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  1. This thread has gone well.
  2. Yeah sure, the 50% completion / 2 INT QB was anointed today, but the 4 Pick / 3 Sack defense that half of the points "they" allowed came off turnovers was the only problem. It's certainly not like the D was the reason they were even in that game through most of it. Then again, that mindset does align with the historical interpretation of Jets/Steelers games by some around here. It's right on par with the ideas that Doug Brien was at fault for Pennington leading the Jets to 3 offensive points, and the defense was to blame for Sanchez coughing up a fumble for a touchdown. Credit where it's due to Wilson, at least he stepped it up enough at the end so this time we don't have to hear for years why a loss had nothing to do with the QB's poor play. Here's hoping we continue to see dramatic improvements from here.
  3. This random old guy playing QB for the Bucs is a real JAG, huh?
  4. So are we still going to argue that this team is actually overflowing with super secret talent?
  5. You have to feel for the Saints on this one. Minnesota on the other hand, was just kind of there.
  6. Holy sh*t... that was nearly an unbelievably amazing play. Didn't stay in bounds, but damn.
  7. Oh, my bad, forgot MIN was so uselessly incompetent on that drive they missed the XP, so in fairness MIN 22 - REFS 6
  8. I now want Cousins to throw a pick-6 to end this game, just to bring balance back to the ridiculousness of how this game is currently wrapping up.
  9. It's been bad for many years, but it's so unbelievably bad this year that these days you hear the networks' retired refs, who are essentially paid to tell fans why their old co-workers are justified for their stupid-ass calls, now calling out bad calls left and right in pretty much every game you watch these days. Of course to your point, that's part of the problem when there's literally zero accountability.
  10. The officiating in this game is outright criminal. The Vikings did literally nothing to deserve a single point on that drive.
  11. Not much in Hoboken is really college kids, as Stevens is hardly a "party school". The biggest draw for them is probably 8th Street or for the kids coming from elsewhere the places directly next to the PATH (Texas Arizona, Green Rock). Once you get further into Hoboken that mostly goes away. Willie's can get a somewhat younger crowd (mid-20s and up) depending on what night you're thinking, but still doesn't usually get too crazy and is a lot bigger than most Hoboken bars, so rarely gets packed. If you go there though, and for any reason you aren't loving it, a few backup options that are stumbling distance from Willie's would be Grand Vin, which is an older crowd and more about cocktails (but much smaller), and Finnegan's which is an Irish pub (although a place I can still never figure out the formula between when it's dead and when packed).
  12. I'll have you know, I've actually moved 3 full blocks since you were here. You're right though, this town has definitely grown up quite a bit over the years, which has kind of worked out. In terms of what's still around that you'll remember, there's always Robongi. @New York Mick did you have anything in particular you were thinking in terms of style of food? The only problem is with most places in Hoboken not being particularly big, there's not a ton of options with private rooms. If you're looking for something by the PATH, Brass Rail springs to mind. On the total opposite end of town is Carpe Diem, a personal favorite. I know both have private rooms, but they're mostly (albeit good) bar-type food. Lola's is a nice tapas place, which I've heard has a private area, but I've admittedly never seen it. If you have something particular in mind though, let me know and I might be able to come up with other ideas.
  13. Yeah, if this does come back as a concussion I think the NFLPA is going to lose it's sh*t in a very public way. They don't do that often, but this is a case the overwhelming majority of public will be on their side. Odds are the Dolphins will fire the team doctors as soon as this starts to escalate, and try to throw them under the bus for being solely to blame, but the team and NFL are still going to get a ton of sh*t, and quite deservedly. Doctors could also get themselves hit with medical malpractice depending on what comes of this. What a sh*t show.
  14. Apparently the Cowboys got 2-minute game planning advice from the Browns.
  15. Giants are extremely lucky to not be getting blown out right now.
  16. Nothing tells the story of the Jets better than the argumentative outburst being over which unit of the defense is more desperate for help, the pass rush that never gets there or the coverage that's always getting beat. Next week, the battle can turn to the offensive side when the incompetent OL gets upset as keeping TEs and HBs in to help them block results in a triple-covered Wilson and every other WR blanketed.
  17. While certainly true from a purely financial perspective, NFL front offices throughout the league, even beyond just the Jets, have shown time and time again an inability to act with that mindset. It often becomes far more of a concern about PR than it does the true cap implications to many. Regardless of whether it should have an impact on roster decisions, Mosley already having a hit on next year's cap definitely increases the odds of him making the team. Assuming the Jets don't have themselves a new GM in this coming offseason (hardly a guarantee), moves will undoubtedly be scrutinized and therefore that means additional motivation to handle things differently, whether that's keeping Mosley over another fringe player who can be cut with little-to-no cap hit, or working to renegotiate his deal for next year instead of outright cutting him.
  18. For all the achilles excuses, the guy is exactly the same now as what he was throughout his time in Cincy, a player who "almost" gets there many times, but very rarely actually gets there in the end. It's the reason why they let him walk for nothing, and a premier position like pass rusher couldn't get any more than a 3-year deal in FA. While he has averaging 5 sacks per season, the Jets were getting more out of the likes of Jordan Jenkins and Henry Anderson during that stretch. It's just continuing the longstanding trend of this team heavily investing in a DL that's "solid" but ultimately a very poor ROI.
  19. Douglas was getting fawned over by many from day one, despite nothing having happened at that point to justify it. Extremely little has been done since then to change that, other than excessive praise of completely unproven decisions followed by the same laundry list of excuses given to the newest guy arbitrarily deemed to be the blameless for his own failures. At this point, it really is little more than Bowles/Maccagnan Part Deux, we just have to hope this team is smart enough to have learned something from that, regardless of how some may be so adamant about repeating the same exact mistakes.
  20. Give it a few weeks, and I'm sure there will be plenty of people around here quite willing to argue that.
  21. At first glance I thought it said "It's A Really Stupid Fan Base" and I was thinking damn, he figured us all out quick, huh?
  22. Yeah, even if you want to make the excuse that they assumed it was clear they were bleeding the clock and expected the players to handle it as such, then still the moment Hunt rant out of bounds the very first time, the HC, OC, and RB coach should have all been tearing him a new one, and not casually just watching the repetition of the same mistakes right in front of them.
  23. Funny thing is those blaming Chubb would probably be doing the same if he went down at the 1, but the ensuing play saw a mishandled snap lead to a scoop and score from the Jets and an eventual win. In that case it would be a blame for not "icing the game" by going up 2 scores.
  24. Worse yet is that was the second time Hunt ran out of bonds to stop the clock for the Jets. I can get that Chubb isn't necessarily completely blameless, but he's a rather ridiculous scapegoat when it's their best player getting blamed for the complete incompetence of many other players and all of the coaches.
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