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  1. Cardinals inquired about move up to #3

    That may be so, but you have to consider that's more a matter of pure volume than anything else. There's no real advantage to waiting around to sign an undrafted guy (and in that case, he actually has to pick your team too) as opposed to selecting who you want out of that pool in the late rounds. The real difference is that there are about 64 6th/7th rounders (plus however many comp picks), compared to hundreds of UDFAs.
  2. I think it's a solid deal no more, no less. Now I'm definitely excited about moving up, but I just mean it terms of pure value. Jets' didn't get robbed, and neither did the Colts. Trying to compare it to that Jets/Brown trade is just way off the mark, that was considered an absolute heist and you're never going to see anything like that again. It was such a weird combination of circumstances that made that deal work, and even still it was laughable that the deal somehow got made.

    Yeah, I definitely got here as quickly as possible after seeing the news. Certainly didn't expect that a month in advance (or at all, really).
  4. Jets resign Claiborne - 1 yr 7 million

    While it's obviously not a significant amount, interesting to see they made a point of saving money if (when) Mo gets hurt.
  5. The hope is that this is going by the philosophy of avoiding holes on the roster going into the draft, so you're not forced to reach for need. I'm sure they'd be more than happy to come back with an upgrade and send a few of those one-year guys packing. Not like there'd be any reason to be happy with multi-year deals for the likes of Ijalana, or someone of his similar talent level from another team.
  6. Reports came out weeks ago regarding how much Davis was looking for. There's little doubt Davis' agent passed those numbers onto the team, and that was likely the end of their interest in discussing it. There's also a chance that they simply preferred Williamson all along.
  7. Hey, remember those few good games 4 years ago? So that's something, right?
  8. Jets resign Claiborne - 1 yr 7 million

    As religious as he is to his big board, I think at this point job security will be the overriding fear that will keep him away from Minkah. Guys like Williams and Adams worked because they were "safe" picks on a team desperate for players absolutely everywhere. At this point, there would be absolutely nothing safe about Minkah, even if he turned into a future HOFer. I'd imagine he'd be more likely to trade down if that was the only guy left on his board he liked at that position.
  9. Jets resign Claiborne - 1 yr 7 million

    Agreed about Skrine. It's obviously without question that he's a goner if they get Mathieu, but otherwise Skrine isn't going anywhere and in truth, it's probably the right call. Like you said, he played really well to close out the year, and it was a warning to everyone that it all but guaranteed he would be sticking around. While many fans can quickly forget about that because of overall dislike of the guy (at least as a player), the team isn't going to forget what they got from him when they were last playing. Unless they find an upgrade, he's sticking around.
  10. It's only so often any of it actually means something to anyone else. Can't let those moments pass me by.
  11. Everyone has paid me for that before, not sure why that should change now.
  12. Oh sh*t, dropping some ICD in this joint.
  13. So how much does the position of Head Listener of @Sperm Edwards pay exactly?
  14. Jets resign Claiborne - 1 yr 7 million

    Yeah, you're definitely batsh*t freakin' crazy.
  15. Jets resign Claiborne - 1 yr 7 million

    Wow, I actually really like this deal. He far exceeded expectations last season, and the Jets are getting to do it all again for only $1M more. If Claiborne can repeat it, the market it for him will increase and he'll deservedly get better offers next year. If he takes a step back, be it by play or health, there's no risk from the Jets. I haven't liked all of the deals, but tough to complain about this one at all. Plus it further pushes the idea we all want to see, going heavy on offense in the draft.