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  1. No flag?!?! It's a miracle! Just recover the friggin onside and this is it!!!
  2. So guaranteed if the Cowboys don't get the 2 immediately here, there will continue to be flags thrown until they do.
  3. 6 consecutive plays with flags. Such a DOGsh*t call. ******* bullsh*t. These referees should be executed.
  4. They are throwing a flag on every... single... play. I know these last couple are finally in the Jets' favor, but still.... sweet mother of God.
  5. ARE YOU ******* KIDDING ME?!?!?!? So the referees have just decided the Cowboys will be handed this game. This is such ******* bullsh*t.
  6. Crowder definitely looks like a totally different player when Darnold is out there. I mean, obviously the entire team is impacted, but it's like night and day for Crowder.
  7. Holy crap. That just happened? Alright, credit where it's due, that kick was friggin impressive.
  8. Yeah, it's kind of crazy. Regardless of how much better Darnold makes them look, this OL and receivers are still complete crap. Get him some help, and this will be ridiculous.

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