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  1. Gonna have to lose that goatee if he comes here. That’s a South Jersey special.
  2. Gen X Jet

    Jordan Legget claimed by Tampa

    Bucs this year- 4-12.
  3. Gen X Jet

    Bubby Brister shovel pass video

    This, the Buttfumble and the Fake Spike should be playing at the SOJ Pantheon on repeat on very large screens.
  4. Joe Caporoso appears to have the intelligence of Green Jets and Ham (that is to say little to none).
  5. Gen X Jet

    Clayton: jets could trade Bell

    Well he did trade Ajayi
  6. Gen X Jet

    Francesa, Media on Maccagnan Firing.

    Agree. Now let’s see if he has the goods.
  7. Gen X Jet

    Francesa, Media on Maccagnan Firing.

    I beg to differ. A company man (ala Todd Bowles) gets an OC position after flaming out as HC. This move puts Gase on the put up or out of the league category.
  8. Gen X Jet

    Francesa, Media on Maccagnan Firing.

    Mike’s spot on here. Win and no one cares. Lose and Gase is out of the league in 3 years.
  9. Gen X Jet


    Aaron Maybin redux?
  10. The Bills have the best unis in the AFCE and it's not even close now that we abandoned our classics.
  11. So he looks like can join Willie Colon on the SNY Postgame.. yay. How will that translate to his play the NFL?
  12. Gen X Jet

    Gase Forcing Macc Out

    Apparently Gase, like most Jets fans, is not happy with the 4-3 DT pick for his 3-4 defense.

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