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  1. They also lost their best WR.
  2. No one under 50 cares about the Dolphins. Move them to the AFC South with the Texans and Jags.
  3. He body-caught the ball and almost fumbled. This is the guy we want to draft at 10?
  4. This honestly was not that impressive. I don't see any OMG speed or agility jumping out at me. What am I missing?
  5. I think there's a provision in our MetLife lease that we can't have Pro-bowlers playing on the field this decade.
  6. Yep, AFC is stacked. This is the kind of move you need to make or we stay at bottom feeder status.
  7. Well he did have Mal carrying the load back there in the back of Sea's defense.
  8. Meh- disappeared in the playoffs and not a big threat in the regular season either. Maybe better in our system?
  9. Every lazy announcer after a routine tackle: "There he is! Jamal Adams!"
  10. Oh no, I guess the 55+ cat lady crowd is going to feel uncomfortable at the combine.
  11. Did he really wear a shirt with his own face on it?
  12. Because of the hideous no call Higgins offensive PI on Jalen Ramsey, the refs had no choice but to throw it at the end. Bengals win would have been illegitimate.
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