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  1. I was seriously just running out of letters. Wordle 250 5/6
  2. You have no idea. The immediate influx of Tebow zealots who otherwise knew nothing about the Jets was totally intolerable. The most gratifying moment of that season was their tears when he was skipped over for the immortal Greg McElroy.
  3. Ah yes, the cycle of JN's most popular blithering tale: Jets' failures must be destined for greatness with another team, until that never actually comes to fruition, which is then still entirely the Jets fault, even in their absence. It certainly can't ever possibly be that the reality of the player somehow aligns with all of the evidence surrounding their play.
  4. They were certainly successful after they left, but also among the Jets' very best players while on the team, considering Vilma, Abraham, and Williams all made the Pro Bowl during their time here, and Abraham was even an All-Pro. That's a bit different than the idea of Jets busts going on to have success elsewhere, which historically has been very rare. The team just happens to be quite efficient at often drafting players who suck regardless of where they go, or who coaches them. Mims doesn't come close to comparing to any of those players mentioned to this point. Becton is likely to be more of a health/conditioning concern than anything, so who knows what will come of that.
  5. How much sarcasm really though? Those destined for greatness elsewhere often gets claimed when folks want to fawn over a Jets' failure, but has there been anyone more recent than James Farrior where that actually happened? We had to most recently hear from some about the pending greatness of Darnold in Carolina, and all saw how that worked out. Becton might be a bit of a wait and see, primarily for health reasons, but Mims is simply Chris Herndon 2.0, a couple of mediocre guys some became undeservedly hung up on after grading them on an excessively generous rookie curve.
  6. Teams may draft to fit scheme in the late rounds, because that's when looking at those players with more weaknesses and fewer strengths, so trying to pick out those a team feels like they can better utilize. However, if a GM is seriously making a selection at the top of the first for a player that he believes to be purely a scheme fit, then he's totally unqualified for the job. It would have to be considered a bad pick regardless, but it's apparently then a question of whether knowingly making a bad pick, which should hardly be viewed as an improvement.
  7. There is nothing more constant around these parts than the endlessly ridiculous narratives that are entirely dependent on the NFL GM being the most completely useless and meaningless job in all of the world. They apparently never actually do a single relevant thing themselves, considering it must always be the coach deserving all of the credit or blame, which mysteriously even shifts from one year to the next, depending on how it fits the revised storyline. Less than a year ago many were trying to carry JD on their shoulders for the very same decisions he now supposedly is entirely blameless for when it doesn't work out. Certainly convenient.
  8. There's a very real chance Moore and Davis could be the only Jets WRs coming back next year, in which case at the right price I'd take him back as part of the rotation, but he'd be very, very far from being their answer at the position. He would be more of a Cole replacement than anything else.
  9. If your objectivity were as true as you claim, then you wouldn't be seriously trying to equate your insistence for a 5-yard dead ball penalty to a non-call that was the direct cause of a 75-yard TD. Yet the Bengals still actually had a chance to get a stop after that play, including extra chances given with the Rams' TD on the next play being called back, which you seem to have no great issue with. Your argument is also dependent on the assumption that the Rams would have been incapable of converting on the following play (or within 2 plays if called for your false start) despite Kupp roasting the Bengals on each of the 3 non-QB-sneak plays that followed. Don't get me wrong, I can totally understand Bengals fans being unhappy about it, and as any team's fans would be in their shoes, but the concept of this being some great travesty is rather heavily reliant on ignoring the overwhelming majority of the game.
  10. This was an odd progression of guesses. Wordle 241 4/6
  11. Yeah, I had something totally different in my head for a while based on what I was getting. Wordle 239 4/6
  12. I saw the rest of this post going in a totally different direction than it did.
  13. I'm just going to assume this whole thread is a joke, making it at least amusing and not mind-numbing.
  14. Oh definitely, I was not expecting what I got back on the first guess. That made all of the difference, and left me thinking for a little while.
  15. This right here, was definitely my peak of productivity for this weekend... Wordle 238 2/6
  16. Can we just do this Price is Right style and I'll bid $1?
  17. Well thankfully it just stays in Vegas, right?
  18. Agreed on both counts. In regards to the idea of a "loser's tournament" the NFLPA would never agree to that, and they certainly shouldn't. For the playoffs, the 7th seeds this year were a complete joke, and played a large part in the wild card round being one of the very worst weeks of football (while thankfully divisional and championship rounds dramatically improved). Adding 8th seeds would be a horrible idea from the point of both being wildly undeserved and a detriment to the game. At that point you're well on your way to just having a longer preseason determine seeding for a league-wide tournament as your season.
  19. Write-in vote: Fant, George
  20. I was like "this is so stupid", but then I was like... Wordle 229 4/6
  21. At this stage there's little doubt the narcissistic psychopath is just desperately working to make everything all about himself for as long as possible, regardless of what he actually ends up doing.
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