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  1. Looks like the AYSO jersey I wore back in '84.
  2. Sorry, Belichick vs Reid is easy money.
  3. Gen X Jet

    Goodbye 3-4

    You must be a barrel of fun at parties.
  4. Gen X Jet

    Goodbye 3-4

    Herm was the anomaly. Belichick ran the 3-4 for Parcell's Jets in the late '90's.
  5. So basically this with an alternate black?:
  6. Gen X Jet

    Gerald McCoy- Possible Bucs cap casualty

    Is Bowles going to steal Skrine?
  7. Gen X Jet


    That's because Tannenbaum was talking him up. Francesa only has a limited amount of sauces.
  8. To be fair, the Jets know first hand about terrible coordinators. Chad Gailey, Jeremy Bates and everyone's favorite, Kacey Rogers, say hello.
  9. Gen X Jet


    Nah, concussion avoidance mandates an offensive league moving forward.
  10. Gen X Jet

    DC options remaining

    Who's Manesh demanding?
  11. Gen X Jet

    Monken to Browns

    Ravens and Steelers look suspect moving forward. Big opportunity for the Browns.
  12. What? It's been atrocious since Westhoff left up to this guy who seems like he's got the goods.
  13. Gen X Jet

    A Couple of New Coaches (DL and LB)

    Got it. Thanks
  14. Gen X Jet

    A Couple of New Coaches (DL and LB)

    Wasn't he the OL Coach?
  15. I've had too much to drink to read this. Can some sober aspy distill it for me?
  16. Redskins were also interested in Todd Bowles as DC. Safe to say that organization has a warped sense of competency.
  17. Gen X Jet

    Simms on Gase and Bart on Bowles

    No, pretty sure it was that Bowles had the wherewithal of an insect.
  18. Gen X Jet

    Pagano DC - Bears

    Gase is going to have a long leash. Darnold is the focus.
  19. Gen X Jet

    Flores para Tannenbaum

    Belicheat planning on leaving the division? Can't imagine he would like this if not (see Mangini)
  20. Gen X Jet

    President MAL eerily quiet about Gase

    No more Club Todd. Too bad so sad.

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