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  1. Trades get agreed to "in principle" all of the time before they can actually happen.
  2. Considering that the Redskins gave up the 6th overall pick in 2012, 2nd rd pick that same year, 2013 first round pick, 2014 first round pick to move up 4 spots that year the offer from SF is not nearly enough. And Dee Ford missed the entire year with an injury, is 29, and still has 3 years left on his deal and has a cap hit of $20 million per year.
  3. So what you're saying is when Fields shows he's a top 5 QB and he's due for a new contract we should then draft another QB and move on from him bc we wouldn't be able to put players around him to field a real team? That's essentially the excuse you're making for not bringing in Watson. Also, if you're going to advocate to use the #2 pick on a QB anyway then, trading away a 1st in 2022 and a first in 2023 as well for Watson isn't that big of a package to give up. The #2 pick would be a wash bc you were already going to use it on a QB and you'd still have a 1st in 2021 and 2022. 2023 would be the only year they wouldn't have their full lot of picks. Losing 1 pick in 2023 is going to cause the team to not be able to build the team thru the draft? The Jets would still have 17 picks in the next 2 drafts and at least 1 in each round plus a no doubt franchise QB. That is plenty of picks to build around an established star QB. Plus this let's you trade Darnold which is probably going to net them a late 2nd and late 4th at most. That would get them back to 19 picks in the next 2 years. Oh and BTW, the chances of Fields becoming a player on the level of Watson is about 20%.
  4. A conversation with the 49ers to move up from 12 to 2 starts with Kittle being involved. In draft pick terms it would take 4 1st round picks and more to make that deal work. With Kittle involved I'll take the #12, 2nd rd pick, 1st in 2022. That's a massive jump.
  5. The system thing has been debunked already. He's playing in a vertical offense right now and excelling.
  6. Brady winning another SB with a different team while the Patriots future looks miserable would absolutely crush Patriots fans. So I'm all for that happening.
  7. The reason why you would trade for them is bc you're not guaranteed to get them on the FA market. It takes the risk out of it.
  8. With the news that the salary cap will likely be around $180 million here are some players who will be in their final year of their contracts and may be on the trading block for salary cap purposes. OFFENSE WR Tyler Lockett- Saves Seattle $11.5 million (Currently $4 million under the cap) WR Davante Adams- Saves GB $13.3 million (currently $24 million OVER the cap) TE Zach Ertz- Saves Eagles $5 million (currently $52 million OVER the cap RT Mitchell Schwartz-Saves KC $6.25 million (currently $17 million OVER the cap) RT Ryan Ramczyk- Saves NO $11 million (currently $96 million OVER the cap) RG David DeCastro-Saves $9 million (currently $21 million OVER the cap) G Kevin Zeitler- Saves Giants $12.25 million (currently 846k under the salary cap) DEFENSE Edge TJ Watt- Saves Pitt $11 million (currently $22 million OVER the cap) Edge Chandler Jones-Saves Cardinals $15.5 million (currently $11 million under the cap) CB Joe Haden- Saves Pitt $12.5 million (currently $22 million OVER the cap) CB Steven Nelson-Saves Pitt $8 million (currently $22 million OVER the cap) CB Kyle Fuller- Saves Bears $11 million (currently $8 million OVER the cap)
  9. Awesome. I'm glad someone could explain it to you. Have a nice night
  10. Stupid people resort to name calling. My opinion happens to be well reasoned and thought out, yours sucks. That seems to be the one thing you're consistent with. And as much as you'd like to me to toss your salad I'm not related to you so I don't think you'd be that excited about it as much as you think you would be.

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