of responsibility for a guy who there is absolutely no reason to trust with the task on any scale. But sure, why not have rebuild #3 in just over 4 years done by the same guy?
  7. It's been a while, huh? I won't even necessarily argue against Chad being a top 5 Jets QB, however the difference is I consider that far more of an indictment of the Jets' pitiful history than anything positive about him. In regards to the lack of a ring, you do know he's the #1 reason he doesn't have one, right? After all, you simply need to take a quick look at how atrocious he played in each of his teams' playoff losses to see that. This is the same guy who once led the Jets, sporting a top defense and league's leading rusher, to a grand total of 3 offensive points in the playoffs, yet still somehow ends up having people blaming only the kicker for the loss. If nothing else, Chad must have had a great PR man (or perhaps, was one himself), because the reality never lined up with the stories told about him.
  8. Just as it was over a decade ago, completing 3-yard checkdowns to your FB on 3rd and long still is not a qualifier for "most accurate" nor the ridiculous concept of being "the next Joe Montana". I can certainly understand being fooled by his partial season flash in 2002, but all of the evidence after that shows it to simply be a statistical outlier. Just doing my part. 😁
  9. Bleedin Green

    Mike Pennel Released

    Something something about Maccagnan must be good with contracts because the Jets cut everyone he signs as quickly as possible. Worth noting, they only end up freeing up half of what Pennel was due though, because of his accelerated signing bonus, so that should tell you how little they think of him, considering they're hardly in a situation where they were desperate for another $1.6M.
  10. Bleedin Green

    Who Was The Best\Worst FA Signing By The Jets?

    Between that and Revis' 2 years $39MM, it's always great to hear how amazing the team's contracts supposedly are under Maccagnan, because of how quickly they end up cutting everyone he signs, which is... good???
  11. In regards to the kicker situation, he would be worth talking to about a new deal, but if the cost is high, it's really not worth it. He doesn't have the greatest track record, and was having issues at the end of the season. However, even more than that, the one thing that Jets do deserve credit for is that they've been very successful in recent years of getting very good seasons out of other team's past struggling kickers. It was Folk, then Catanzaro, and now Myers. In the case of those first two, they both immediately went back to their pre-Jets struggles with their next teams. As bad as they've done with other things, the Jets have done an excellent job of coaching up their kickers, so nothing against Myers, but there's not much reason to make heavy investments there.
  12. 3. Adams - solely to watch you lose your mind
  13. Bleedin Green

    Kap and NFL Settle

    He can go to XFL next year. That'd be good for some laughs.
  14. Bleedin Green

    Kap and NFL Settle

    Whatever money was paid is deserved by neither Kaepernick nor the NFL. The lawsuit itself was an absolute joke in every single way, but you can't really feel any pity for anything that goes against that douche bag of an organization. If there's any karma, the league will pay a lot of money out and Kap will immediately lose it all. Of course, then again, I'm sure we'll all get to pay off NFL's debt for them... fun times.
  15. Bleedin Green

    Who Was The Best\Worst FA Signing By The Jets?

    By junk's logic, there has never been a bad signing, trade, or draft pick in history. Because, you see, the teams tried to make those moves that they made, so that makes them good moves, regardless of how awful the players themselves may be. To be clear, that can be extrapolated to the obviously related situation that there has never been a poor decision in the history of humankind, because those are the decisions that were made, which makes them good.

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