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  1. Don't get me wrong, I think he'll likely be marginally better than he was last year, more in line with his unimpressive, but less awful, prior 2 seasons. There's just nothing in particular to suggest he will suddenly transform into a good QB, which is kind of what we'd want the Jets to be looking for, despite how foreign that may seem for them.
  2. Gase is a completely incompetent coach at a spectacular level, but that doesn't change the reality that every other QB he has ever coached performed better than Darnold has, even if none other than Manning were particularly impressive themselves. Despite everyone's inexplicably constant refusal to accept it, the mostly likely true answer is that more than one person was responsible for their own sucking at the same time, just as all of the evidence shows to be the case.
  3. I have very little doubt Kalil saw this first-hand, as he laid on his back from the turf, looking up at Darnold attempting to make such throws.
  4. I really don't care, since as others have said it is by definition voluntary workouts, but it's also pretty clearly some serious excuse-making that they're using to skip it. The only thing I think could be a problem here, for the team/players more than anyone else, is if this is how the veterans are leveraging against the young bottom-roster guys, to force the latter to not show up at the workouts either, as they're the ones who it could be a far bigger benefit to (at the potential expense of the vets). If the roster is all in on this together, then obviously that's not an issue, but I can't
  5. I'm totally ok with @TeddEY being blamed for what happened as a direct result of this heathen thread.
  6. I get what you are both saying, but the best thing Idzik has going for him is that his stretch as "worst GM in team history" was short-lived, although it still did in fact exist. It's simply a matter of in what type of glorious fashion they each miserably failed. The arguments wouldn't be as strong if Macc was similarly fired after 2 years. Idzik's list of failures isn't longer than it already is simply because he wasn't given the opportunity for it to be. Opting not to try in FA when you're laughably awful in the draft hardly qualifies as a plan. Instead he gave limited contracts to play
  7. Macc may have been worse than Idzik by a small measure, thanks mostly to inexplicably more opportunities given, but let's not pretend like the latter was anything but laughably horrific at his job as well. After all, the picks of Pryor and Amaro make the likes of Adams and Herndon slightly less incompetent by comparison. Even the WR duo of Saunders and Evans were somehow more useless than Stewart and Hansen, which is an extremely difficult task to accomplish. Idzik was also ridiculed because, with those 12 picks, he had the theoretical concept of flexibility at his disposal, but was inc
  8. I really don't think we're all that far away from the majority of them being off the team, if not entirely out of the league, aside from Quinnen.
  9. Well apparently it's now some sort of great defense of a player if he doesn't play, even if over multiple years and the teams still perform as well, if not better, in his absence. But hey, credit where it's due, it's a pretty unique bonding experience with an NFL player when the one thing most fans can always feel we have in common with Jamal is our total number of career INTs of starting QBs.
  10. Don't be ridiculous, you can't even fit a 2400-baud modem in that stupid little thing.
  11. Tag and trade. Send him to Houston as part of a Watson package... just because.
  12. His salary this year doesn't become guaranteed at any point prior to the beginning of the regular season, does it? With it being the last year of his deal, I can't possibly imagine that it would be. That, combined with the Jets not being anywhere close to having salary cap issues, gives no reason for the Jets to consider making such a move any time soon. Even if they're totally thrilled with Mims, they still need to find themselves another 2 WRs before they think about sending Crowder packing. Short of that all being taken care of in FA, no reason to paint themselves in a corner at the pos
  13. The cap space argument has no merit to it whatsoever. The Jets have more cap space than they could possibly know what to do with anytime soon, and your argument is to not dare use a fraction of it on the league's single most important position, by an excessively wide margin? Watson's contract is in reality an absolute steal for a franchise QB, and you can throw around the meaningless total value all you like, but it may just be slightly relevant to point out that deal still has 5 years left on it. If you don't think he's worth as heavy of a trade investment as the one suggested, that's
  14. Such interesting timing, huh? Not that any of us are surprised, but only further shows how much the beat guys just troll around these boards looking to steal sh*t from us for their "articles". Did @mrcoops at least get credited as a source?
  15. Sounds great in theory, but have you watched the Jets since the merger? The overwhelming evidence would suggest they have an excessively higher risk of that approach leading to the most talented rosters in team history getting dragged down by the never-ending stream of crap that are Jets' QBs. QB is the single most difficult position to fill in the NFL by an excessively wide margin, and similarly the most important, so the concept of a casual "we'll figure it out later" does not work far more often than not.
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