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  1. It being the center of all positions is really the most unfathomable part of it. How the hell does he not know the play??
  2. Come on, everyone knows he's one of the league's best at not getting sacks. Gotta respect that kind of game.
  3. Was Njoku thinking he's playing for the Jets for a second there?
  4. The Jets TE position is still a mess, despite what a huge upgrade it was looking like it could be for this year.
  5. Alright, a bad drive from the D for a while there, but a very nice step up all around at the end there.
  6. Yeah, Sauce getting hurt sounds about right for the Jets.
  7. Nice play by the coverage unit, but that was a little scary what a ridiculous line drive that was on the kickoff.
  8. Seeing the Bucs getting shut out in the first half makes me feel the slightest sympathy for Bowles, but greatly laugh at the misfortunes of Brady, so that's nice at least.
  9. Yeah, they almost played it like a Hail Mary defense, as if there's no way anyone could possibly catch a ball short of the endzone.
  10. So is the Jets new team philosophy that one unit gets to show up each week? Next week special teams gets their golden opportunity!
  11. NFL thought there was something wrong with the feed when a successful Jets offensive play was shown.
  12. Oh yeah, screw Flacco and I'm not defending him, but the topic of Jets' incompetence at QB is like debating if water is wet.
  13. That's a cop-out though. Becton is a failure on JD's part, and he did nothing about it. Later repeating the past idiocy of signing an over-the-hill, semi-retired player last minute and it not working out, isn't an excuse for him, it's a further example of his incompetence.
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