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    Die hard Jets,and Suns fan.Jets fan since I was 6 Suns since 11.
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    sports,music,movies,chicks and beer
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    Making sure I live sleep and eat Jets football!

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    1998 AFC championship game,1997 non playoff,1996 1-15,and the now 2008 season...
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    nope but I have watched it many times

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  1. This guy is a baller. Had 7 sacks for us this year. Move him and Leo to DT, Jenkins to strong side DE and LuVu to WSDE? But i like the sound of that 43 Dline. If we draft Allen or The dude from Clemson that gives us our 43 pass rushing end.
  2. I know deep down im gonna miss our current classics before the new ones ever play a down. 😢
  3. TNJet

    Goodbye 3-4

    Yes Abraham at DE was the best I've ever seen play, although im too young to see the sack exchange in action.
  4. I want Jonah Williams. Then get pass rusher next.
  5. TNJet

    Shoring up the OL

    And Jarvis Harrison in the 5th 🙄
  6. TNJet

    Offensive Line Coach?

    Maybe we could get Scarnecchia after the Chiefs destroy New England? 🤔 Pay him more....
  7. Who's out there? Keeping Dennison? Hope not...
  8. Nope...they aren't white and they don't suck. Those are Bellichicks prototypes.
  9. TNJet


    The best Beatle George Harrison made the White album good 😎
  10. I hope we can keep Greene for the olbs
  11. If Gase proves to me he can use his 3 timeouts effectively before half-time he's already better in my mind.
  12. But we do have 2 good ones in Leo and Henry....and maybe 2 more in Fatukasi and Sheperd under a competent regime.
  13. Whats the hold up with Gregg??? 🤔
  14. Regarding the Gase hire. Obviously he'll be better than Bowles thats a fcking given. I think once Gase realises what he can do with the likes of Sam, Enunwa, Robby, Herndon, McGuire and Powell we might even have a chance to win 9 games his first season. And I would take that any day over 4-12. Factor in that I'm thinking we get Gregg Williams and we could be in betrer shape as a team than we've been since 2009.
  15. TNJet

    Adam Shein on Todd Bowles

    Billick also had Marvin Lewis as DC and Rex Ryan as Dline coach.

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