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  1. There's a big difference between 2018 and 2021. Woody Johnson now controls the Jets purse strings.
  2. Worth kicking the tires. The Jets need a TE with reliable hands. It's a Longshot but you never know.
  3. That's not how that reads. It reads as if the only thing holding up the deal was the deferment not the off sets.
  4. It was always about the signing bonus, like I said
  5. This was never going to get done prior to Lance's deal. If Lance didn't have off sets they'd still be negotiating.
  6. I said it 2 days ago. It was always about the money. Woody caved
  7. The whining about this is ridiculous. What a bunch of babies. Go get your baba's and take a nappy poo.
  8. You guys will make excuses after excuse. This is not about breaking into their starting lineup as a rookie, it's about becoming a starter at all during the length of their Rookie contract. Only 4 players became full time starters at any point during their Rookie contracts from 2010-2017. Judging these guys after 1 year in which they had 0 off-season and no pre season games is ridiculous. The narrative really should be that the top 2 picks from 2020 started every game they played in except 1. The guys from round 3 on rarely start as a rookie and rarely ever become starters. Oh and Z
  9. Did a little research... From 2010-2017 the Baltimore Ravens have drafted 53 players from Rounds 3-7. Only 4 of those players went on to start a majority of their games on their Rookie contracts. Pernell McPhee, Brandon Williams, Za'Darius Smith and Matt Judon. There were a lot of players who contributed to the team over the years but did not start consistently. There weren't too many players besides the 4 I mentioned that actually finished their first contract with the Ravens. There were some players who did become starters AFTER they left the Ravens for their 2nd contracts.
  10. A successful pick from Rounds 3-7 on is a depth player with special teams ability. You guys who think you're going to find starters in those rounds each and every year are dreaming. There is about a 20-25% chance of finding a starter in rounds 3-7 based on 20 years of history. Most of those picks in those rounds will never make it to a 2nd contract or finish their first contract. That means if the majority of them can contribute at some level on GameDay and 1 of them becomes a starter (Hall?) that means it's been a successful back end of the draft. It'a going to take more then one Covid
  11. The make believe one I made up in my head lol. After further research it would be around $100k-150k depending on where you put your money
  12. The signing bonus is set before the pick is made. The timeline that the bonus gets dispersed is ALWAYS negotiated.
  13. You have a good point. Kudos. I'll disagree with getting the money incrementally. Wilson could make about $400,000-$500,000 in interest on that $22 million over a 6 month period. I'd want my money up front. Who turns down free money?
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