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    Die hard Jets,and Suns fan.Jets fan since I was 6 Suns since 11.
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    Knoxville, Tennessee
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    sports,music,movies,chicks and beer
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    Making sure I live sleep and eat Jets football!

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    1998 AFC championship game,1997 non playoff,1996 1-15,and the now 2008 season...
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    nope but I have watched it many times

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  1. Uphill battle lol. Ya think? Its an uphill battle for Todd to speak 3 words on game day too.
  2. Looking forward to these losses. These will be the cherry on top for the end of the worst coach in Jets history. 🍨
  3. I di somewhat believe he drafted what Bowles said he needed to win. Hence the 2 safeties in a row in 2017. And the 2 d linemen this year.
  4. The couple of jake legs that voted Bowles the best should be banned.
  5. TNJet

    Foley Fatukasi

    Wrong. Thats Bowles coaching style.
  6. TNJet

    Foley Fatukasi

    Maccagnan could coach the team better than Bowles so all will end up better next year.
  7. TNJet

    Foley Fatukasi

    Ofcourse Bowles supporters will chalk him up as a bad draft pick and blame Maccagnan. Bowles has got through life apparently avoiding blame and blaming someone else. Thats why I despise this coach. He needs to be held accountable fir not giving his young players opportunity when the season is over. D. Jones was out best corner in preseason and Bowles is to inept to play him. Meanwhile, Skrine and Trumaine are complete atrocities.
  8. TNJet

    Foley Fatukasi

    Exactly! I feel like Hansen and Stewart were probably better than these idiot coaches can see. Can't just cut promising young players because they didn't go off in 1 or 2 games.
  9. TNJet

    Foley Fatukasi

    No more developmental than Sheperd was. Uconn is a div 1 school that could beat Fort Hays state easily. His stats were also of equal or better value.
  10. TNJet

    Foley Fatukasi

    No replies needed. Thanks for your participation guys. 🙄
  11. TNJet

    Name that baby Jet.

    Jamal. Eyes says it all. I bet he spoke his first words on day 1. 😅
  12. Adams becoming a fave of mine for trying to get Bowles fired in an, "I didn't mean it that way." ....way. lol 🤣
  13. I had high hopes for this guy getting some playing time this season alongside Sheperd in some packages. What happened to him? Is bums like Mike Pennel that much better? In a losing season they should be seeing what they have in this young cat. He's huge and could stuff the run. More agile thsn Pennel also having played alot of End at UConn.

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