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  1. Carter looked good as a runner, pass game was nonexistent (terrible protection, nothing from Flacco).
  2. The beauty of coming in with zero expectations, is this team is already outperforming what I thought. Now let's see if anyone on the offense not named Carter can do something this time around.
  3. Mosley continuing his efficiency at wracking up those tackles after the first down.
  4. Well they did get one whole first down, so that's something.
  5. Breaking news, ball has been kicked off and Jets are still somehow undefeated. More to come.
  6. This was obviously the very first name that sprung to everyone's mind when reevaluating the final roster and concluding they were "missing a tackle".
  7. I'm pretty sure there would be riots.
  8. It's just a damn shame that the coach who sucked at coaching was actually a double-secret-probation mega-GM in hiding, who picked only the good players, until the NFL's secret blood cult collectively conspired against him.
  9. Good point, clearly your revisionist history about Mangini isn't due to your nonsensically obsessive pairing of him with Rex. Not much of a foot guy, I take it.
  10. The 2007 draft still had nothing in common with the 2006 draft. That was what you originally claimed, and is wrong. Of course, if you're now talking about a subset of select individual players, please feel free to touch on the manner in which that "trend" of cherry picking is further supported by the 2008 draft. Of course, that has always been the moment your argument again blows like the wind, which is common for revisionist history written up years later. Although I do suppose it makes perfect sense that Mangini was the only person in the entire NFL who knew the secret mysteries of Revis, just as long as we disregard that insignificant little part where the player guru and defensive mastermind had no understanding of his strengths nor how to use him for the next 2 years. Although I'm sure he did have lots of spare time for scouting, what with all the free time he had thanks to the lack of coaching he apparently did.
  11. Except you essentially proved the point, considering that's an inaccurate claim that's no more than repetition of your own past confirmation biases. The 2006 offseason is the only outlier for that entire period, for a laundry list of reasons beyond any one person, while 2007 and 2008 were both far more similar in their approach to the years that followed than either were to 2006. Meanwhile, nothing I said actually referenced Rex, but not so coincidentally he is all you and @T0mShane ever think about when Mangini's name is mentioned. Hatred for Rex is simply the reason for your need to rewrite history years later to fit a new narrative, as Mangini was only retroactively decided to be responsible for entirely new things for the first time ever once Tanny and Rex had far more time to outstay their welcomes. Don't get me wrong, screw both Tanny and Rex, but no matter how long the list may be of things to hate them for, it doesn't change the reality that all evidence throughout the entirety of Mangini's career have shown him to be a constant failure at what his job actually was in the real world, not the fantasy land that's dependent on things like league-wide conspiracy theories just so you can add extra items onto the list to hate others for. Don't worry, their lists of incompetence are all already long when even simply based on reality.
  12. Further proof that the primary basis for many fans opinions of ex-Jets is how long they were around being a failure, to have the hatred grow. Mangini himself had little-to-no measurable success throughout his entire coaching career, so there's a game of make-believe to credit him for the work of anyone else, including before and after his time, to excuse the pointless adoration of a guy who failed miserably at the job he was paid to do. Let's ignore the peak 2010 roster having been significant overhauled by then, with a minimal number of players having come in during the short window Mangini was here, not being the GM but instead causing problems with the players. It's certainly interesting how some start to believe works of fiction around here for no reason than their own repetition of it.
  13. You know, I was actually starting to get worried that Mosely hadn't yet been paid for enough years of doing absolutely nothing for the Jets.
  14. The Jets waived players would totally dominate the 1600s!
  15. Streveler, the greatest not-top-1700 player the NFL ever saw.
  16. Can I offer up my own take, and suggest that the Jets really proved themselves to have almost every single player of theirs totally capable of being the 51st to 53rd best players on a team? Nah, I'm (mostly) kidding....... I think.
  17. Yeah, everyone can clearly see Bowles Saleh is at fault for any disliked decision, and only those, as the blame certainly cannot be on the GM genius of Maccagnan Douglas!
  18. This thread is once again reminding us all, for the Jets it's actually the 4th string QB who is the most popular guy in town. The freak-outs that occur this time of year are one of the greatest constants in team history, perhaps behind only the team's continual sucking at playing football of course.
  19. What about Matt Simms though?
  20. It's always inspiring when a team's starters have such struggles against another crappy team's 2s and 3s.
  21. No team in their right mind would offer a damn thing for him, considering he's highly questionable to even make the roster. The best they could hope for is one of those meaningless trades this time of year done in order to skip waiver order, like a conditional 7th or swap for another team's own bust about to be cut. He and his agent probably would've been better served keeping their mouths shut for just one more week.
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