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  1. Wow, that's crazy. So much pointless drama.
  2. Or my personal favorite: asterisknation.com
  3. Wow, it's weird to see that spelled out and not just as *********.
  4. Your account isn't banned, just your IP.
  5. Ah yes... militia. Sounds kind of powerful. Still doesn't hold a candle to the greatest message board acronym of all time: S.C.R.A.M.
  6. Fair enough, I try to consider myself a "realist" as well, just often people interpret that as a "hater". I pretty much agree with you on everything as far as Chad, although I don't have much hope that the offseason will do much for his arm, as it was never that impressive to begin with. As far as jensen, my problem isn't a difference of opinion (half the fun is arguing with people on these boards anyway). My problem is that his arguments lack any sort of logic or evidence of football knowledge and then he runs off and acts like a coward, refusing to ever respond to someone when they rip apart his flimsy arguments. Add that to his undying need to constantly bash Mangini and express his man-crush on Herm and I find him to be the biggest troll I've ever encountered (TX included). P.S. You guys ever heard of a chowd named MACPAC? Just looking for a heads up.
  7. You remember the new acronym they came up with for us "haters" the other day? I remember it being mildly entertaining.
  8. That may very well be the last thing I could ever possibly want to see. I am hoping beyond all hope that the Colts light the Patsies up on Sunday. Vinny does not deserve a ring at all, getting it as a Patriot would just be the most sickening thought possible.
  9. BTW, I need to ask. Is my good friend rajensen088 a frequent poster here? If so, I may not be able to cotninue my time here. I want to kill him enough as it is on one site, I couldn't handle being on another with him.
  10. That's not an option. Vinny the Int was the inspiration for the birth of the Bermuda Triangle (well, him and SAR).
  11. I'm still trying to figure out where I can fit Penny-Boy into the Bermuda Triangle of Jets QBs.
  12. You know what they say: snitches get stitches.
  13. This is going to be the quietest day in JI history. No 16 or SBIII? Wow.
  14. I think it's going to be necesarry for me to come around here on a semi-regular basis, just to keep you in check. After all, you need someone to remind you that Vinny sucks royally.
  15. F' that... my public enemy #1 is jensen. My life's work will be complete if I can either get him to actually debate something (and thus, completely own him) or have him banned from every Jets message board (or at least any ones I will ever view).
  16. Haha, yeah, **** happens. I haven't been too bad, the LNC has certainly died down quite a bit with your sudden departure, and 16's leave won't help matters either. How about you? P.S. Mohr is a little bitch. I figure it's not too long before I join the ranks of the banned, as I've made it my goal to trash him and rajensen (that gutless coward is unfortunately back) every time I have the opportunity. I figure sooner or later it'll catch up to me.
  17. I can't believe I actually just went through and read this entire thread. Just goes to show you I really will read anything link in the LNC. Anyway... dis is a shout-out to all muh dead posta's.
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