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  1. The Jets sucking and being right on Darnold sucking are two entirely different things.
  2. THE COACHES SUCK BALLS! You can try to blame this on the Johnsons if you want but you'd be wrong. Douglas was a highly sought after GM candidate who turned down multiple jobs before he accepted the Jets job. Saleh was one of the top HC candidates going into this year as well. The Johnsons hired both of them to resounding praise from everybody across the Nfl. The fact that they haven't worked out is on them, not the Johnsons. Give me a ******* break with this Johnson bullsh*t.
  3. I never thought I would dream of the Gase days but this coaching staff is atrocious on every side of the ball. There is not one glimmer of hope for this organization. I'm so disgusted. If you though different you need your brains examined.
  4. I'd like for the QB and OC to get their sh*t together before the 4th quarter. Can this OC dial up one zone beater concept on a 3rd and 8 instead of throwing it 4yds short of the 1st? The offensive concepts are amateurish at best.
  5. This was the exact same game they played against the Titans except the Titans didn't put the ball into the end zone the 1st half. If the Titans score 1 of those TDs last week the Jets would be 0-5
  6. Anybody blaming the defense for this abortion of a game needs their head examined. It falls squarely on the QB and the OC in that order.
  7. Saleh, Please stop telling us how far advanced Wilson is compared to players his age. He has 9 ints in 4 1/2 games! This OC needs to stop getting a pass from the media, It's been 4 1/2 games of first half ineptitude. The Jets on 2nd and longer than 6 have to call a run play about 80% of the time and the other teams are keying on it. That's why we keep getting stopped in the backfield. This sh*t is gross.
  8. I don't care what anybody says. This team is more unprepared to play each week than last year. This coaching staff can not gameplan at all. They're good at adjusting mid game but they are woefully out coached every week in the 1st half and is disturbing. Nothing and I mean nothing has changed since last year. Might as well have Gase calling plays.
  9. 1-You DON'T let pass rushers hit FA. 2-Josh Sweat got $13 million per year extension recently and he has 1/2 a sack this year.
  10. Yep bc they're the ones who are running the most unprepared and undisciplined team in the NFL. This is ALL on Saleh and LaFleur.
  11. LaFleur is not his brother. Put him up in the booth and turn his ******* headset off. I've never seen a playcaller so desperately avoid getting his QB into a rhythm. How a team with a rookie QB playing 3 of the top defenses in the league the first 3 weeks is last in the NFL in HB receptions is mind boggling. Especially when you consider they have the worst stable of RBs in the NFL. You'd think they could use the screen game as an extension of the run game but nope, we'll just force our Rookie QB, who is lost right now throw, 15 yds down the field each time. And the short yardage play c
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