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  1. Happy Father's Day to our JeyNation Daddy @Maxman
  2. For a fan base that thinks this team is good enough to make the playoffs "adequate" and "giving a guy a shot" is not good enough at the #2 CB and slot CB position. Especially since the #1 CB is a huge question mark as well. Going into the season with those question marks could be catastrophic to this team.
  3. This is PR spin. He didn't get the job so they allow him to save face. Douglas is doing him a favor.
  4. The Jets depth is awful. Don't be surprised when a lot of depth guys get cut and replaced with Gase/Douglas guys throughout training camp.
  5. 4-3 or 3-4 it doesn't matter. Either way they don't have a legitimate edge pass rushing presence. Good thing they had $100 million to spend and the 3rd overall pick.
  6. He's a Patriots loving Jets hater. I think he's just trolling.
  7. This guy was coveted by other teams to be a GM and the Jets hired Macc right before he was about to get fired in Houston. I'd say that's a big jump for the Jets on paper.
  8. Valentine has a practice squad exemption for this season. He's guaranteed a spot on the practice squad as the "11th man". He's not eligible for the 53 man roster during this season though.
  9. The Texans don't do this without having assurances that Douglas is going there. The Jets outsmarted themselves if Douglas is really their guy. I could care less who it winds up being.
  10. They did it in January of 2018 prior to last season then promoted Gaine.
  11. So you run all of the threads now? This coming from the guy who constantly posts a second thread about something that's been discussed hours earlier in a different thread. You should get off your high horse.
  12. I missed where Gase publicly criticized the Bell signing. Oh that right, he didn't. You're reporting rumors as a fact.
  13. Paradis or Morse at Center would've been a major upgrade for the offensive line. Either one could've been had if he would've offered either one of them a contract. CB's: Darby, Nelson, Desir would've immediately become the #2 CB and a severe upgrade over Roberts. He could've signed the best CB and C from that list and paid the same amount he paid for Mosely. His roster building was terrible. He had no clue how to build a well rounded roster. So there you go.
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