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  1. In fairness, he did seem to choose his words carefully and did not say as a starter. If you compare him to the piles of hot garbage throughout depth charts in the NFL who can't even get onto the field, including all of the guys on the Jets who were incapable of beating him out for the job, he may not be completely wrong. It's like saying "I am at or above average of those in this room at not crapping myself" when it's half-filled with newborns.
  2. And Mangini failed in NE, failed worse of the two in NY, failed in CLE, and failed in SF. How's that better? Not one single person actually employed by the NFL seems to be convinced that it is. There's no more to this laughable theory of Mangini being super secret GM in hiding than Jets fans (in fairness, often deservedly) hating someone more the longer they are with the team. However, there are some that then become desperate to give any shred bit of credit for others' work to those here the shortest amount of time, purely out of spite. It becomes only more suspect when you look over the 2010 lineup and realize most were actually brought in before (Cotchery, Moore, Ellis, Pouha, Thomas) or after (Sanchez, LT/Greene, Edwards, Holmes, Slauson, Scott, Cromartie, Leonhard, Pool) Mangini's time. In the end, the Jets were far more successful with Herm and Rex than they were with Mangini, despite the Tanny/Bradway front office combo running things for all 3 of them (until the 2 years of the immortal John Idzik). That doesn't mean Tanny is deserving of any praise, but it does nothing to change the fact that Mangini was a failure in every capacity except the work of complete fiction by some around here.
  3. Always gotta love the desperate need for some to baselessly credit Mangini for any minor thing Tanny actually did right, while conveniently absolving him of all that went wrong. You know, the same Mangini who failed at everything before, after, and during his time with the Jets.
  4. Leave it to Jamal to use the success of someone else to hashtag himself with his self-given nickname.
  5. Bowles was always a lock to get another head coaching gig. It's certainly well deserved and wish him the best. I can't see how any Jets fans could still reasonably try to convince themselves he was anywhere close to this team's biggest problem, considering what miserable failures everyone who Maccagnan saddled him with have been, even throughout the rest of the league, with many actually being at their best under Bowles. There are numerous circumstances that made it very much his time to go when he did, but it was immediately apparent that pretty much the entire league had more faith in Bowles than everything else going on around him, and he'd get his shot again. Now here's hoping he forces Brady back into retirement and then goes on to enjoy his own success.
  6. Folks around here get the weirdest infatuations with some terrible players. It brings into question any supposed amazing length strength when a guy can't hit a damn thing outside of 40 yards. I have little doubt every kicker in the league could put more power behind it if blasting the ball as hard as they possibly could with little regard for accuracy. No idea why anyone would ever think a kicker who went from bad in college to worse in the NFL would suddenly have the light turn on. It's good that they brought in competition at the position, and even better that it came at the expense of the guy who only hit 68% of his kicks for the Jets, not the one who hit 100%. They can even continue to look a the undrafted rookie pool of kickers when the time comes, but I already consider it progress they're not doubling down on another from the continually growing list of JD's failures at the position.
  7. About half of that list we would be very displeased with if they were the Jets QB, at least as anything more than a stopgap. The bigger question for the team will be whether they can get their own crap together, far more than worries about some of the mediocre opposing QBs. Besides, in the majority of instances of the Jets having any degree of success in their history, it typically came in spite of a nearly guaranteed disadvantage at QB.
  8. Two pages in and we've yet to have anyone post a list of 15 players that the Jets actually previously drafted in the first round? I'm not mad... just disappointed.
  9. It's a solid move as when you're talking FA, this is by no measure a huge deal. Not necessarily the answer for the team, but certainly an upgrade for one of the Jets' greatest weaknesses for a very long time. This move at least makes TE less of a desperation need than it was yesterday, which is a key to FA, if only to keep you from desperately reaching in the draft. For how much some may want the Jets to go TE in the 2nd, that's not the kind of mindset a team should ever have. If the way the board falls they have a few TEs with 3rd round grades, or a LB or DB with a 1st round grade that slipped all sitting there, they can't get themselves obsessed with only one position, and Uzomah at least helps make it easier not to. However, this also is far from stopping the team from continuing to do plenty more at the position, if they find others that they like.
  10. Getting nothing on the first guess is always brutal, but at least that turned around quickly. Wordle 260 3/6
  11. Well that seems excessively insulting of Barrett.
  12. Should we start up a gofundme to sponsor, once he's served his time, that he must return as War Frog?
  13. I guess in fairness, Pennington did at least have the consideration to stay away for much longer stretches during their respective annual inabilities to even attempt to play football. So that's... something? It really comes down to everyone's own personal preference on brand of psychological torture.
  14. I had no friggin clue where this was going for a while there. Wordle 258 5/6
  15. The first guess seemed so huge... until I found there's far more words than I ever realized with those last 3 letters. Wordle 254 5/6
  16. Yeah, I've definitely had numerous instances of guessing every slight variation of the nearly completed word wrong until barely getting it at 6.
  17. Wordle 253 3/6 Despite how close I got on the second guess, I feel like I had to stare at the available letters way too long to finally piece it together.
  18. Yeah, that makes no sense. By that logic, if a game decided by a single score can be arbitrarily considered a win for the losing team, then you could use the same logic to argue that the Jets were similarly close, if not closer, to being a 0 win team. "Only" 8 games of the season being complete blowout losses is not exactly a ringing endorsement for a team.
  19. Well the first guess definitely helped a bit. Wordle 252 3/6
  20. Or in honor of your savior, you can instead argue for years about how much you could've theoretically kicked everyone's asses if only you hadn't broke every bone in your hand when barely connecting on your first swing.
  21. The Jets have always shown a great willingness to regularly have many of their holes filled by other teams.
  22. I was seriously just running out of letters. Wordle 250 5/6
  23. You have no idea. The immediate influx of Tebow zealots who otherwise knew nothing about the Jets was totally intolerable. The most gratifying moment of that season was their tears when he was skipped over for the immortal Greg McElroy.
  24. Ah yes, the cycle of JN's most popular blithering tale: Jets' failures must be destined for greatness with another team, until that never actually comes to fruition, which is then still entirely the Jets fault, even in their absence. It certainly can't ever possibly be that the reality of the player somehow aligns with all of the evidence surrounding their play.
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