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  1. The Dolphins haven't been a real rival since the '80s. Move them to the AFC South.
  2. The Johnsons need to have their Leon Hess moment and come to grips with the fact that their parade of loser GMs and Coaches isn't working and never will. Until Hess brought in Parcells and let him shop for the groceries, the Jets were in a similar pattern. Here's what I propose- do what ever it takes, by hook or by crook, to bring in a coach with an established track record (Belicheck, Tomlin, Reed) and give him the keys to everything. In Belicheck's case, get the Kraft rub and tug videos and threaten to release them, give him partial ownership, I don't care. The clown car of incompet
  3. He’s got the Todd Bowles stoic look down to a science on the sidelines.
  4. Stop it with the Mimms crap. Jerry Rice wouldn’t make a difference on this awful team.
  5. “A back breaker for the Jets”. How many times do we need to hear this?
  6. Keelan Cole was making plays all over the field last week. Why do we need this guy?
  7. Jets will be up 3-0 at halftime but in the end, it's 23-10 Denver.
  8. I got knocked out of a $1 million survivor pool on that play and I was like one of 40 left.
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