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  1. Cool! I'll let you know when he gets injured...
  2. Yes but Wayne's heart was much bigger.
  3. And if if's and but's were candy and nuts we'd all have a merry Christmas. And if a frog had wings, he wouldn't bump his ass when he hops.
  4. Sam needs to flush Fitztragic's record down the toilet. I'm embarrased a bum like him holds my fave teams td record. Shameful! Namath? No...O'Brien? No...Pennington? No...Testaverde? No... Fitz? Yep! Screw that jazz. Sam needs that record.
  5. Hope he likes 8 high snaps a game lol
  6. Yes, as much as Montrel Meander. Another former Brown DB we picked up.
  7. Can I file a grievance against AB for being a complete crybaby, distractive diva, POS not worth the drama player??
  8. I get the point but it seems like a 34 year old Former All Pro and Probowl player should be better than Harrison any day. There's a reason he wasn't even drafted.
  9. Kalil will be fine. Give him a few weeks to get going.
  10. He had Winovich here a couple years ago. He got shyt faced and drove backwards through a one way tunnel. Pats can have him.
  11. "Just walk away....and there will be an end to the horror."
  12. Like I said it will be Cashman, he will compliment Mosley very well.
  13. Cashman and Mosley are our starters.
  14. And the winner of the most lousy starting offensive line in the preseason goes to.....the Atlanta Falcons!
  15. I don't deny that. Yes he was overpowered... yet went down like a tree after his teammate tripped him.
  16. Cashman is good. I like him a lot, great hustle.

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