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  1. hehe. The reversing of another's words for sexual humor pleases me. hehe
  2. & that's your personal opinion, despite the fact that you voiced in a derogatory manner i still don't take offense to that, because like i said. its YOUR opinion. Bottom Line, no two people are the same, Bugeater likes his own music, i like my own. Its not a cultural or race thing, its a personal choice thing
  3. Music has been broken down into racial and cultural categories (i.e. Rap being Black, Rock being white, Country being for southern white etc.) I myself, am black, and truthfully mainly listen to "rap" (but not the new garbage, old school) with the exception of some RnB. I choose within myself to not listen to rock, not that i don't believe it is good music or that its for white people, just for some strange reason it doesn't appeal to me. But i hate when people categorize others by what they listen to. For example, i have a friend (whom is black) and listens to heavy amount of Rock. Everyone i know calls him a whiteboy for that, which i don't understand. Basically what i'm saying is, **** it, listen to whatever you want. I won't be the one to judge you, its music.
  4. vaughn is a man among boys out there. Guy is a 3rd 4th round player.
  5. yeah i know ive been gone for a minute but ****, why the **** is this guy back?
  6. I don't know how well he can recruit against the other SEC coaches like Nick Saban, Les Miles, Urban Meyer etc. but we'll just have to find out. People forget, he's from USC, what 5 star recruit do they NOT get?
  7. he's trying to pump up his teammates and get back into the game, its called playing with energy and intensity, you wouldn't know, you never played football, and if you did, you probably sucked
  8. I win, and damn ^^ Gabrielle Union is ****ing BEAUTIFUL oh yea.. and
  9. (PSU FAN HERE) Has rutgers won 3 games yet? PSU, not only this year, but all time, makes Rutgers look like a ****in' group 1 high school team... a "Rutgers" fan shouldn't even say the acronym PSU without bowing prior to doing so. So please, do us all a favor and shut the **** up. Rutgers is terrible and is riding high on 2 decent seasons in 110 years of football.
  10. Good win today fellas, way to get the job done.
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