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  1. I prefer the Brian Winters good riddance thread...
  2. Great move. He was usually the weakest link. Maybe freeing up space for Clowney? Winters will get a call from Belichick soon. He loves our sloppy seconds.
  3. I say since we lost CJ, bring in Clowney. Atleast he'd give us a pass rusher to move around.
  4. 1)Darnold 2)Bell 3)Maye 4)Jenkins 5) Fatukasi 6)McGovern
  5. ****. Our best D player. Jets suck again. He was good for 1 half...
  6. Lucky for us they can't draft for shjt. Similar to the Safety Dugger pick this year. Safety Delpit from Champion LSU available, yet they draft a bust from Langford or some div 3 school. Ansolute hogwash. If Jets do that we get shredded by the media. Pats get tip of the hat.
  7. For fear of being replaced by his assistants, he hired less qualified associates around him or not very good coaches. Sad thing is he was a horrible communicator and x and os coach. Not much of a motivator either. That created a trickle down effect of suck.
  8. ....and Jamal being in Seattle improves the Jets locker room and Twitter feed.
  9. Brick and Mangold part 2. Mekh-iHOP Becton. Pancakes for everyone.
  10. He will look great pancaking Patriot losers for the next decade...
  11. D'Brick started as a rookie at LT. No way they let a TE protect his blindside.
  12. Can you name 2 Safeties that have more interceptions in their last 3 years than Adams? The Jets starting Safeties: Maye and Mcdougald.
  13. I'd gave them an A if we traded him for a 2nd and a 3rd. Lol
  14. He said he's happy to increase Marcus Maye's role, and looks forward to working with Mcdougald. Yet....yet.

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