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  1. Not really, the Bears were 23rd in scoring and 21st in total offense that year, both the same as the year prior. Perhaps not league worst, but hardly inspiring when that's regularly cited as an alleged highlight of the resume for a supposed offensive expert.
  2. Forgetting the draft implications for a moment, 17 seasons for a WR is absolutely unreal, good for Fitz. Is there anyone else other than Rice (20 seasons) that have put together such a crazy long career at the position?
  3. Both are better TEs than any of those that preceded them for many years, so that's certainly a big plus, and I appreciated Douglas being proactive enough to get Griffin a new deal when he had clearly shown himself to deserve it. With that said, there are certainly concerns with both, starting with health issues, and also questions about their long-term ability. I think Griffin is a solid #2, but 7 years into his career already, you can't expect any more out of him than what the Jets got this season. Herndon I felt was a bit over-hyped coming into the season as there were a lot of assumptions being made based solely on grading him on a rookie curve, but there's never any guarantees that all players will grow leaps and bounds from there, and his lack of a second year doesn't help with that either. In the end, TE is still probably dead last on the list of Jets' needs on offense, but that also doesn't necessarily mean there's no concerns at the position either. It shouldn't see any major investment made to it right now, but if there's any options they really like for a moderate price (i.e., middle/lower-tier FA or late-round pick), it would still be worth doing.
  4. As much as I can admit I'm not always on board with some players' decision-making, I'll always have respect for those who opt to hang it up early. Many of these guys make more than most of us could ever dream of, and frankly could still make more on top of that if they chose. However, the consequences of the game are serious and need to be considered, and setting up not only your family, but yourself personally, for a better life by taking a lesser amount of still lots and lots of money in exchange for (hopefully) future health is a smart way to go. It's also probably a lot easier said than done for most who have played this game throughout most of their lives, but others suggested, that can quickly start to change as it becomes a more common occurrence throughout the league, especially among higher level talents.
  5. While I certainly get your overall points here, I think the "noise in the data" excuse loses a lot of its merit when that needs to be attributed to the poor performance in every year of his professional coaching career, with the sole exception of when he had Peyton Manning playing/calling plays at the line. He's obviously getting at least one more year around here, so I'll certainly be rooting for him, but there is a pretty significant amount of evidence to suggest there's unfortunately little reason for optimism.
  6. Actually, the Dolphins were the ones who gave up the 4th rounder (along with a 2021 7th, Steelers sent back a 5th and 2021 6th). So a lower first rounder 2 years later, plus additional picks swapped that favor the Steelers is certainly less across board. The funny thing is I actually don't hate Adams at all, but to the general point of this discussion, for as many outright haters there are of him, there are even more who swoon over a guy who plays one of the less impactful positions in today's NFL, and the area most lacking in his play is the #1 priority of most for the position: turnovers. I'd be glad if the Jets were able to keep him for what he actually deserves, but in all likelihood, given how excessively impressed he is with himself, that is questionable to ever happen. He may very well be the best the Jets have right now, but that's more an indictment of this team than anything. In the end, it was still far more significant when the team was without their average-at-best LT than without Adams.
  7. A mere one year into his career, a player was traded for significantly less than the cost to obtain him, despite being in the midst of what would be an All-Pro season and having another 4 years remaining on a rookie contract. It shares literally no similarities whatsoever to any of the other examples you attempted to use for your baseless comparison. So no, you did quite literally everything wrong.
  8. In regards to the above ongoing debate, when it comes to how highly the league itself values the position of safety, you only need to consider that the other player who has been listed with Adams on all of these various lists was actually traded during the season.
  9. Well I've met a few inductees into the JN Hall of Fame (Shame?).
  10. Nope, never coached with Beli. The media's obsession with crediting the head cheater for everything is the reason for baseless attempts to form some sort of coaching link there that simply doesn't exist.
  11. I despise everything about Gase, but the lack of public criticism by Douglas (whom Gase doesn't even report to) means absolutely nothing but a good business decision. There may or may not be more behind that, but we've got no way to read that now. Until the day comes where Douglas is getting pushed around by Gase, or going to bat for Gase when the Johnsons are considering sh*t-canning him, it doesn't mean a whole lot.
  12. To be clear, I despise Gase (as a coach) with every fiber of my being. He is quite literally the one and only candidate that I was 100% adamantly opposed to hiring at the time, and therefore of course the one they hired. An atrocious offense carried around by a defense he had no involvement in while managing some wins against nothing but fellow league bottom-dwellers did nothing to convince me otherwise. Particularly considering we saw the continuation of the existing trend of players having more success without Gase than with him (Bell and Tannehill being exceptionally obvious examples of that on both sides of that coin this year), and refusal to play superior talent over "his guys" until forced otherwise (e.g., Kalil).
  13. The circumstances were an immeasurably easy schedule against other teams in a equal or more disastrous mess as the Jets. A career-incompetent of a head coach, whose sole success in his entire coaching career was standing on the sideline watching Peyton Manning call plays at the line, deserves absolutely no measure of praise whatsoever. Particularly when the unit he is responsible for was even worse than last year, while the team was carried by the unit he has absolutely no involvement in.
  14. Fair point, but would you really expect me to pass up on the chance to voice my displeasure for the noodle? It feels like an obligation at this point. Especially after the grossness of seeing the reemergence of others posts in this thread trying to cast that year's Pitt pants-sh*tting in a positive light. To your point though, 2005 was also generally viewed as a weak QB class at the time, which is why Rodgers went tumbling after the 9ers went with Smith. That was definitely not the case for any of those other 3 classes.
  15. He really wasn't, but I understand your confusion, considering you were still a devout Penningtologist at the time.
  16. How idiotic. While he's proven many times over to be incapable as a head coach, he has been an extremely successful coordinator everywhere he's gone. He was the furthest thing from their problem this year. If not for Williams obviously very much deserving to retain his job, I'd be all for the Jets making a run at him.
  17. So Gase is a good coach (position or otherwise) because of his friendship with a guy who was a HOF-lock long before they ever met each other, and a variety of other QBs all of whom seemed to play better both before and after their time with Gase, never during? That's..... a theory.
  18. The OL was unquestionably a problem, but any attempt to dismiss coaching from a share of the blame goes right out the window when realizing there were a minimum of 3 OL positions that were upgraded by changes forced by injuries (LG, C, RG). A ton of work needs to be done along the line, but that doesn't change that the problem goes well beyond that.
  19. As much as the Jets need to go for insane amounts of help on offense, TE is actually the one position it actually doesn't make much sense to do a major investment in at this point, as strange as that may sound given how devoid of talent they were there for many, many years. However, short of any major concerns about either's health or long-term potential, they already have Herndon penciled in as their starter, and Griffin, who was having himself a very nice run before injury and got a new contract, as their #2. Unless the Jets find themselves in a situation where they can't find a way to spend all of the money they have, their investments would be much better elsewhere on offense, most specifically at OL and WR, and to a lesser extent RB and backup QB, all being bigger needs than TE.
  20. Clearly at least one more to talk about this thread talking about those threads.
  21. Definitely just wild rumors at this point, but if this were to happen, I'd be seriously pissed. There are always questions about any head coach hire, and of course more when it comes to moving from college to pros, but even then, the odds are infinitely higher for someone like Rhule to work out than an already proven failure at the job who has learned absolutely nothing.

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