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  1. It's certainly true that the current "news" running around out there right now in media is nothing but pure conjecture, but so is everything that was written in this piece here as well. Until this all finally comes to an end, it's either that or to get everyone to stop talking about it, and we all know that's never going to happen. There could be some "plan B" options out there but the longer this takes the shorter that list gets, so more questions will keep getting asked whether we like it or not.
  2. I have nothing against Kwon individually, but it would take a special level of only Jets-like incompetence to seriously come back with nothing but the same exact players at what was the team's second worst unit (behind only QB) for about 3 times the price. Pretty much the only chance at redemption JD has for that position is if one of the young guys can step in this year and be a quality starter at the last remaining spot. That naturally leaves Kwon, perhaps undeservedly, as the odd man out.
  3. It seems at this point even JD isn't a fan of his first 2 drafts (other than AVT). When sending away a 2nd rounder after only 2 years for less, that's basically saying you're not expecting things to get any better. If nothing else this will definitely go down as a very interesting year, that's for sure.
  4. DL is not ideal, but I think they could manage with what they have, and will likely have little motivation to put any serious investment into the position with what's left, other than perhaps the possibility of some low-dollar FAs / late round picks for depth. They could theoretically get by with keeping Lawson around, kicking JFM inside, and letting JJ, Huff, and Clemons battle it out for the other outside spot, as the team seems to have good things to say about all 3. OL is the total opposite. Pretty much the only guy you can actually rely on is AVT, hoping there's no long-term impact from injury. Tomlinson is terrible but the ridiculous contract and subsequent renegotiation has guaranteed him the other starting guard spot, which is all the more reason he needs to be surrounded by talent as the unit's weak link, which is nowhere close to the current situation. They have next to nothing at center and pair of tackles that could both be on IR by the end of OTAs (in fairness to Brown he did play 12 games, but hardly reason for optimism about the future health of a 38-year old who got IR'ed twice last year). A lot more still needs to be done here, otherwise they don't get another year of excuses if/when the OL falls apart again, given how clearly foreseeable it is. Many of the other positions they can probably get away with, even if we may not like it. Assuming the Rodgers trade ever even happens (which I'll only believe when it does), Wilson is all but guaranteed to get the #2 job. JD has no motivation to do differently, as it would only make himself look worse. I get the points on safety but they've also shown in recent years to give very little value to the position, so I wouldn't be at all surprised if they're fine rotating what they have, for better or for worse. LB is a different story, and one I have no idea what JD is thinking, as for all of the flack the safeties deservedly got, this was the unit actually worse on that defense, and yet so far the plan has been nothing but to spend a lot more money on the same guys. CJ is a total albatross at his laughable contract, and Quincy is a guy who was admittedly a decent ROI when no more than a waiver claim for dirt cheap at a position of weakness, but is also a wildly inconsistent player who doesn't deserve to be handed a starting job. Granted they managed to get away with the unit last year, so it's possible they can again, but doubling-down on a losing hand is still idiotic, and if we end up with the improved Jets O that we're hoping for, they're certain to be tested only more. I suppose we can hold out hope some of the young depth finally has the light turn on this year, but even if that happens, unless JD is willing to outright cut CJ there's only 1 position left any of them will even get a look at.
  5. If this doesn't work out then it's the Jets who need to be Plan B'ed.
  6. The trade discussions have been with XFL teams, who have all declined.
  7. While not an ideal solution, I think they could get by for one season with the current DL if necessary. In that case, they move JFM inside, keep Lawson for his last year on one side, and let JJ and Huff battle it out for the other starting job. Far from perfect, but a far more manageable situation than others. OL on the other hand is absolutely terrifying. The only guy you can really feel comfortable with is AVT, and even he is coming off injury. After that the LT is ancient, the LG terrible, no C, and a RT who is basically a lock for IR.
  8. I definitely support, but for little more reason than I'd otherwise have to gouge my eyes out if forced to watch any more of Zach Wilson. If they give up a king's ransom for him and he sucks, I have little doubt I'll still be calling for JD's head though. Don't get me wrong, I'll absolutely be rooting for this to work out like crazy, but that's also just the honest reality.
  9. Yeah, I still don't regret the Favre deal, and I won't regret this one either. 5+ decades of disaster, what's left to fear?
  10. Credit to Rodgers for defending Hackett. Didn't love the hire myself, but that's some messed up crap for them to be saying here.
  11. I really hope he turns down the offer. There's got to be a line somewhere.
  12. Rodgers is actually being a bit more chill about this than I would've expected. He seemed very ready to tear the Packers a new one based on past comments of his.
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