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  1. very classy post!!! give this man an award!
  2. this is true. Vinny only went to the pro bowl twice and he played 20 years!!!
  3. you do realize that his team beat your team in the AFC Championship for his team to make the big game???
  4. ahh, inspite of everything, Roethlisberger still threw a lot of TDS this year to go along with a lot of picks even though he didnt play every game. putting Young in there is a joke. Chad deserved it more, McNair deserved it more, Losman deserved it more, hell, even Jake plummer deserved it more, and Leftwich mightve even too....
  5. like i said before, he gets my vote for happy go lucky poster of the year, mate!
  6. in other words, free Jetfan16!!!!!!!!!
  7. They took the whole Cherokee Nation And put us on this reservation Took away our ways of life The tomahawk and the bow and knife They took away our native tongue And taught their English to our young And all the beads we made by hand Are nowadays made in Japan Cherokee people, Cherokee tribe So proud to live, so proud to die They took the whole Indian Nation And locked us on this reservation And though I wear a shirt and tie Im still a red man deep inside Cherokee people, Cherokee tribe So proud to live, so proud to die But maybe someday when they learn Cherokee Nation will return Will return Will return Will return Will return
  8. did you know that "jetsweenie" posts here too?
  9. Bob Seger sucks and you do for liking him. Id rather listen to Metallica and Richard Cheese. Bob Seger's no Steve Vai and didnt practice 5 hours a day to become a legendary guitarist on the level of a Steve Vai.
  10. Feb 2nd will be a year later from the Burban experience at the Harness. We got a feel for the city a year ago and will again soon. We will drive around toga and get another feel of the city regardless of anything else because this is becoming a neccessity and will not be denied. We will not walk in an empty mall , we are there to win big for once and to drive around blairing music in downtown toga. We can not be stopped and no one can ever challenge us cause what we do is better than what anyone else does.
  11. I do honk on my horn at others and trust me none wave. I get a mixed reaction but most people if anything will flip me off rather than wave. Thats alright cause i flip others off alot more and beep my horn constantly. Everyday when im driving to college i pick random cars and beep at them and NEVER get a response and wonder why. I also beep when people drive like *******s espacially those bamfs in their trucks. I always beep at these ****ers and flip them off and will continue too. But like i said before i usually beep for fun most of the time. Lately though it was been ****in weird cause when i drive in the city ive got beeped from the oncoming car like 3-4 times. Is this a result of karma or the catching on of some new natural phemnonm.
  12. Im addicted to getting a feel of the city more so at night cause you feel a better affect. Plus at night i go to the store and purchase eggs and while im driving around i pick random cars to egg and im still getting a feel of the city and getting satisfaction at the same time. One time i was lucky enough to find two **** rags riding their bikes and while i approached them i toke two eggs threw them at them and you could tell they knew it was coming but were helpless. it splattered all over their ****y bike and i spead through a light in the city going 41 in the city. My point is that was the most satisfying thing ive ever done and the fact that i got away with it makes it that much sweeter. So yes getting a feel of the city at night cant be compared with anything else.
  13. If no one knows i invented getting a feel for the city. It all started in a Feb night last year in saratoga. It was snowing out and me and my friends were driving around downtown toga after goin to the Harness and were blairing phish in a BB Art Suburban. I rowed down the window and started beasting at a group of random girls downtown and they beasted back and we drove around for hours following them. As we were driving away one girl was running towards us and we drove away and ate at tgi fridays and called it a night. Basically since then i realized and started to dedicate my life to getting a feel of citys cause you never know what will happen.
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