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  1. People were desperate to believe that kicker was really the only problem with the team, so convinced themselves as much. That obviously didn't last very long (well, at least not for most).
  2. Your hero led the offense to 3 points in a full game, plus overtime. The never-ending stream of excuses you make will never do a single thing to change that. It is a point of absolute fact, and totally indisputable. The team being so impressive that night that they actually had a chance to overcome such laughable levels of complete incompetence from the game's most important position only just proves how much talent his mere presence wasted.
  3. The offense scored 3 points in 4 and 1/2 quarters of the 2004 Pitt game. The game being close was 100% in spite of the noodle, who was a completely useless pile of crap that day. Also, 10 total points scored and getting shut out in the second half vs the 2002 Raiders is an indictment, not a defense. The noodle turned the ball over their last 6 consecutive drives. Thanks for the reminder that the 2006 game was his other laughably bad playoff performance vs the Pats, where he personally scored nearly as many points for NE (10) as the Jets (13).
  4. I'm fine with this, just as long as the decision was left completely up to Saleh. I'm mostly indifferent to Boyer, as there have been ups and downs on ST throughout his time here, so arguments could be easily enough made in either direction. Regardless, one point that seriously comes without question is JD needs to dramatically improve what he does at ST positions. Kicker has been a complete disaster these last 2 years, and they used a draft pick on Mann who turned out to be a substantial downgrade from Edwards, who they easily could've kept.
  5. I'm pretty sure they actually got that wrong, from an NFL rules standpoint, considering the mix of what would have been a "during the play" penalty, which the roughing call on the Chiefs would qualify as, and "after the play" penalties, which was all 3 unsportsmanlike calls on the Bills, do not offset against each other. I don't think anyone was worried about having that argument at that point. Same reason why they couldn't be bothered ejecting anyone. NFL will probably be pulling in 7 figures in fines over the next few days for all of this.
  6. The lack of ejections was definitely very surprising, but with this game all but over I'm thinking the officials didn't want to get into it. We're going to be seeing A LOT of fines flying around from that little exchange though.
  7. Credit where it's due, props to the official who was shoving around these massive OL and DL ready to throw down.
  8. Yeah, there's the Bills for you. One more reason to enjoy their failure. First Allen, then the OL throwing their little temper tantrums.
  9. LOL... so Mahomes just had to figure out if he wanted to throw to the completely uncovered Kelce or completely uncovered Hill. Holy crap.
  10. This is kind of crazy to watch, in that the Chiefs are going out of their way to take their time and eat up as much time as possible while effortlessly moving along at their own will.
  11. Gase has never been good at a single thing throughout his entire coaching career other than perhaps convincing some people about whatever it is he supposedly contributed while he stood around on the sideline picking his nose watching Peyton Manning. As has always been the case with the history of this team, more than one person can be incompetent at their jobs at the same time, and the failures of one does not magically exonerate all others. I will never understand the constant inability of some around here to comprehend that very simple reality.
  12. Do you really think actively rooting for the success of a division rival whose QB looked like hot garbage prior to this season is something that would actually help with that?
  13. Except I'm not talking about the incompetence of the Jets team. I'm talking about the fact that even on top of this, we may very well have to watch the most painfully cruel and unusual Super Bowl just to top it all off.

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