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  1. no way i'm trading a top 5 pick with the holes on defense we have on this team....get that pass rusher we've missed since Abraham.
  2. If Thibs is gone by the 4th pick Kyle Allen and G. Karlaftis sounds great to me. Losing Maye has to be addressed at S and we need a bookend DE opposite Lawson.
  3. Ancient bullshyt playcallers theorists believe...
  4. Josh Allen? Jets will see him in the playoffs next year...
  5. If JD doesn't prefer Saleh he's not the best candidate for the Jets then.
  6. That and Maye is just as good with a smaller mouth.
  7. I'm thinking of what happened the last time we hired a coach that had just been fired...
  8. He'll fit in well with the Lions.
  9. Good for him. Too bad we don't want him. We already had his brother Todd.
  10. Yeah right after Revis and Johnny Sample.
  11. Pat Fitzgerald HC Aaron Glenn DC
  12. Money talks brother, and all coaches want to win at the highest level.
  13. SAR I, Since Gase started the season 5-0, why did the Jets fire him? Oh, wait...
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