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  1. What a ridiculous argument. Gregg Williams hasn't created an offensive gameplan in his career. Freddie Kitchens was responsible for the offense after Williams took over last year. Why do you think Kitchens got the job over Williams? And no offense but it's really hard to follow what you wrote with all of the gibberish, poor grammar and misspellings. Again, no offense.
  2. Yeah...that isn't what I'm talking about. Here was my reply to one of your posts: "Explain to me how a Gregg Williams run team would've made this team better with this offensive line and Luke Falk at QB. Also while paying against 3 teams with a combined record of 12-3 who also happen to have the 1st, 10th and 12th rated defenses. Please explain that to me" The record was actually 10-4 at the time not 12-3. I'd love to hear your response.
  3. Why would a 10+ year player between choose to come to an 0-4 team over a potential Super Bowl team? You all do realize the player has to want to sign with the team right? This isn't ******* Madden.
  4. There only think in this thread that is not debatable is that you dodged my original reply to you.
  5. Go back and watch the film from the last 3 games. Tell me how many times he made Falk take a 7 step drop and throw the ball down the field. The answer is very few. Falk can not process defenses quickly enough to know where to go with the ball if his 1st read is covered. Thus you saw a ton of passes at or behind the line of scrimmage. And when they tried to throw it down field either the line couldn't block long enough or Falk held onto the ball too long. Gase was doing what you wanted except for not running slants. When you don't trust your QB you tend to not call plays that call for him to throw into traffic in the middle of the field. This is really not hard to understand.
  6. So much stupidity in this thread starting with Manish. I'll show my way out.
  7. I guess they should have went to the Gardner Minshew store and just picked up another version of him before the season. They actually went out and got a backup QB who had some success in Gase's offense in Semien. Nobody could project that both he and Darnold would be out. If this offense looked like this after 3 games with Semien as the QB I'd be right with you. But criticizing an offense when it's being run by a 3rd string QB is dumb on a high level. It would be like criticizing a 4×100 relay team for losing when the anchor man only has 1 leg. That one guy will drag the entire team down with him. That's what's happening right now with the Jets.
  8. He didn't get drafted at #3 to be a run stuffer and get close to getting sacks. Ill grating him based on his draft slot and the production it warrants.
  9. Bates had a 16 year veteran as his QB when Darnold was out last year. That's a terrible example.
  10. I'm voting for the guy who started the poll who has a hard on for the Johnson's. Pun intended.
  11. So are you guys protesting Darnolds spleen or the chick that game him Mono? Otherwise I have no idea who or why you'd be protesting. I guess you could go to the Dunkin that Macc is spending his days at and protest since he's the dumb ass who had over $100 million and still left the offensive line and CB group in shambles with no depth. Ownership laid out over $100 million cash this off-season to free agents. Nobody could project Darnold would get ******* Mono. Let's see how the next 4 games go with him at QB before you break out the pitchforks.
  12. It's too early to judge any rookie but with that being said he has so far not flashed at all. You don't draft a DT at #3 to have pressures. You draft him that high to sack the QB. That's why Leo has been an abject failure with the Jets and they should have moved on from him before the draft when they were getting mid round comp offered for him.
  13. And Gregg Williams would do that? Gregg Williams didn't get hired in Cleveland bc he wasn't the reason they got better. Mayfields development was the reason they got better and Kitchens got the job bc of that. His defense actually got worse as the offense got better.
  14. When you have a terrible QB who is limited physically it extremely limits the playbook. He went for it on 4th and 1 and went against tendency and threw the ball and Falk threw a pick 6. And yet you wonder why he'd want to try to get points on 4th down and 4 instead of putting it in the hands of Falk? Seriously? Have you not been watching this QB make bad reads and bad throws the last 3 games? How about did you see the constant 7 to 8 men in the box the past 3 games as well? It's hard to run an offense when the defense sells out to stop your biggest threat and your QB is so bad and physically limited that you can't make them pay for it. Watch how those 7-8 man boxes disappear with Darnold back under Center. Ill judge him based on how the offense performs with an actual NFL caliber QB.
  15. Explain to me how a Gregg Williams run team would've made this team better with this offensive line and Luke Falk at QB. Also while paying against 3 teams with a combined record of 12-3 who also happen to have the 1st, 10th and 12th rated defenses. Please explain that to me.

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