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  1. This Williams pick was undoubtedly idiotic. I thought so at the time and it would take an excessive amount to make me think even slightly differently about it at any point. With that said, the idiocy of that pick falls at the feet of (1) Maccagnan for making the pick of the single least need of the entire team, and (2) Chris Johnson for allowing a repeatedly proven failure in Mac to still be employed at that point to even make the pick. That said, the idiocy of the pick isn't Quinnen's fault, so while I may never like it, I'll still certainly root for him to continually improve and hopefully be a difference-maker for the Jets, in at least some ways, even if not in every way you'd come to expect from a #3 overall pick. With that said, he needs to earn his way into getting even those opportunities, because after last year Gregg Williams has done more than enough to show he deserves to make the calls for how his defense is run, and that includes him using Quinnen in whatever way he feels most appropriate, regardless of where he was selected. The plus side is with Mac gone, it's far less likely anyone will be trying to force Quinnen on Gregg too strongly.
  2. I am totally opposed to this. The recent years' issues with the extremely low onside kick rate are actually very easily manageable in the same exact way that they dealt with the extra point changes. You let teams declare they will be going for an onside kick, and then they are allowed to line up using the old kickoff rules. There was never a concern about the lack of onside recoveries in the old days, and the injury risks have never been the same for onsides as they are for standard kickoffs, so it's the most simplistic change that aligns with the history of the game. The NFL has become already excessively offensive-centric as it is, this is a whole new level that's really changing the game.
  3. He really does not have one likable trait about him. Regardless of how the Jets do, I will get serious enjoyment if both the Pats and Tampa come to implode in glorious fashion.
  4. The votes for Revis are clearly a little excessively reliant on being the one most fresh in people's minds. Regardless of to what extreme you may consider the peak of his play, there's no coherent argument that could be made as to why a draft pick is an all-time great when it's a very high pick that was a giant pain in the ass multiple times over in his good years, and then a useless pile of money-hemorrhaging garbage in his later years. If you want to talk greatest single-season performance or some other extremely vacuum-based analysis then it's a different story, but in this case he pretty quickly gets himself veto'ed from consideration if you go a step past the most recent one you remember. By no measure did the Jets get any great value out of that pick. There's a reason why the other picks that made this list are based on long-term return and not even his biggest fans could ever argue Revis gave that, considering all discussions really just come down to a 2 & 1/2 year window for him.
  5. Well to quickly recap my assessment: Chad : Quarterbacking :: Gase : Coaching Take of that what you will.
  6. I know this may come as a shock to many, but I was never much of a Chad fan. Sorry, I didn't mean to carry on for so long about that.
  7. Players come to play for all sorts of coaches throughout the league all the time, both good and bad (many brought in by other former Jets coaches is evidence enough of that), so that on its own doesn't really mean much. I understand some are looking for any reason they can to be positive about when it comes to Gase, and that's totally fine if that's how you want to play it. It's just a bit much to expect something as trivial as this to change anyone's opinions about a coach who's never actually shown to himself to be any good at, ya know... coaching. Realistically, no one is going to be convinced to change their mind in either direction until the Jets get back on the field and actually show something.
  8. Gase may vary well be a good person, despite the media perspective, but he's still a horrifically awful coach by every possible measure. In his entire professional career, quite literally the only time he's seen any offensive success is when Peyton Manning was calling the plays for him at the line. There is absolutely no evidence to suggest he's even slightly competent at what he's paid to do.
  9. I heard the word defensive and my eyebrows immediately raised... but it was followed by end and I allowed it.
  10. Very very meh... for such a mess of a team, hardly need to be going this early on one of the single least needs. Although as long as they don't go DT after this, I guess I can begrudgingly accept it.
  11. I am one of the single greatest Gase haters you will ever find (I was on the record, back during the Jets' interview process, that Gase was the single worst option imaginable). With that said, I don't necessarily agree with the paranoia that Douglas' mindset is to strictly cater to him. If that's the case, then we're screwed anyway and they both need to be gone far sooner than later. Honestly, I think it's the simple matter of Douglas refusing to look at things in a vacuum and giving some context to the decisions, a concept that was clearly far too complicated for Mac to ever get a grasp on. The hope is these kind of considerations will stop a team from being so mind-numbling stupid as to draft 5 first round DTs within 8 years (while signing multiple starting-level FA DTs during that period). I think/hope the idea is to be identifying those players that give the greatest long-term benefit to the future of this team, rather than it being a matter of there being any concern of catering to the incompetence of a guy whose entire coaching career's sole moment of even moderate success was watching Peyton Manning call plays at the line while he sat and watched.

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