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  1. Would it help Sam? Yes, without question, simply because Gase has repeatedly proven throughout the entirety of his professional coaching career that involved him doing anything more than standing on the sideline watching Manning run the offense, that his presence is a detriment. Now, will the help be to any degree of significance to suddenly make him the Jets' answer at QB? Highly unlikely. Regardless, it's still better to go with the excessively low odds that would come with a change, over the guaranteed failure that persists with Gase. Especially considering we don't need this bleeding over to the future of this team any more than it already has.
  2. I'll be damned, I really did actually manage to successfully identify the one positive that could come of Gase.
  3. You think the Jets would've learned from the Lombardi that Darron Lee single-handedly earned for the lowly Chiefs!
  4. Oh I get it now... it's just a matter confusion. @Prodigal Syndicate is just reminding the rest of us that Jamal Adams and Russell Wilson are the same person. Duh! The rest of us are just confused by who either of them actually are, how pro football actually works, or what the safety position does. If only the Jets were smart enough to be like the Seahawks and have Jamal Wilson making all those field goal throws, they'd be winning all these series too, right?!?
  5. You know, other than the little part where he ranged from mediocre to steaming pile of dog sh*t in 5 out of 6 playoff games, with vs NE quite literally being the lone exception where he actually contributed anything of value. He was the single-worst player on an otherwise exceptionally talented team.
  6. Interesting point... other than the reality that you've been having an endless meltdown across the entire board over a non-premium player on another team's league-worst defense, which quite literally saw a significant uptick in its performance once he went to the sideline. The reason it continues to come up so frequently is the great amusement that comes from seeing all the little tantrums, like yours, every time the Seahawks prove the absolute brilliance of the trade for the Jets. It is the one amazingly silver lining to this excessively dark cloud, even while their offense drags along their laughably awful D from being a Jets-like joke of the league, as Adams has repeatedly shown throughout the entirety of his career he himself does absolutely nothing to help with that. It's fine, I get it, those who felt the need spend months incessantly whining about the trade still can't grasp that horrific defenses and Adams constantly go hand-in-hand, despite attempts at factually unsupportable claims otherwise.
  7. Seattle's defense looks horrible with him. Their success has literally nothing to do with him at all. They also just did far better the last couple of drives without him (FG, game-winning INT) than they did their prior couple with Adams (2 TDs). Then again, I know this must just your little shtick you're going with here, because I can't imagine anyone who has watched even a single snap of football could possibly be this unfathomably stupid about the game.
  8. Oh, just because Seattle's defense has been horrifically awful all season long, and actually just did better without Adams than the prior few drives with him, you suddenly take that to mean he doesn't single-handedly change the entirety of pro football as has been clearly proven by baseless claims with no factual support whatsoever? Jeez... pathetic!
  9. Seattle has one of the league's very worst defenses, but it's always good for a laugh to hear some of the Jamal fans tell us about his unmeasured greatness. Now he's apparently been knocked out of this game. I'm sure it'll be a surprise to everyone when absolutely nothing changes, and it simply continues the trend that has existed the entire season, of the offense needing to carry their incompetent defense to have any chance at all.
  10. Darnold is crap, but when it comes to individual performance, he's still better than Sanchez in every measurable way. The only thing Sanchez has going for him among fans, is that the wound from him isn't nearly as fresh. Long-term, Darnold will just be another on the long list of crappy Jets QBs that were part of terrible Jets teams. Sanchez, on the other hand, was far and away the single worst player on a couple of the most talented rosters in team history, and is the primary reason that they failed when they did. Darnold most definitely sucks, but it'll simply take about 2 seconds to find times Sanchez was even worse.
  11. Yeah, stupid Jets... forcibly making poor innocent Gase uselessly incompetent for the entirety of his professional career when he wasn't standing around watching Manning call plays at the line.
  12. Oh come on... that shouldn't be a penalty. Jets need to have extra players our there to make it fair!
  13. Why am I still even watching this? I don't quite know what that says, but it's certainly not anything good.

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