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  1. A complete and utter failure
  2. Sell the team, move it out of god farsaken Jersey, and revert the uniforms.
  3. Where are the Fire Idzik guys?
  4. All they had to do was bring in the white face masks and the plane logo on the helmet. This is an abortion.
  5. Black facemask too. Just awful. Are there no Coslet era personnel in the building? WTF?
  6. The helmet is shameful if real.
  7. Gen X Jet

    Do you like the leaked Helmet Logo?

    At least we can wear the '80's throwbacks now with the green helmet.
  8. A few comments on the leak: The logo on the helmet is rinky dink and sucks The '90's and Jerry Glanville called and want their black unis back No more all whites???? On a positive note, I'm digging the shade of green
  9. Gen X Jet

    Gronk Retires

    A JAG on any other team. The sun shines bright on this one. Pats were probably going to cut him and he knew he'd be exposed.
  10. Someone's keeping that "super model" man-face model wife of TB12 in business....
  11. Gen X Jet

    Hold On Jets God has Ordained Victory

    This was in the Baylor Coach thread awhile back (the guy who's from NY and claims to have seen Jesus lol). Anyway, here's my take it to the bank prediction: In a Super Bowl in the next two years Trenton Cannon scores for the Jets on a dive into the End Zone near the sideline.
  12. Gen X Jet

    Trevor Siemian visiting jets tomorrow

    A slightly better version of Mark Sanchez.
  13. Gen X Jet

    Harry Anderson Re-Signed!

    So we are staying in a 3-4?
  14. Gen X Jet

    Giants trade Odell to Browns

    Ben Macado’s 3 week tantrum doesn’t count lol
  15. Gen X Jet

    Browns sign Sheldon Richardson

    Or Club Todd.
  16. Gen X Jet

    Giants trade Odell to Browns

    Yup, no black HCs or starting QBs allowed based on their history.
  17. Gen X Jet

    Giants trade Odell to Browns

    They have been so bad for so long they need something like this to spin the axis. They won't win it all because of their douschy QB but they will become contenders for awhile.
  18. Gen X Jet

    Giants trade Odell to Browns

    Gettleman should be removed from office. He’s gone senile.
  19. Gen X Jet

    Who is Plan G at Edge rusher?

    Pick up a bloated contract via trade from some team in cap hell?

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