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  1. Ooohhhh, is that why there haven't been more recent claims against Ben?
  2. I very seriously doubt that timeout changed a damn thing for what the Raiders were doing. It was a run call either way, and regardless of the TO, if the play got them into FG range they were attempting that kick. If they got held to 4th down, that's when the game was over.
  3. Steelers are a bunch of lucky ****ers.
  4. I'm going to laugh hysterically if this kick is missed or blocked, but of course not returned.
  5. Raiders will bleed it down to 3 secs and line up for FG.
  6. WTF is even going on right now? lol Chargers just want to make sure they don't lose the game on this play, just in case the Raiders get aggressive.
  7. If I had to guess, Raiders will try to get into FG range and just make the kick attempt with no time left on the clock.
  8. I'll stop thinking I have a clue what's going on in this game.
  9. The Raiders could have just lost themselves the game on that big loss.
  10. The concept of the full game being a completely deliberate tie was never going to happen, but right now I would not even be slightly shocked to see if the Raiders try to move the ball, but go out of their way to keep the clock running the whole drive.
  11. The Steelers are crying like little bitches right now. lol
  12. The defender was there early, that should've been PI.
  13. Chargers start milking the clock here? Of course they go for a TD if they can get it, but this tie sh*t is getting real.
  14. Holy sh*t, what a play. And they're already in FG territory.
  15. Chargers really don't like doing anything on 1st through 3rd downs, huh?
  16. Wow, great way to start the drive..... or not.
  17. As much as I was a total nonbeliever in this tie concept, if the Raiders get held to a FG here, and then the Chargers drive back for a FG of their own, if you're the Raiders and get the ball back with under a minute left on the clock, it'd be really tough to not just bleed out the clock.
  18. Not going for 2, huh? lol Steelers and their fans are crying to themselves right now.
  19. That's what you get for playing as the Jets.
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