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  1. Chiefs sign Revis

    No he wasn't, he was absolutely awful in his last stint with the team. No one is blaming him for the failures of others on this team, but that doesn't excuse him from being a massively overpaid, horribly performing quitter. Even if you opt to excuse his repeated douche-baggery in his first run with the team, any attempt to defend his recent appearance here is laughable. Of course, your newest set of excuses has absolutely nothing to do with your original point, or even what you were responding to, but I guess that's kind of your M.O.
  2. Chiefs sign Revis

    And just like every other business, if you're a giant a$$hole in the workplace, you might get away with it as long as you're considered worth the headache, but the instant you're determined to be more trouble than you're worth, your ass will be kicked to the curb and you won't be missed.
  3. Chiefs sign Revis

    Also one of the biggest douchebags, and most massively overpaid players.
  4. Chiefs sign Revis

    Thanks to the Chiefs for saving the Jets a few bucks. Although, not even slightly surprising, the deal is exactly what I said Revis would do the entire time: 2-year deal, vet minimum in the first year. Intentionally designed to bleed as much of the money from the Jets this year as possible, despite that he didn't earn a single penny of it. Oh well, savings is still savings.
  5. Rank 'Em: Best NYJ QBs From 2000 - 2017

    So in other words, which pile of sh*t smelled the least offensive?
  6. My guess is Collins will clear waivers, as no team is going to want to take on a guaranteed contract for a guy with the number of issues he's already had in his short career. But once he clears, I'm sure no one is going to offer him anything more than a short-term deal with little-to-no guaranteed money, in which case it would be worth at least looking into. Collins will have no room to negotiate, given at this point he just needs to keep himself in the league.
  7. Literally everything you just said is hindsight, not sure what's tough to grasp there. It was still another 16 years before Carroll started his current successful NFL gig, and even then first couple of years were rather mediocre. So basically, you're saying the measurement of what the Jets should have done is based on what occurred 18+ years later.
  8. The finger wag gets you every time! The funny thing is, not to actually be at all positive about Wilson since he sucked, but part of the reason he got to annoyingly wag his finger so many times due to bad throws, is he actually was pretty solid at sticking with his guy in coverage. Plenty of times those random incompletions were based on QBs trying to out-throw the coverage. The problem was he had absolutely no ball awareness, so once QBs learned better and would just throw the ball straight at the guy he was covering, no matter how tight the coverage, it was not going to end well.
  9. Carroll was the guy standing on the sideline during the fake spike and the ensuing winless remainder of the season. Kotite was a complete disaster, but there's little to suggest Carroll would have been any sort of answer for the Jets at that time. His current successful tenure in the NFL didn't start for another 16 years after that. It's another one of those points that is heavily dependent on some major hindsight, with a dash of revisionist history. Although not quite as bad folks who keep trying to assert that it's Woody's fault that Belichick quit the team before he even owned it. They were/are undoubtedly two very unsuccessful owners, so it's always curious some of the things they attempt to be blamed for, rather than the long list of stuff that actually was their fault.
  10. Russell Wilson

    Moss is probably the one of those you could argue had been at all held back while with the Jets, other than his last year, but that was also in favor of the much-beloved Chrebet, so wasn't received so poorly in the days Moss was known as Sideline Santana. Vilma and Abraham were both long-term starters and Pro Bowlers with the Jets, so even if they had better years after, it was hardly due to a lack of opportunities. None of this is a defense of the Jets of course, but more a matter of them never even having the talent, as opposed to this recent surge of claims that they refuse to use it.
  11. Russell Wilson

    Yeah, if anything Macc has been repeatedly cited as questionably ignoring some measurables.
  12. Russell Wilson

    While they certainly suck at talent acquisition, the supposed claims of keeping other great talent down because they are younger has little-to-no evidence to support it. Can we think of a single player since Farrior who went on to have such great success elsewhere once leaving the Jets? More often than not, when the Jets aren't playing their young guys, no one else wants to play them either.
  13. Butt Fumble - An oral history of the NY Jets

