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    Die hard Jets,and Suns fan.Jets fan since I was 6 Suns since 11.
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    1998 AFC championship game,1997 non playoff,1996 1-15,and the now 2008 season...
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    nope but I have watched it many times

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  1. But can we agree Macc drafted a couple potentially great players in Sam /Adams? Who was Idzik's great player?
  2. And if a frog had wings he wouldn't bump his ass when he hopped...
  3. I want Jauan Jennings WR Tennessee over anyone else. 6-3, 215, hands,speed, power, physicality, but most of all....heart/toughness. Plays with that edge that rallies teammates around him. Game changer. Beast. Watched him for 3 plus years. Get him in Green. He's like Chrebet/Keyshawn combined.
  4. Remember the Idzik 12? Fckin all out of the league or suck/backups. Enunwa and Dozier? Yippee. IK Emempkali? Milliner? Omg so terrible. Macc atleast gave us 3 good DL, Shell, Jenkins, Adams, Maye, Herndon and some guy named Darnold. People forget he traded up from 6 to 3, to get Sam btw.
  5. They better not touch a Safety in the draft. Complete waste of an offensive upgrade. Roberts played Safety well Thursday night.
  6. True, I was just stating mostly what we don't even have to draft this year. This jelps us concentrate on the needed positions easily. OL, CB, WR, OLB.
  7. Nope, Idzik was by far. He gave us an injury prone Enunwa. Thanks!!
  8. Yes I did. Its either here or pornhub...
  9. But not to all the good starters. Sam, Adams, (Lager) lol...Maye, Mosely, Williamson, Tru, Bell, Herndon, Griffin...
  10. Don't forget about Caps my friend, after the periods. I hope we do go 4-3, its the only way to get a pass rush.
  11. The only thing he screwed up worse than the Jets was his facial hair. Yuck.
  12. ...my bad, a positive thread here. No one replies to these kind I...I..honestly just forgot. Can I get back in the click guys??
  13. Sure, lets not factor in Sam missing half the season due to illness, or Mosely (best player on D) playing in only 2 games, or losing about 8 other starters to injury, or having the worst offensive line and corners in the NFL. No way Gase could've been .500. POTW!
  14. We don't have to draft a single, DL, S, or MLB thanks to Macc. In all reality we are set there. We have depth out the arse for next season at these positions. DL could be ignored for a couple years easily. That said, it will help us stock pile on (3)athletic offensive linemen which we are in dire straits for. (LT, C, G)TE is set as well with Griffin, Herndon, and Wesco.We will also be able to draft a starter at CB, OLB, WR, and scat back. If Douglas plays his cards right our whole team can be fixed by the start of next season. Macc gets a lil credit for log jamming the big uglies on D. Quinnen, Foley Fatukasi, Shepherd, H.Anderson, McClendon, Kyle Phillips, Basham. Mosley, Williamson, Burgess, Cashman, Hewitt. Adams, Maye, Miles, Middleton. Good solid depth.

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