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  1. The QB is the most important position in any sport when it comes to winning and losing and that's not up for debate. In the last 15 years the HB position has been devalued. The last 10 SB winning RBs who led their team in rushing are: Brandon Jackson Ahmad Bradshaw Ray Rice Marshawn Lynch Shane Vereen Ronnie Hillman LeGarrette Blount LeGarrette Blount Sony Michel Damien Williams Meanwhile the QBs have been: Aaron Rodgers Eli Manning Joe Flacco Russell Wilson Tom Brady Peyton Manning Tom Brady Nick Foles Tom Brady Patrick Mahomes Obviously QB is way more important than RB and I'm not sure why that's up for discussion. There's about 10-12 QBs that I would take over any RB in the NFL right now. If Darnold becomes a top 10-12 QB in the league he'll be worth more than any RB. Give the kid a chance.
  2. Hopefully Jamal doesn't get mad and give the GM and HC the silent treatment again. Poor baby.
  3. Look at the Backlash he got from not going to voluntary virtual mini camp during this pandemic. You think he's going to threaten to to holdout? They're pushing a narrative behind the scenes in order to protect his image.
  4. All of the leaks are from Adams agent, not the Jets. They're trying to force a trade so he can get paid. He's in a rush to get the new contract bc contract $ will be down the next few years bc of the virus. That's what this is all about.
  5. The team never publicly announced anything except that they would answer the phone if somebody called. The front office has said repeatedly that they want to keep Adams long term. Jamal is a crybaby
  6. Or they can draft and develop one like they did and save about $5 million per year. And over half the draft picks this year will have zero impact on any game in 2020. Anything beyond the 3rd round rarely makes a noticeable impact year 1.
  7. Yeah like how much pressure to put on his balls
  8. There is a huge difference of how you were allowed to play CB in the 80's, 90's and early 00's compared to when Revis played and now. That's why int numbers have been down across the NFL for over a decade.
  9. 4th round picks rarely become starters. Something like 13% of the time. People are making too big of a deal over it. And you can't keep paying veteran QB's to back up Darnold when he gets his $30 million extension.
  10. No, he's a developmental pick.
  11. The very best GM's in NFL history have routinely traded their best player outside of the QB position. Great GM's build teams, not players.
  12. This should not be a referendum on Adams talent. Anybody who is trying to say he doesn't deserve to be the top paid safety is living in LA LA Land. This is about allocation of resources. Will you be better with a $15-$17 million per year all-pro safety or will your team be better with multiple premium picks and the additional $15-$17 million per year in cap space over the next 5 years. I prefer the premium picks and cap space, especially with Darnold up for a contract next year or the year after and the uncertainty of the cap number the next few years. The same guys arguing to make Adams the highest paid safety are some of the same guys who would refuse to give big money to players in FA or trade for an all-pro bc "we're not 1 player away". Well then which one is it? This team is still devoid of talent and depth. Adams is a luxury player for a better team, not a rebuilding team.
  13. The trading team also has to pay him $17+ million per year and a massive bonus. You have to factor that in.
  14. Its pretty simple. The most important position tied to team success is QB. There is no more important position in all of sports. With that being the key element of team success you have to do everything you can to put pieces around that position to help him grow and be successful. If trading any player is going to help reach that ultimate goal you do it. If you want to build a perennial winner you have to build and develop a great QB. It's as simple as that. Jamal Adams importance to this team is very very far behind Darnold and that should not even be up for debate. If trading Adams for premium picks and saving $18 million over the next 5 years that can be used to build up a young talented roster around Darnold you do it in a heartbeat.

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