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  1. Just a show of hands...

    I voted no. I think Darnold needs a major overhaul of his mechanics and is turnover prone. I want no part of him.
  2. Connecting the Draft Dots

    Nobody will care about any of that if Rosen performs. And people will be even quicker to hate Mayfield and his cockiness if he doesn't perform, just like Rex.
  3. Connecting the Draft Dots

    I actually didn't see that thread. Great minds think alike
  4. Since the beginning of this draft process there has been pretty much a steady diet of either Darnold or Allen going 1 or 2 in this draft with Barkley and Chubb as an option at 2 as well as a trade out of 2. The only question was at 3 if the Jets would take Rosen or Mayfield. I would say that 2 weeks ago the large majority of mock drafts had the Jets taking Rosen in that scenario and now that has completely flipped. Why is that? There has been this narrative out there recently that the Jets love Mayfield and he's their guy. There has been two speculated reasons as to why that narrative is the way it is. 1) The agent is trying to pump up his value, 2) The Jets can't keep a secret and tipped their hand. After thinking about it for a while tonight I think I've come up with another reasonable narrative. And that is this... Since the talk of Mayfield being the Jets pick another narrative has begun and that is that Rosen will fall. Some have him going outside of the top 10 which makes no sense for the QB who in league circles is valued as the best pure QB In the draft. Without his concussions and personality being overblown (I'm sure the majority of players in the draft have had multiple concussions already) he's the #1 pick all day. So here's my theory. The Jets have purposely inflated their love for Mayfield. This narrative has now created buzz that Rosen may slip out of at least the top 5 and it wouldn't be necessary for a team like Denver to move to 2 or a team like Buffalo to give up all of those picks to move to 2 when they may be able to get him at 5 or 6 for much cheaper. There was also a report by Rappaport that the Bills are now targeting the 5th pick. This protects against the Jets losing out on their real target Josh Rosen. Since the perception is that the Giants won't let the Jets move to 2 then creating a false narrative that everybody has bitten hook line and sinker is the natural play here. Thanks for reading.
  5. There has only been speculation about the political stuff and that's just lazy reporting. Not one thing has come out about anything political from the Johnson family. This is just nonsense.
  6. Darnold is NOT the best QB In this draft. His mechanics are not good and he has a long windup before he throws. He turned the ball over way way too much. The best QB in this draft is Rosen followed by Mayfield then Darnold and Allen. I actually think from a football stand point Rosen is much better than the rest. The issues are his injuries and personality and those 2 things, mostly injuries, brings him back to the field. Darnold doesn't have the strongest arm (Allen) in this group, he's not the purest passer (Rosen) and he is not the most accurate (Mayfield) of this group either. How is he the #1 guy then?
  7. It could just be that Mayfield's agent is the one telling all of these insiders that the Jets love him in order to pump up his stock. The large majority of inside info comes from agents, not the teams.
  8. The Jets could screw this entire scenario by offering the Browns their 2019 1st to move to 1 and get back a couple of mid round picks as well. The Browns would do that in a heart beat bc they'd still get their QB and either Chubb or Barkley at 3 & 4. I don't know if I'd make that trade if I were the Jets but Macc can not be out maneuvered by a division rival for a QB and I think he'll do anything to avoid that from happening. He already did it once when he jumped to 3 in response to the Bills attempting to move up. I think he'd do it again. People do crazy stuff when they're backed into a corner.
  9. I think they'll try to move both on day 3 of the draft. I'm not saying they will but there is no reason to release them till after that. I could see Petty bringing back a 6th for someone who thinks he can be a backup.
  10. I don't see why Darnold is the #1 guy. Out of the 4 he isn't the most mobile, he doesn't have the best accuracy, he doesn't have the strongest arm. He literally is not the best in any category he just isn't the worst in any category so it makes him the easiest to assess and project. The other 3 have way more upside if they put it all together in my opinion. I would stay away from Darnold.
  11. Last year it cost the Bears a 2017 3rd and 4th and a 2018 4th to move from 3 to 2. That's what the Jets would have to pay. And if they have one person rated higher than the next then you make that deal all day every day to make sure you get your guy and nobody else does
  12. Or it was a Dunkin' Donuts advertisement....
  13. Any move to #2 from 5 and below will start with the 2019 1st round pick. The Giants have so much leverage after the Jets moving up that the price will probably be too high for anyone to move up. And I don't believe the Broncos are drafting a QB at 5. I'm not so sure they've given up on Lynch yet.
  14. I could definitely see the Giants trading down one spot and pick up a few extra picks from the Jets and still get their guy at 3. That makes the most sense for them. I'm sure there have already been discussions about that. I can't see them dropping passed 5 and missing out on a premium talent at RB, DE or Guard. Especially since those are all needs for their team.