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  1. You're wrong on ASJ. I'm not getting my info from "tabloids" and the info isn't being spun by his agents or anyone else. He is a different guy than he used to be. He's grown up.
  2. The first bolded statement makes you lose all credibility. ASJ has completely turned his life around and is doing everything it takes to become better player and man. And no, he's not a bridge guy. He's a guy we took a chance on that we'll likely sign long-term if he produces this year. You should find another team to root for. We have enough haters riding the d already.
  3. club seats for tonights game

    No worries. let me know if you ever want to give them away again in the future! LOL
  4. club seats for tonights game

    Wow, I'd love to go. Didn't get to a game last season and it'd be fun to check out some preseason action.
  5. club seats for tonights game

    Awesome! How much are you looking to get for the tickets?
  6. How about answering my question about the parking pass.
  7. Preseason games

    I know a lot of you guys don't even bother to go to the preseason games. I would love to take my nephew or my dad to a game, so if you have a pair that will go unused, I would put them to great use, just throwing it out there!
  8. Will you throw in a parking pass at this price?
  9. Official Training Camp Thread 7/28

    From what I read, Petty looked "meh", and hack looked "OK".
  10. JetNation Camp Coverage

    Can we make sure to get some pics of Alex Giaimo in that little white dress. That'd be great, thanks
  11. I hate you for using "n" instead of and ampersand.
  12. RIP Buddy Ryan

    RIP Buddy, what a great football mind
  13. Brant Boyer named ST coach

    You're adorable. Did you mean nepotism?
  14. Chan Gailey and Resigning Fitz

    hopefully for short money!
  15. "Let's hear it for the play-offs!"
  16. IK believed Smith owed him money for the no-show. Smith believed that he owed nothing. Neither are lying. This is stupid. Move on.
  17. Would love 'em! What are you asking and where are the seats? Edit: I just noticed you joined less than a day ago. You're a scalper, huh?
  18. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2563226-browns-fans-are-ramping-up-failforcardale-campaign-for-cardale-jones?iid=ob_homepage_deskrecommended_pool Welp, the cycle has begun again, Cleveland. Like beasts of the Serengeti converging on Pride Rock, Browns fans everywhere gathered to watch Ohio State's season opener against Virginia Tech on Monday with the express purpose of finding the franchise's next great Chosen One. It didn't take long for them to nominate Cardale Jones, who received the last-minute starting nod for the Buckeyes and proceeded to chuck up off-balance thunder bombs against the Hokies like the beer league title was on the line. Jones' overall acquittal earned the Buckeyes a 42-24 win and, more importantly, prompted Browns fans to throw the "#FailForCardale" campaign into fifth gear. Not a single moment of meaningful football has been played in the 2015 NFL season, but Browns fans already have their Simba, and they will hold him on high with mandrill arms made of suffering and institutional distrust: Hundreds of tweets like these erupted Monday, and the hashtag is already spreading to other fanbases: Of course, some think demanding the team tank at this juncture might be a little premature: For what it's worth, #FailForCardale began long before Monday night. The hashtag has been floating around Twitter for a while now. The earliest one I can find came out Jan. 1, 2015—more than a week before Jones led his team to a national title. So #FailForCardale has been bubbling on the back burner for Browns fans, many of whom are also Buckeyes fans who watched Jones take over last season in crunch time and lead Ohio State to a national championship by summarily dismissing teams like Alabama and Oregon. And the truth is Cleveland could do worse than to lose games hoping for a shot at Jones. Tanking to improve draft position has become a time-honored tradition in American professional sports, to mixed results. While teams like the Philadelphia 76ers have implemented it as permanent franchise strategy, others have used it sparingly to positive results. Take the Indianapolis Colts, for example. Colts fans employed the"Suck For Luck" strategy in 2012 in the hopes of bagging then-Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck. The plan worked, and ever since landing Luck, Colts fans have had the immense pleasure of their team being good enough to lose to the New England Patriots in the playoffs every year. Granted, this kind of sustained uptick would be welcome in Cleveland, given the huge hole remaining at the quarterback situation. The Browns' current option at quarterback is Josh McCown, who they brought on board this offseason to serve as a human drink coaster as they wait for a messiah to come along or for Johnny Manziel to magically revert to collegiate form. This means a breakout year including a deep playoff run for the Browns is, well, only possible in the most mathematical sense. Feels like prime tanking weather to me. As for Jones, he's a young savant with a terrifying mix of traditional and unconventional tools that include monstrous arm strength, Johnny Football-like instincts and a 6'5", 250-pound frame to cushion those instincts against immediate and drastic reprisal. So he's got that going for him, which is nice. But then again, it's Cleveland, where a new Simba is held up, given a few snaps and then punted into the hyena pit every season. So have fun breaking the circle.