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  1. nice avatar ecurb lol

  2. wow Gato i never knew how much i loved Elmo...keep the avatar...(forever)

  3. so tell me about that skunkape story...my dad had an outdoors experiance he'll never forget,and he's far from crazy.

  4. go vols. i'm like you. :)

  5. Arsis thnx for the friend request

  6. TNJet

    hey i watched H2 saturday. Have you seen it yet?

  7. There's only 1 thing that gets me excited more than a jets win,and that t!ts like the ones in your gif signature...never remove it ok? :P

  8. TNJet

    Great avatar man! It's just so true no? lol :)

  9. Tune in for Kiffin outside the lines at UT, sunday at 9 am on espn. You may want to get to know the coach who will be beating UF for years to come. :)

  10. Shawn Bradley > Reggie Miller

  11. lol, like Urban tries to make any friends in the sec running up the score with 34 seconds left to play when up by 30 pts. Kiffin is what we need, an attitude, something we've lacked for 10 yrs. Go vols. :)...thanks for Nukeese Richardson, Teague and Green too.

  12. TNJet

    Us Clemens fans gotta stick together. :) He is the best chance we haev of the playoffs next year.

  13. TNJet

    Love the avatar,like mine? :)

  14. hey what do you think about the Kiffin hire at UT? Thy are getting Monte too after the season.

  15. Cool man thanks. Thanks for Faneca,he's great :)

  16. are you jetfan too or? Just curious man,I've seen you here forever...

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