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  1. Dez Bryant available ? 🤔

    Another veteran Bowles can bring out the best!!! Yay
  2. I’m sure Bowles will get the absolute best out of him.
  3. Giants trade JPP

    Clearing the decks for Chubb
  4. Josh Allen

    Sign me up for Allen over the California boys.
  5. Trading Up Will Happen

    The old coot on the Giants will take Nelson.
  6. Jets resign Claiborne - 1 yr 7 million

    Great move. Credit where credit is due
  7. The Real Reason Kirk Cousins isnt a Jet

    Except it's in New Jersey and the fanbase is on Long Island. Woody.
  8. The Real Reason Kirk Cousins isnt a Jet

    Manesh Mehta is a Pox on all our Jets houses. His talons are now firmly in the lame duck Todd Bowles. Just as they were with our similarly feeble minded HC Rex.
  9. Can't wait till Cousins meets Mike Pennel (after the whistle of course) when the Jets meet up with the Vikes this year.
  10. Jags sign ASJ

    Good riddance Stone Hands Sefarian. Hopefully he stays away from his old Florida demons.
  11. Breer: Plan was to tank?

    So basically Bates was promoted to get Kirk here. Now what?
  12. Wow, didn't realize Louisiana had non-unanimous criminal juries?