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  1. While obviously not the intention, I don't see how these two changes won't also kill the onsides kick in the process. It's never had the greatest success rate to begin with, and both of these moves will only further benefit the return team. Of course, that also brings the question of what happens to the onsides kick if they do eventually eliminate the kickoff entirely. Is it gone along with it, or do you provide teams the option of either giving the ball to the other team, or electing for an onside? It would be a damn shame if it gets sacrificed in the process, because while I don't think it's unnecessarily "unfair" if it were to be gone (after all, the losing team had all game to be competitive), it certainly removes an aspect that can lead to some of the most exciting finishes.
  2. This many replies, and it still hasn't shown up yet? I'm a little disappointed.
  3. Bleedin Green

    Chad is mentoring Baker

    The offense scored 3 points in that game. THREE... POINTS.
  4. This paragraph is absolutely ridiculous in so many ways. I hated the Tebow move with every fiber of my being, but trying to use that as an excuse for Sanchez's incompetence is one of the single dumbest arguments that could be made. And we're talking about "a shot at redemption" in his 5th freakin' year, after they drafted his replacement? Give me a break. Is it really that hard to hold someone responsible for their own failures?
  5. That seems like a lot of words to say "yes"
  6. In fairness, I agree that's the more likely scenario, but I was even giving the benefit of the doubt if he were to completely light it up this season.
  7. He's not getting a contract from the Jets anytime soon. This is only his third year, so he'll be a RFA after this season. If he has a good year, they will throw a first round tender his way. Given his track record, I'm sure they'd be fine if other teams were willing to negotiate with him, and if he were to sign a deal, they can figure it out from there.
  8. Bleedin Green

    Jason Witten compares Sam Darnold to Tony Romo

    There is no more of a sure bet out there than the bold, considering some of the extreme defense of we've seen of numerous Jets' QBs who have been substantially worse than Romo. That said, I'd still really like for Darnold to be better Romo.
  9. Bleedin Green

    Rotoworld: NFL's Best GM's 2018

    Belichick is definitely a tough one to really evaluate, as I feel like you could be all over the place with that. Obviously, as much as we hate the Pats and you know, they cheat, you can't really ignore their endlessly ongoing success year after year. With that said, their drafts have been absolutely awful for a very, very long time. On the flip side, they definitely have quite the penchant for getting a very good ROI on their mid-to-low level FA signings. My initial reaction was that it's a bit ridiculous to give the #1 spot to such a horrible drafter, but in the end they've still been successful. Of course, if the team completely falls apart once Brady is gone, that would be a different story. I also definitely agree with others that Elway's ranking is rather laughable.
  10. Bleedin Green

    Chad is mentoring Baker

    Someone sure is awfully generous with the pluralization of "games".
  11. Bleedin Green

    If Bridgewater is Traded...

    I'm hardly blown away by Bridgewater myself, but just guessing the Jets' mindset based on their actions to this point. If Bridgewater was never intended to be anything more than a backup, it seems extremely unlikely that their interest in him would have been at all dependent on missing out on Cousins. Considering they would have skipped out on the rookie QBs if they had gotten Cousins, that would seem to give them even more incentive to go sign a backup. Don't get me wrong, I won't be at all shocked if McCown is the day 1 starter, but it would hardly be the outcome they were ever shooting for (but that, of course, is 100% Darnold).
  12. Bleedin Green

    If Bridgewater is Traded...

    While I have been talking about the possibility of shopping Bridgewater for a while now, I don't think it's nearly as much of a given as many seem to be thinking since the draft. It happening would likely be dependent on other team's becoming convinced Bridgewater is both fully healthy and could have potential as a starter for their team. If the Jets get offered peanuts in return for him, they likely won't see the deal as worth it, and would just hold onto him for insurance purposes (or more). Considering the deal the Jets' got Bridgewater on, there's clearly no big offers they'll be getting anytime soon, so it would be dependent on a major increase in perceived value from other teams over the next 3-4 months. Easier said than done. In regards to why they even made this move, while the Jets obviously knew they were going QB in this draft, they of course had no idea which one it would be. It's entirely possible there were certain QBs they would have less interest in playing their rookie year (e.g., Allen), that would make Bridgewater far more enticing. As it is, I'm not as sure as some around here that the Jets are already set to do nothing with him. If I had to guess, here's the ranking of how the Jets would want to see their options at QB go, to start the season: #1 Preference: Darnold outright wins the starting job, without any debate or grading on a rookie curve. He goes on to be their guy from day one and they never look back. #2: Darnold is not yet ready, but Bridgewater shows his health, abillity, and wins the job. If successful enough, he can either become far more enticing trade bait, or gives them more freedom with how they choose to handle Darnold. #3: Worst case scenario, they have McCown in their pocket to start, if the other guys weren't able to step it up. He won't ever be "the guy" but is clearly beloved across the board by the locker room, coaches, and front office. He'll hold the fort while they wait for Darnold to be ready, and in the meantime they'll look to get the rest of the team stabilized (as much as they can). Point being, while Darnold is going to be the guy sooner or later, if he's not ready to go for week 1, I'm sure they'll be quietly rooting for Bridgewater to beat out McCown. Not to mention, the only downside of keeping Bridgewater even if only as a backup would be his salary ($6M, which is backup money at QB) and cutting Hack (who cares?).
  13. Bleedin Green

    Chad is mentoring Baker

    This thread is going about as well as expected. I've shown serious restraint by not jumping in, but it's pretty much gone exactly the same way anyway. Fun times.
  14. Are we back to hearing more of this fan-fabricated nonsense that is desperate to praise Mangini for a job that wasn't his, in order to make up for his colossal failures at the job that actually was his? If you seriously want to know how much credit Mangini deserves for the building of the Jets' roster, it's not that all difficult to figure out. Shortly after he was gone from the Jets, the guys he was so gleeful to acquire in a trade from them (in a deal that everyone agreed was laughably in the Jets' favor) were Kenyon Coleman, Abram Elam, and Brett Ratliff. That right there, was the result of his own evaluation of players. That's not even to mention, this little theory is extremely dependent on dismissing the team's draft when he had been here the longest (2008) and therefore is likely to have had the greatest involvement from him, if he ever had any, which was an absolute disaster.
  15. Who would have thought we would be pining for the Jets' glorious OLB days of Pace and Thomas.