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    Die hard Jets,and Suns fan.Jets fan since I was 6 Suns since 11.
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    sports,music,movies,chicks and beer
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    1998 AFC championship game,1997 non playoff,1996 1-15,and the now 2008 season...
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    nope but I have watched it many times

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  1. TNJet

    Oline Questions

    Jonah is a better Tackle then the soft Beachum.
  2. No i hated Sheldon just a fat dumb criminal off the field. And lazy most on the field.
  3. If we draft a stud LT like Jonah in the first round what happens with Beachum? I think Beachum sucks personally but can he move inside to LG? Do we cut him and start Dozier at LG? Is he capable? Lol this all assuming we fix the C as well..
  4. TNJet

    Jason Glenn  ~ ~ ~

    Aaron Glenn's brother.
  5. TNJet


    This just in...Hackenberg still sucks.
  6. TNJet

    Ronald Darby

    Bowles says Skrine is much better...
  7. TNJet


    I don't disagree he's on the hot seat, yet theres some good things Macc has done for this franchise, Bowles on the other hand I'm still searching for that one good thing he ever did for us....was it keep Skrine in the slot with his Div 2 ability? Hmmm...
  8. TNJet


    Macc's most glaring issue is now gone. His name was Todd Bowles. Give the dude a break.
  9. I agree Oz sucks. I'd resign Webb and draft a 6th-7th round backup. Don't want any of the phins losers here.
  10. TNJet

    Spencer Long to the Bills

    Hopefully it means we plan on drafting some olinemen for a change.
  11. TNJet

    D.K. Metcalf

    I'd rather take his team mate Greg Little the OT.
  12. TNJet

    Macc's biggest flub

    Its gotta be oline neglect. He fixed Hack with Darnold. If Macc doesn't draft atleast 2 olinemen this year he's on my sht list for sure.
  13. Good thing they'll waste them all on slow white boys from Lehigh.
  14. TNJet

    The Pat's just don't get it.

    Tone death lol 🤣
  15. Like Leveon Bell.

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