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  1. Petty believers want them to throw the ball down field bc he can't complete a 5 yard pass. It's not coaching when the guy is so inaccurate.
  2. I forgot that the only thing GM's do is draft players. They don't sign free agents, rookie free agents or make trades. Got it
  3. Lee is much better, Maye and Adams have played really well. Bass has been a big surprise. Davis has played much better than he has in years. Williams hasn't missed a beat. Cooper has stepped up filling in for Mo. He's gotten a lot out of the defense.
  4. Then right back to missing wide open WR's 3 yards away. Smh
  5. He can't complete a wide open swing pass. I'm content with "restraining" him till Hack comes in. Then open the offense. Petty is trash
  6. This Natson guy is a waste of a roster spot.
  7. Sheldon Traded

    Ozzie Newsome must be an awful GM since the Ravens have $19 million in dead money this year.
  8. I forgot that guys never improve. Jerry Hughes says hello
  9. That comparison=You've never seen either QB play
  10. I remember a time when Geno Smith was the next great QB. He was getting the same hype as Darnold. Then he played one more year in college and that all changed. Playing the 2017 season in hopes to draft a certain QB the next year is idiotic.
  11. Yeah what were the Chargers thinking when they drafted Rivers when they had Brees already. It must mean Brees sucks. You keep bringing up the Bucs drafting Winston but you're failing to see the big picture of why they did. Lovie Smith took over the Bucs the year they drafted Winston. Glennon is a stationary QB with a big arm and Lovie wanted a more mobile guy to run his system. Winston just happens to have similar arm strength as well. You keep making it seem so cut and dry when there were many other factors that went into that decision. You are ignorant when it comes to the details surrounding the Bucs at that time. Stop pretending that you have a clue about that situation and how Glennon is as a QB.
  12. Jets?Bears suitors for Glennon?

    You are dense
  13. Jets?Bears suitors for Glennon?

    The Bucs drafted Winston and moved on from Glennon bc they changed coaching staffs and wanted to start fresh. Get your facts straight.