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  1. That's certainly believable. I just knew the concept of his percentage being league worst by 25% was just obviously ridiculously impossible.
  2. The first part isn't even possible, so not sure where you're getting that from. As far as the second, that's just a mindset of confirmation bias, of why it must be worse when it happens to Wilson as opposed to everyone else, solely to fit a narrative.
  3. Yeah, they're definitely the least unlikable of the division rivals, but I'll still always root against them if they're playing anyone but the Pats or Fins.
  4. It'd be great if Beli gets destroyed today and then Brady tomorrow (as unlikely as that may be). That's about as much as we could ask for in this wild card round. Bills then proceeding to get blown out next week would be a nice addition as well.
  5. Seriously. I will freely admit Allen was the dead last person I wanted the Jets to take that year, but at this point no one can deny what he's shown these past 2 years. The only problem with the Allen "debate" is when people try to use what is the massive outlier that his career is, especially after what he did his first 2 seasons, in order to push some totally unrelated narrative about other completely different players.
  6. Unquestionably a few bad drops in there, but also some pretty bad throws shown that are a bit much to be trying to celebrate Wilson for. Drops happen throughout the NFL and the Jets certainly weren't the worst in that regard, so unless anyone wants to go through and give the rest of the league's QBs extra credit for their drops too, let's not pretend like that does anything to change what actually happened. Guys like Allen and Herbert actually had it worse, but seemed to somehow manage.
  7. Bills D really sh*tting their pants so far tonight........... or not lol
  8. I really want both of these teams to lose, but since that's unfortunately not an option, I guess as the lesser of two evils, I can deal with the Bills being the ones to not lose, with the hope that they'll then get blown out next week to help make up for it.
  9. Perhaps because it's been endlessly talked about all week regarding the decades it's been since a playoff win?
  10. How "real" of playoff teams were the Jets, Texans, and Chargers though? Bengals still couldn't beat any of them.
  11. So if the Bungles end up tearing the Raiders a new one here, which is looking likely at this rate, does that finally put an end to the excuse-making that it was supposedly not Marvin Lewis' fault that he was the worst playoff coach in league history?
  12. Definitely, one way or another the league will have the Jets in the headlines.
  13. I can freely admit my response to that scenario would be nothing more than "sucks for the rest of you, doesn't it?"
  14. Yeah, there is unfortunately some definite truth to that. While they're not going to get the slightest bit of help when things are going poorly (which is sadly very often), the NFL has showed on more than one occasion that if the Jets get rolling, they are more than happy to go all in on hyping them up big time and clearly think they could cash in on it. Some of the more recent (but not that recent) circumstances were both the Favre-led Jets, particularly when coming off back-to-back wins over the Pats and 10-0 Titans, and the 2010 "can't wait" playoff run, as there were no teams out there being more talked about at those times, to the point of regular discussions of a long-term franchise and the potential for rings. Unfortunately, it always seemed to quickly fall apart, but it's likely the NFL would be thrilled to let it happen one day, they're just clearly not going to waste any of their own time and effort on it until the Jets can prove themselves even slightly capable of pulling it off.
  15. Except it's another example of continued front office incompetence. It would have cost nothing if not for JD completely lacking any degree of foresight that everyone else paying the slightest bit of attention to this team had known for 6+ months before that was a need. There was also no "crisis" at the position, as all it took was a short-term injury to their rookie QB for him to go in a complete panic mode about his apparent complete lack of faith in his own hand-picked #2 and #3 QBs.
  16. Agree to an extent, but Sanchez and that situation is also the perfect example of why they never should have stopped looking for a QB even when they brought him in. There's a middle-ground somewhere between the opposite extremes of taking a QB at the very top of the draft and pretty much refusing to do anything meaningful at the position. They can continue to try to build up the overall team while not stopping the endless search for their QB until finally finding one, even if they're not spending quite as much to do so. However, the reality of the situation is the team has been actively trying to build up the rest of the team for many years now, it's simply that they've failed at their attempts to address many other positions in the same way they have QB.
  17. Definitely this. While the defense was of course a mess overall, a lot of that had to do with a lack of talent, so one of the biggest shortcomings this year was definitely the scheme's poor utilization of Fatukasi. With that said, in fairness he is also not exactly the kind of guy you go out of your way to build your defense around either. It's likely that both sides are ready to part ways at this point, as I'm sure there's better fits out there this coming offseason for both him and the Jets.
  18. They weren't in kneel-down formation. They needed one more play regardless, and it was obviously going to be a run play, which was what they did anyway. Do you honestly believe if the Raiders had gained the same # of yards on their original playcall before the TO, they would've refused to attempt the FG and voluntarily get themselves lower seeding?
  19. Yeah, the fact that they let the game clock run to under 40 showed both sides were willing to let the clock run out. Chargers were just trying to make sure they didn't let the Raiders sneak into scoring range, which they of course failed at anyway.
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