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  1. Geno just being all Geno. Reports will come in tomorrow that after the game Wilson slugged Geno in the lockerroom... and re-injured himself in the process.
  2. I'd be willing to wager they end the season with at least 3 wins.
  3. At this point I'm pretty sure these "booth reviews" are really just a direct line to Goodell asking him which way he'd like the call to go, based on the score and teams involved. None of that silly watching the play nonsense though, that's just an irrelevant waste of everyone's time.
  4. Now all he needs to do is learn how to actually run routes or catch a football, and then he'll really be going places.
  5. Every season over the past 3 years, other teams have been able to find random guys on the street mid-season better than anyone the Jets had. There's no reason for them to not keep looking.
  6. I have absolutely no problem with the Jets winning today, and there are some positives that seem to be coming from this team as the season goes on. However, there are also legitimate concerns that came from this game, when Wilson looked to be the worst of the Jets' 4 players at the game's most important position. Still of course rooting for him to get it all together, but today just wiped out the recent hope/claims that he would be the immediate beneficiary of all the ways the offense improved in his absence, rather than his replacements being part of the reason for that improvement.
  7. I'll definitely be rooting for Wilson to turn it all around to wrap up the season, and perhaps worse passing Ds will give him a chance to get better, that he can then carry over into future games against better teams. However, the frequency of balls getting thrown into the dirt or well behind the intended receivers is on him to get sorted out regardless of the opposition.
  8. WTF is going on right now with this Colts/Bucs game?
  9. The run game did well, and the defense didn't commit too many penalties while the Texans offense opted not to move in the forward direction.
  10. In that case the NFL would probably just give them both losses. No one would really argue with that.
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