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  1. Gen X Jet

    Hackenberg Is Our Franchise QB

    Pauline called it.
  2. At least 5-11 would likely bring us a coach with more than a couple of flickering synapses for 2019. Perhaps the first offensive coach since Kotite?
  3. Gen X Jet


    Even top half of the league would suffice.
  4. Gen X Jet

    Henry Anderson

    We've been hearing that for a decade now.
  5. 3PM tomorrow: Da kid from USC bettah hope he has as good a careah as me. If so, de'll be fitting him for his jackkit. *Grins, adjusts mic*
  6. This guy and his Lil' Fella sidekick, Darron Flea need to start backing it up instead of yapping.
  7. Gen X Jet

    Report: David Bass Returning to Jets

    Ealy and ASJ- co-captains of the overrated 2017 all-JAG team.
  8. Gen X Jet

    Shaun O’Hara: Jets were losers in draft

    O'hara be drinking too much for thee
  9. Gen X Jet

    Welcome Folorunso Fatukasi

    Big Ugly? Too soon?
  10. Gen X Jet

    Draft Re-Cap

    Is the Tulane kid a Ray Mikens type? We haven’t had that In awhile.
  11. Can Mehta jump ship to the Giants beat? Better yet, can the NYDN just shut down already? Hopefully Tribune does just that.
  12. Gen X Jet

    Welcome Nathan Shepherd

    Mayock seems high on him
  13. Gen X Jet

    Giants totally muffed this one...

    Barkley will look good in Gettleman's gold Member's Only jacket when it gets cold on the sidelines in January.
  14. Petty + Bowles for a can of Bud Light and a wink.