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  1. D-BOW!!! At least SOMEBODY is decidedly to play today!
  2. Good God, jump on a ball. 5 ****ing fumbles and you recover 1?!?!
  3. Is it bad that I'm totally expecting the 9ers to go for it and get it?
  4. Don't be silly. The defense actually did something in that game.
  5. God I wish there was a WR who could actually get downfield.
  6. There we go D!!! Thats what we needed to start the half. Big props for coming out hot.
  7. Lowery keeping up with his man. That's a pleasant surprise.
  8. Perhaps the flaw in your logic is the assumption that there is no internet access in the loony bin.
  9. I'm still not convinced Pennington can win a December game in the Meadowlands. He didn't do it in 6 years, whats going to change now? Other than that though, I sadly agree with your sentiment.
  10. The Jets crappy D better not let up any points on this first drive. That would be very bad.
  11. See what happens when you get pressure? That's a good thing.
  12. Or the inability to make a play even when the player is well covered.
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