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  1. What else are the Jets going to say? They're surely not going to throw him under the bus. The argument that it's voluntary is valid but when you've been gone from the team the entire year and then off-season you should show up to OTA's. Especially if the front office and coaching staff said you were in a competition for your job with Fant. I think the fact that he's not there shows some insight into his mentality in general, especially regarding his weight. There "seems" to be a lack of desire in him to do what he has to do to perform at his job. I am quite confident this issue is what has "reportedly" some coaches and some in the front office down on him.
  2. I think it's presumptuous to think that just b/c the Jets didn't draft a Tackle in the 1st round that Becton is safe. There are still veteran FA RT options in FA. There are trade candidates like McGlinchey in SF whose 5th year option didn't get picked up. Plus SF drafted at tackle in the 4th round in 2021 and the 5th round this year. The sign that Becton isn't secure will be when the Jets sign Fant to a LT level extension.
  3. What is the most exciting aspect of all this is that they are setting up a scenario where they have 2 WR's, a TE and 2 RB's surrounding Wilson for at least the next 3 years to grow with him. This can grow into something special if Wilson continues to progress.
  4. If you think the Jets are going to ignore their young QB you're wrong. I think they're going to trade back and go TE in the 2nd round.
  5. 35 and 111 can get them up to 30. I'd look for more a move like that, especially with the extra 4th
  6. There is no reason to trade up. Really good players are falling bc of the WRs going early
  7. Remember when you couldn't trade players who needed new contracts while on the clock?
  8. His buddy got fired when Douglas came in. That's why he's a hater
  9. They have up two 2nds and a 3rd to make that move
  10. The Giants just picked Dion Jordan 2.0. Quit your bitching
  11. The Jets traded 3 players in a deal to move up to take Sanchez. The idea they can't trade a player on the clock is ridiculous. Any potential contract has already been worked out as well.
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