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  1. This is exactly what I was going to say as well. I certainly understand those who aren't sold on Bienemy, but those two coaching trees are like night and day.
  2. I'm not sold on Daboll at all. The supposed QB development skills are a bit questionable, considering his only run as an NFL QB coach was with the friggin' Jets, where he's credited for greats such as Kellen Clemens and Erik Ainge. He also managed to get himself very quickly fired from every pre-Bills coordinator job he got. Don't get me wrong, he most certainly deserves credit for what he's gotten out of their offense this year, but that on its own seems a little lacking to have him launched to the top of the list when looking at the red flags that came before that, as even his first two years in Buffalo ranged from awful to mediocre in offensive performance. I'm not exactly excited about a guy with a questionable track record for much of his career prior to this season and the only other "highlights" being as a Patriots assistant, which hardly has the greatest track record for head-coaching success. Of course, if he gets the job I'll gladly be rooting to be excessively wrong about him, but if anything he seems like exactly the kind of guy the Jets would typically hire... which is not a compliment.
  3. Ever since the Johnsons have owned this team, they have repeatedly let a clearly soon-to-be-fired head coach ride out the remainder of the season. There's no reason to think this would be any different. There's obviously absolutely no one on this current coaching staff that they would seriously consider for the job, so there's no point in using these next few weeks as any sort of tryout for an interim HC. I can't wait until Gase is gone, but at this stage there's nothing they'll get out of doing it a month earlier. There's nothing stopping them from starting to do any planning / research on their end even while Gase is still here.
  4. Q having a hell of a game. Still don't like Maccagnan's pick of him, but that's very different than hating on the kid himself.
  5. What an awful read and throw... crazy that Mims still had a chance to come away with it.
  6. The D is having themselves a very nice game. However, I'm sure the O will help us to rest easy.
  7. Gase's most significant contribution to the NFL is when they redo the entire draft slotting system specifically because of him.
  8. I won't hate on Mims at all for that penalty. There's plenty of times that won't get called, especially if he ends up being as good as he looks like he can be.
  9. Well this thread certainly went in a multitude of very "interesting" directions these past few days. Meanwhile, Mehta is still somehow employed? Totally unreal. And welcome back JB... just another thing about this place to make me feel old.
  10. In fairness, if anyone deserves credit for what should qualify as a one-handed catch...
  11. Are we sure that wasn't a drop? I'm confused.
  12. BAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHA Flacco is a true Jet at heart!!
  13. Holy crap... it's really the Jets ball??? Wow. What are we watching?
  14. Ficken keeping the Jets in contention!

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