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  1. Your QB can't throw and your RBs can't run? No worries, the QB will just run.
  2. Looks like they're having camera feed issues, considering they're only sticking with the one wide shot.
  3. No, your point doesn't hold at all, given the consistent evaluations of Wilson being a poor QB are due to little more than his continuously televised failures at throwing of the forward pass. That tends not to hold well with some, considering the evidence suggests this is likely to be another instance of an otherwise talented Jets teams getting held back by their most recent miss at the game's most important position, a consistent issue that has been this team's greatest Achilles heel for decades.
  4. Now allow me to explain in great detail why I fundamentally disagree.....
  5. Heinicke definitely knew what he was doing, but he also wasn't wrong in terms of the rules. Kind of difficult to feel any pity for the Eagles considering their prior drive only ever happened because of a BS call to give them another chance, yet they immediately failed with that opportunity.
  6. Although as a side note, considering it happened in regulation, didn't the refs drop the ball there in that Wash still should've been up for a PAT there? Not that it makes any difference at all in this game, but regardless of the clock having run out, it's only in OT that there's no attempt after the game-winning TD.
  7. Somewhere out there, in seemingly the dumbest move imaginable, someone started the Wash D in fantasy football and just got themselves a game-winning TD.
  8. Wash D is not f'n around.
  9. Refs were definitely going to make sure Eagles got at least one more drive.
  10. Yeah, makes sense for Rodgers (and the entire GB offense) to have his best game of the year immediately after I decided he was no longer even worth a bench spot in fantasy.
  11. With the Bills losing today and the Dolphins on a bye next week, the Jets can take over 1st place in the AFC East with a win over NE next week. I will freely admit, I never would have guessed that before this season began.
  12. NFL doesn't know what to do with themselves without the Jets... I guess that's understandable.
  13. Cowboys/Packers being the only game available to watch right now is just cruel and unusual.
  14. With Dolphins on their bye next week, that means Jets will now be playing to take over the lead of the AFC East.... wow.
  15. Was that consensual with Campbell though?
  16. Well Bills are gonna win this one, huh?
  17. Now the Vikings D needs to not sh*t their pants... which they probably will
  18. Their center f'ed that up bad... late on the snap and then had no idea where to block.
  19. Holy sh*t Jefferson is friggin ridiculous.
  20. Yeah, they seriously better throw that flag.
  21. I think the highlight of this season may very well turn out to be McDaniels getting sh*t-canned in under a year.
  22. The officiating has gotten so bad that now every week the same CBS and Fox guys who for years were paid to just make excuses for the sh*tty officiating are now calling out how awful it is over and over again. Unreal.
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