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  1. Should be 21 -13 after two field goals on those last two drives
  2. Again Queens-based team playing in Godforsaken Jersey will not generate meaningful attendance numbers unless the team is good.
  3. At this point have them forfeit all of their games thus far.... your 7-6 NY Jets are in the hunt!
  4. The guy said he was a Robert Kraft employee. This is a lawyered up denial. Independent Contractor = Kraft employee wearing multiple hats.
  5. The reffing in this game is absolutely horrific. What an embarrassment.
  6. Jets will beat the Fins. As a SOJF, it's the Bengals that scare me.
  7. They should play the Marshawn dancing clip on the jumbotron.
  8. I actually agree. Bet the farm on the J-E-T-S

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