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  1. Jeez, I hope we don't have anther Herm on our hands.
  2. I got knocked out of a $1 million survivor pool on that play and I was like one of 40 left.
  3. The content we deserve and it's 100% correct. An Alpha at QB would be a welcome change and the reduced influence of the NY media will temper any concerns an Alpha may have posed 10-20 years ago.
  4. Another step toward Restoring the Roar.
  5. Titans' fans like the move: https://www.titansreport.com/topic/42101-jets-sign-davis-3-years-375-million-27-million-guaranteed/
  6. I must be getting old. Taking a TE in the first round, let alone top 5, would be an automatic add to the Jets Pete Rozelle draft blunders video.
  7. Pass on this guy. Not a game changer.
  8. Don't forget he gave us Todd Blows too
  9. Casserly posts should be ban, lock material.
  10. Bills were never a rival. The folks who live up there are a sad bunch and not a fan base that I feel compelled to root against. Pity is the word that comes mind. The NFL should move the Bills to the AFC North and the Ravens to the East now that their former Browns' pedigree is a distant memory.
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