    Was this part meant ironically? Granted, I'll admit there were plenty of us ready to be done with Sanchez at that point, but there were very, very few actual Jets (not Tebow) fans who really wanted to see Tebow play. After all, McElroy may recall one of the few well received decisions of that entire season was when Sanchez was benched for, well... him.
  14. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    It really is quite intriguing seeing arguments from nyjunc about QBs when they play for other teams.
  15. Write-in: Chad Pennington I'm joking... sort of. A little bit. The truth is outright crappy players don't really bother me that much, at least once they're gone. More of just an eye-rolling same ole Jets type moment. Outside of wasted draft picks / money, there's little to remember them by. The endless stream of garbage at the most important position is far more frustrating. So essentially, nearly all Jets' QBs make the list. It just becomes that much more infuriating when the (rare) strong Jets teams are dragged down by mediocre-at-best QB play. At least crappy QB play on an overall crappy team is easier to accept. And awful players at other positions can be worked around or buried down the depth chart.
  16. That's going to be the real question for Claiborne, the price tag. If attainable at a reasonable price, even "starters money", I think it would be worthwhile. If he sees this as his best chance to cash in, which it would be tough to blame him for, then I agree he's not worth big money.
  17. Martin has gotten two years of tries and failed both times. No reason for us to get worked up over an UDFA that can't make the cut, and in a season filled with numerous kicker injuries and cuts, no other team has gone knocking on his door either. Nothing wrong with giving Catanzaro competition next year, but might as well give that chance to a new kid who hasn't already lost to him. Age supposedly playing a part in the kicker is completely fabricated by fans. They're 2 years apart for crying out loud.
  18. I don't know, history tells me he'd be a great fit for the Jets.
  19. Meh, not sure I get being too riled up about any of this at this stage. Quite frankly, the Jets should be putting in the most work for every QB prospect.
  20. So to be clear, we've decided penalties are entirely on the coach and not the players, correct? Well then, at least Bowles is better than Pete Carroll at their respective jobs.
  21. Remember when BIGGG MACCC tried to get Semian?

    Considering the ongoing clamoring for the Jets' own young QB rejects, I have little doubt that, if it had happened, there would still be some in tremendous support of it.
  22. Goodell on thin ice (finally)

    The situation with Goodell is that he really deserves very little of the credit, but the NFL is also hardly going to have some miraculous turn around if/when he leaves. The absurdity of what he's asking for is enough reason to replace him, given that he's done absolutely nothing to deserve that. The NFL was already on a meteoric rise when he took over, and that simply continued on, with very little impact, neither positive nor negative, from him. It's now on a downward trend for a very long list of reasons, and there are no innocent parties involved in the NFL for that, be it owners, players, or anyone in between. Goodell has mostly been a stooge in his time in the position, and could be replaced by just about anyone at a fraction of the cost with little noticeable difference. Ultimately, his position is to be the fall-guy for the NFL, and with the league on the downward trend and his laughably ridiculous demands coming at the same time, he's all but begging them to blame everything on him now, and find a new guy that could help with some short term PR, before that guy starts getting blamed for all of the other crap that happens.
  23. Tampa game HUGE test

    Well I'll be at the Tampa game, which is typically a pretty good indicator that a game will be a complete disaster.
  24. I would have to imagine it often hurts when you attempt to think about this topic, because what you write is such drivel. Bad plays happen, so they don't count? However, things that didn't happen do count, simply because you made them up? The most ridiculous part is that your point of comparison is actually proving yourself wrong again. The Pats D allowed 21 points, the Jets D 17. The Pats D scored 0 points, the Jets D scored 2. That means the Jets O was asked to contribute 16+ points to get a win, and Pats O needed 22+. Both teams got further saddled by the offense having another 7 scored off a turnover, tacking another 7 onto how much each offense needed to score to win, at their own fault. So what's the actual difference here in this comparison? The Pats offense scored 34 points, and the Jets offense 17. That's right, half. Unbelievably enough, the Pats offense also didn't need 15 minutes TOP in the 4th quarter to do that either, as you assert being a necessity for the offense to be considered at all responsible. When you attempted to make this silly comparison, was it your belief that if the Pats had scored only 17 points in that game, the offense would be considered blameless in their loss? Understand we are not even talking about your personal opinions anymore. You have been proven to be factually incorrect. Your inability to comprehend that doesn't change it.
  25. Only 10 more points for the Jets than the Steelers, yes. This is a fact.