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  1. Bleedin Green


    This game is not at all surprising, but holy crap is Mahomes at a special level of overrated. This isn't even a scenario of Belichick driving a young kid at the position crazy (which, as much as I hate him, wouldn't surprise me at all). The Pats D is playing mediocre at best and he's just missing everything he's being given. And with that said... at least that time he finally hit the completely uncovered receiver he was throwing to for like the fourth time. Here's hoping he has his crap together for the rest of this game.
  2. Bleedin Green

    The Giants are 1 and 5

    Wow, Eli is unleashing his inner Pennington, huh? Barkley is great, but short of having the rest of your team fully stacked, RB comes after only kicker and punter as the position least worthy of a pick that high, at least in today's NFL.
  3. Bleedin Green

    Grade the Starting Offensive Linemen So Far

    They have definitely outperformed the level they were claimed to be at throughout the offseason. They are by no means great, but have been solid, if unspectacular. Beachum I think is the one who's been the most underappreciated in his time here. Don't get me wrong, he's not by any means an elite talent at the position, so I fully support the Jets continuing to look for their long-term answer at LT, but with that said, the Jets have gotten a way better return than you can ever expect to get at the position out of FA. LT is just one of those positions that almost never sees any real talent shake free, and $8M/year for him is an absolute steal (placing him 19th amongst LT contracts). By comparison, Solder got himself $15.5M/year just one year later, and is no better of a player. Long is having the roughest season of the bunch, but is still infinitely better than Wesley Johnson.
  4. Yeah, I was going to say the same. Definitely not the first instance of overpaying PS that has come up about the Jets this year. With the amount of cash they are sitting on right now, it's not a bad idea to get a little insurance on any guys they think have some real potential for them down the line.
  5. Bleedin Green

    Crow not practicing again Thursday.

    Yeah, he definitely earned himself some rest after Sunday, so we'll have to see what comes of this. They have every reason to err on the side of caution with him in practice, so it might be nothing. That said, while it would obviously be best to have Crowell ready to go, Powell can certainly fill the role well enough himself, just as long as you have someone ready to spell him a decent amount (as if Powell's shown one thing over the years, he's not exactly built for the heavy load).
  6. Bleedin Green

    Any Nathan Shephard sightings?

    That would be an even bigger mess. A 4-3 without DEs is even more crippled than a 3-4 without OLBs. The personnel is more suited to 3-4 of the two options, given the heavy investment in DTs, but the lack of pass-rushers certainly doesn't get resolved by a change in scheme. If anything, 3-4 typically has more ability to scheme a rush of the two.
  7. Bleedin Green

    Any Nathan Shephard sightings?

    While he still has to prove himself, I think some folks are a little too hung up on the age thing. As long as he's on his rookie contract it's actually pretty meaningless, only really becoming a potential issue if/when they start thinking about a second contract. Anyone convinced it means he can't possibly improve from here must have missed Pouha's entire career, who was even older when he came out.
  8. Bleedin Green

    Will the real Jets please stand up?

    Yeah, with the exception of the JAX game, a significant portion of the points allowed this season have come off of turnovers.
  9. Bleedin Green

    Falcons 1 and 4 - Dan Quinn Sucks

    He doesn't coach the Pats or Eagles, so pretty sure that's been more than covered. Besides, no one really thinks he's getting fired at this point of the season.
  10. Bleedin Green

    Falcons 1 and 4 - Dan Quinn Sucks

    The Jets hired Bowles well before Atlanta hired Quinn. Seattle went to the Super Bowl that year, so they would have had to wait to even interview Quinn, so opted to pull the trigger on Bowles. In hindsight, neither was a particularly good choice.
  11. Bleedin Green

    Falcons 1 and 4 - Dan Quinn Sucks

    Quinn did in fact bring them to the Super Bowl, in which he coached them to the single most embarrassing loss in that game's (possibly the league's) history. Other than that, he has been excessively mediocre. This goes back to his very first season, when some were falling in love over a 5-0 start, only for the team to completely fall apart for the rest of the season. He may not be the league's worst, but he's certainly undeserving of any degree of praise, especially when you consider it's a matter of a defensive coach who has been completely reliant on the success of the offense, that was already in place upon his arrival, to carry his useless defense. When you consider the team's most successful season with him saw the #1 scoring O and #27 scoring D, one has to wonder what he's really contributing.
  12. Bleedin Green

    Jets \ Broncos Game Observations

    There were also multiple PIs against Kearse that went uncalled throughout the game too, starting with the play before the missed FG, when he was tackled in the endzone before the ball even got there. The ref similarly signaled it uncatchable on that one, which was beyond absurd. I guess if you're going to deal with horrific officiating that's pulling points off the board, better to have it happen in a blowout victory.
  13. Under different circumstances I might feel similarly, but it's hardly reassuring when you consider how horrifically bad the WRs not named Enunwa have been this season. Anderson has been far more likely to drop or fumble the ball than make a play this season. Pryor has been mostly nonexistent. Kearse is the only one I feel at all confident will continue to improve as he's back longer and can get more of a rapport with Darnold. The only other glimmer of hope is the TEs seemed to actually show up last week. Don't get me wrong, I definitely don't want Darnold getting too reliant on a single receiver, but these other guys don't give much reason for confidence.
  14. DEFCON 1 is that nuclear war is imminent so... I think that about covers it right now.
  15. The Jets OL is most certainly not good (to say the least), but this is really telling how awful OL play has gotten league-wide. Particularly interesting to see how many of the teams with the most hits allowed actually have fairly mobile QBs.

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