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  1. There's definitely a few guys that would have qualified as stone cold locks under Maccagnan, but not so much under Douglas. He obviously has no bias towards the draft picks, and even guys with guys who might be owed enough money that would normally stop them, a GM's first year is pretty commonly the time they can get away with some unconventional cuts (in terms of cap implications), if they think the player doesn't fit the mold of "their guys". Particularly if there's anyone both Douglas and Gase aren't fans of, there would be next to nothing that would keep that player safe.
  2. I'd think Thomas Jones probably deserves to make the cut, at least for 2009. He was the first and last thing opposing D's were worried about, and they still couldn't stop him (at least while healthy). Obviously a lot of credit for that goes to the OL too. That's about as recent as you can get though.
  3. Very well said, and I think the biggest point here is that this isn't one individual incident that lives in a vacuum, but rather an ongoing trend that's followed him around for a while now. He's clearly a complete dick of a person, and the only claims otherwise are simply a series of excuses. Ultimately, the formula for those kind of players in any sport is simple: if he's on your team and good enough, then you'll accept or even support his douchebaggery (at least for a while). Others will simply see him for what he is and it's always easy to root against an overall unlikable person. In the case of the Browns, they have been putting together their own "who's who" of the league's biggest douches, which makes it hard to ignore.
  4. Seriously, the moment things take even the slightest turn for the worse, all of the evidence suggests that team is going down in flames. It should at least be entertaining though.
  5. Mayfield is a grade A douchebag, that really goes without question at this point. Not to mention, it's kind of laughable what a hypocrite he is, considering there may not be a single person in the league who has less room to judge about taking things public.
  6. Actually, the only reason the Eagles didn't block it that time was because his contract had expired, so they couldn't. Of course I get that it was a joke, but... just saying.
  7. The Eagles really have become the most notorious for not giving their guys a single chance unless they are required to. You have to think at some point that's going to come back to bite them, right? If you had a chance of a coaching/staffing job with both the Eagles and another team, would you really trust the Eagles to not interfere with your own professional future? All evidence suggests the one and only reason the Jets were able to get Douglas from them is because, by giving him final roster control, the Eagles could do literally nothing about it. They've been repeatedly reported as blocking teams from talking to any of their guys whenever possible, and it sounds like they're doing it again now. That said, I have no issue with the Kelly hire, regardless of why it happened.
  8. If that's really the case, then the reports to this point, including this one, have been outright wrong. While there are certain amounts that get counted in the guaranteed numbers even if potentially unearned, such as roster bonuses, that logic has never been applied to salary amounts beyond the first year unless there are actually guarantees written into the contract associated with those salaries. Granted, it could be a limited guarantee (such as for injury), in which case an earlier cut is possible, but it absolutely would not be counted as a guaranteed amount if it's simply base salary for future years. So basically, either there are some sort of guarantees at play here, or Wentz's agent is simply completely full of crap, although in that case you would think that would've come to light when the contract details came out.
  9. That is completely dependent on what that guaranteed amount really represents. Is that fully guaranteed, or guaranteed only for injury? Because, based on those numbers, it's suggesting that it is only the final year of the deal that isn't guaranteed.
  10. It's definitely a bit of a gamble, but how the contract is ultimately viewed will be dependent on how Wentz holds up from here. If the health issues don't continue on, it'll likely eventually be seen as a steal. It's essentially the modern-day equivalent of the contract the Jets' gave to the noodle all of those years ago. Of course, the key difference being Wentz has actually played well when available and not used his health as an excuse for poor performances on the field.
  11. I kind of wanted to put together a list featuring the all-time disasters the Jets have had for everyone to vote for instead... but that just seems like a lot of effort.
  12. I 100% fully disagree with your first point of credit to CJ. He had to be outright mocked as a clueless idiot for months regarding how oblivious he was to Maccagnan, and then told the same by his newly hired HC, in order to "identify" the fact that his GM was a known incompetent to absolutely everyone but himself. That is deserving of literally no credit whatsoever. Also, the idea that you have to make hires that are good buddies is ridiculous, and simply fits a present day narrative (and Tanny/Rex doesn't really come close to Rex/Idzik or Mac/Bowles). Bottom line, if you simply hire two professionals who are both good at their jobs, you wouldn't have these problems. However, in fairness, the refusing to take no as answer for the guy who was their top candidate, no matter the cost, is at least one thing I will admit is certainly deserving of credit.
  13. Thank you! The supposed greatness of CJ going on around here the past few days is laughable. He's an incompetent boob, and has said nearly as much by his very own admission, when he outright admitted he was making high-level decisions himself despite absolutely no knowledge or understanding of anything going on with the team for years now. He literally had less of an understanding of what needed to be done than anyone throughout the team, league, or even fans. There's a chance this could work out in the end, and if so I'll damn sure take it, but it would be unquestionably in spite of CJ, not in any way because of him. With that said, I'm still not quite ready to start celebrating these moves either, given as much as we'd like to pretend otherwise as a matter of hindsight, the last round of hires were well received by the overwhelming majority at the time they were made, and we all saw how that worked out.
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