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  1. When did they kill off Nightcrawler? He was one of my favorites growing up.
  2. Happy Birthday Jetsrule128/IdahoJetsfan
  3. I didn't realize the Crusher became a mod. Congrats!!
  4. Not hot, but i would still bone her!
  5. My family and I are doing well. I live in St. Bethlehem(Clarksville, TN) and didn't experience any flooding beside a big rut in my driveway. The rain was unbelievable and now we have a countywide curfew. Riverside Drive is completely underwater(pics below). I hope you and your family are staying dry as well. C&S Auto on Riverside Kickers/Convergys HI/LO Gas Station(the only gas station in town that has someone pump your gas) State Farm Office Overhead shot of Riverside(the big dry parking lot is Big Lots) McDonalds Shoney's Exxon Station Opry Mills Mall in Nashville Opryland Hotel in Nashville
  6. Congrats Kleck. It will be 3 years in May for me after 20 years of smoking. Keeping the weight down is a battle for me now.
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