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  1. Wow, can we get a coach, GM, offensive line, and a top 20 defense first?
  2. I’m old enough to remember when JN posters were trashing Pepper over this article.
  3. T0m Shane put it best: JAG Plus
  4. It’s actually a reasoned article IMO. I don’t agree with it but there’s a nugget in there that pretty much confirms firing on black Monday so take what we can get I guess.
  5. Mike, the defense giving up 41 to Matt Barkley and the Bills is a-OK notwithstanding Sam's development?
  6. Gen X Jet

    The Pope calls for Arians to run the show

    Doubt Todd would want to be cuckolded by Old Man Arians. Besides neither of these guys are game changers on their respective sides of the ball.
  7. The outrage is palpable. I love it.
  8. Gen X Jet

    Damien Woody on fire.

    These aren’t the first players to quit on Bowles. Mo and Sheldon are obvious examples but there are plenty more from year’s past.
  9. A shameful decision. Maybe the plan is to lose all of their fans and move the team to London?
  10. The League Office should implement a permanent injunction of this game. Or move it to overseas and black it out on TV.
  11. Serby lights the wick: https://nypost.com/2018/11/11/fire-todd-bowles/
  12. Gen X Jet

    I hate to say, I told you so

    I just want to know why my Let’s Go Buffalo thread got locked?
  13. Will the Jets win an AFC East game this year?
  14. Is Mehta going to defend the coaching staff?

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