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  1. choon328

    Draft Trade Rumors

    Snyder has gone rogue. He saw all of the success the young QB's had last year and all of the excitement it brought each Franchise and he wants a piece of that. Hopefully the Jets take advantage of the situation. I personally think the 49ers are sticking at 2. Pairing Bosa with Dee Ford with Buckner on the line would be tremendous for them. Now let's just hope the Cardinals take Williams #1.
  2. choon328

    Draft Trade Rumors

    It'll leak out most likely. Hopefully the Jets are just trying to get the Redskins to blink on additional picks. If Dan Snyder is involved he may just agree to any compensation just to get his guy. I hope that's the case.
  3. choon328

    Draft Trade Rumors

    If the Jets are getting offered a massive amount to trade back and they take Bosa or Williams I'm going to flip the **** out. There are too many holes on this team to pass up the opportunity to pick up 3-4 extra premium picks over the next 2 years. Hopefully the rumors are true and the Cardinals take Williams and the 49ers take Bosa. That'll save Macc from making a massive mistake.
  4. choon328

    Draft Trade Rumors

    I wonder if the Redskins are resistant to giving up next years first bc it may be top 10. The Jets are using Manish to negotiate through the media.
  5. choon328

    Draft Trade Rumors

    If this is true the Redskins will give almost anything to get ahead of the Giants. This could be a huge deal for the Jets.
  6. choon328

    Draft Trade Rumors

    The Chiefs Center from last season is the highest paid Center in the league right now
  7. choon328

    Draft Trade Rumors

    The front office loves Haskins that's why they'd be willing to pay so much to get up to #3. Get it done!
  8. Idk why people are shocked Gase and Macc haven't come out and said that Robby isn't in their plans. He's still on the team and they're trying to trade him. Saying negative things about him only hurts their negotiating leverage. "But why would they say nice things about him?" (Whiny child's voice) The answer is simple, they're not idiots. You put it out to the media that he's an important part of the team and he can do more than just run vertical routes bc you want other teams to believe he's an integral part of your team. That way they know you're not going to give him away like the Steelers had to do with Brown. This is all a part of negotiating. Make the people you're negotiating with believe they need to have what you're selling. Negotiating 101. Any trade will probably happen on day 2 when a team misses out on a WR in the 2nd round of the draft.
  9. choon328

    Draft Trade Rumors

    The Redskins want Haskins. Doug Williams is very close to him and Haskins went to the same high school as Snyder's son. There are a bunch of connections there
  10. There is legitimately nothing better then watching those fake fans in NE squirm every time the Patriots get caught cheating or their owner gets caught getting a blow job from an Asian prostitute. That organization is the biggest fraud in the history of sports and it's not close.
  11. choon328

    Draft Trade Rumors

    Unfortunately Darnold bought him at least 2 more years
  12. choon328

    Draft Trade Rumors

    Both trades are going up for a QB. Regardless of how you feel about the QB's this year if the Redskins make this move it's bc they think one of the QB's is their franchise QB. They have to pay a premium to do that just like the Rams did.
  13. You mean it's not about how the fans feel but how the player fits in Gase's offense? (Sarcasm) Interesting...
  14. choon328

    Draft Trade Rumors

    Consider this. The Rams traded with the Titans to go from 15 to 1. This is what the trade parameters were: Titans trade: #1 Overall 4th round pick 6th round pick Rams trade 2016 #15 overall 2016 2nd round pick (43) 2016 2nd round pick (45) 2016 3rd round pick (76) 2017 1st round pick 2017 3rd round pick I would assume this would be a starting off point for a Jets/Redskins trade. It would have to be something like: Redskins Trade 2019 1st Round Pick (15) 2019 2nd round pick (46) 2019 3rd round pick (76) 2019 3rd round pick (96) 2020 1st round pick Jets Trade 2019 1st round pick (3) 2019 6th round pick (196)
  15. I figured we could put any rumors regarding draft pick trades here to keep it neat if everyone else thinks that's a good idea.

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