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  1. Can I offer up my own take, and suggest that the Jets really proved themselves to have almost every single player of theirs totally capable of being the 51st to 53rd best players on a team? Nah, I'm (mostly) kidding....... I think.
  2. Yeah, everyone can clearly see Bowles Saleh is at fault for any disliked decision, and only those, as the blame certainly cannot be on the GM genius of Maccagnan Douglas!
  3. This thread is once again reminding us all, for the Jets it's actually the 4th string QB who is the most popular guy in town. The freak-outs that occur this time of year are one of the greatest constants in team history, perhaps behind only the team's continual sucking at playing football of course.
  4. What about Matt Simms though?
  5. It's always inspiring when a team's starters have such struggles against another crappy team's 2s and 3s.
  6. No team in their right mind would offer a damn thing for him, considering he's highly questionable to even make the roster. The best they could hope for is one of those meaningless trades this time of year done in order to skip waiver order, like a conditional 7th or swap for another team's own bust about to be cut. He and his agent probably would've been better served keeping their mouths shut for just one more week.
  7. The first two choices on the list are those I probably despise most in league history, so that's something I guess.
  8. I don't doubt that, but playing the last preseason game is not often much of an endorsement. As a general rule throughout the league, those getting more playing time this week have far better odds.
  9. White getting to start the second half tells you he's all but guaranteed to have the #3 spot locked down.
  10. JD should probably be dangling Hall out there as a potential trade option to see if there's any interest based on his play last season. At best he's #4 at the position this year anyway, and what we've seen is hardly inspiring, so if they can squeeze a late pick for him, might not be a bad idea, unless of course they think the depth behind him is really that much worse.
  11. Generally threads are designed to generate replies though.
  12. Except only after picking the 10 wins, you find out that it happens over the course of the NFL's new 50-game season.
  13. That's why it's so insensitive, ya big poopy.
  14. Wow, that's very insensitive. "Baby" is not an appropriate way to reference one another.
  15. I do appreciate that some are already prepping themselves for why it's going to clearly all be the coaching staff to blame if this season goes south, as if we're not actually looking at Maccagnan/Bowles Part Deux if 2022 goes badly.
  16. The best you can hope for at this point is pretty much no one left on the field even makes the roster.
  17. They're moving the ball in the correct direction, so that's something at least.
  18. Or it's no more than a series of rather meaningless jabs some directed towards a team that's continually sucked for a very long time, that you're getting excessively worked up over. Regardless, I'm sure everyone anxiously awaits your lengthy formal doctrine on how everyone must comment on a preseason game.
  19. Safe to assume that didn't come with the guide on how not to be hyper-sensitive about even the slightest preseason criticism of a team that's sucked for over a decade?
  20. Jets are already in midseason form, you have to give them that.
  21. My favorite part of this thread is, although it spiraled out of control as we all expected, many seem to have forgotten that this came quite a bit later than that illustrious 2008 season on an offense designed to exclude the QB from plays. Rather, this right here was Chad's spectacle years later, the moment it was announced he was going to get another crack at the starting job, after having been beat out for the job by the immortal Chad Henne that season. This true class act of a hero then lasted a grand total of 2 plays into the subsequent game before his career came to crashing to an end. So in other words you could perhaps say he had one shot, one opportunity... but just let it slip.
  22. 1. Chad Pennington 2. Eric Smith 3. The overwhelming majority who ever played a snap for the Jets, excluding only about a dozen or two. 4. Chad Pennington 5. Eric Smith
  23. I'm sure the market must be hot for a man behind the curtains of juggernauts like the Jets, Jags, Lions, and Bears. Any chance the Browns are hiring? 7 years also means he had the honor of being hired in Mike Maccagnan's first year, which is about 5 years longer than most players lasted.
  24. <Insert obligatory scrotum joke here>
  25. But come on, what about 2/3 of the 2002 season, right? Not to say that the 61 TDs / 51 INTs in the 54 games that followed wasn't also truly breathtaking. 1.1 TD and 1 INT per game are what QB dreams are made of.
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