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  1. choon328

    Amari Cooper to the Cowboys.

    I never understood this train of thought. The goal should be to acquire good players in any way you can. If you have 7 draft picks the odds are that only 2 will be starting caliber. That's just a fact. So this thought that you can bring in a bunch of starters from 1 individual draft is a myth. The only way to get better quickly is by using every avenue to make your team better. You need to be able to use trades, free agency and the draft in order to make your team better. If you don't use all of those you're screwed. And people can bash the Cowboys for trading a first but at least they have balls. This front office and ownership have none and it will hurt Darnold. Mark my words that in 2019 we will not have a legit #1 RB or#1 WR again. The Jets organization is too pussy to make a bold move. You can't go bargain shopping and expect to get better.
  2. choon328

    Amari Cooper to the Cowboys.

    1st round picks are so overrated. Out of those 5 picks in the next 2 years the odds are that only 2 of them will live up to their draft status. This isn't Madden.
  3. If you put the transition tag on a player and he signs with another team you do NOT get any compensation. The only thing the transition tag allows you to do is match any offer that the player receives. If you do match the offer then that player has to sign with you. I don't think the Steelers have any interest in signing Bell after the season that Conner is putting together. It would be in their interest to move him now. Cooper will go for less than a 1st. The other guy is D. Thomas who you may be able to get with a mid round pick.
  4. I would rather they bring another lineman in to block then keep Tomlinson on this team. And whose idea is it to run TE screens to the least athletic TE on the roster? It's maddening.
  5. Relying on 3rd round picks or later to start right away is a terrible way to build a team. Use those picks to bring in proven starters and take the risk out of those picks. You can easily supplement the depth of the team by using some of that $100 million to bring in role players and special teams contributors. They did that last off season and our special teams have been awesome this year. Having a ton of draft picks is always nice in theory but typically the majority of those picks won't ever contribute to the team. That's just the nature of the draft. This team needs one singular focus and that is to build the offense around Darnold first and then worry about everything else. His development should trump everything else.
  6. The answers are simple: -Trade for Bell: He immediately upgraded the offense and becomes the best offensive weapon the Jets have had in a long time. They can use the transition tag on him in 2019 if he refuses to sign long term. Which means he can negotiate with other teams but the Jets would have the right to match any offer someone else makes him. -Trade for Cooper: He's an immediate upgraded to Pryor and he's under contract in 2019. Those two moves will make the team and Darnold better immediately. Odds are that the draft picks that you'd give up acquiring these players would not be as good as Bell and Cooper. Building through the draft is fine but Darnold needs immediate help. The draft is a crap shoot. After round 2 in the draft the chances of drafting a starting player is something like 13%. Some of you guys act like giving up a 3rd round pick for a starting caliber player is the worst thing this franchise can do when the reality is that passing up an opportunity like that would be idiotic.
  7. I'd do it in a heart beat. Especially since he's under contract next year and none of our other WR's are.
  8. Anybody who thought this team would win more than 6 games this year is not living in reality. I thought there was a shot at 7-8 wins bc of the "projected" weak schedule but it's not looking to weak anymore. The Jets have a Rookie QB with no real playmakers on offense and a bottom 10 head coach. Also, the Vikings are a better team all day every day. Better QB, better offense and defense. The injuries had very little to do with the outcome today. The Vikings also had substantial injuries to their offensive and defensive lines. The Jets made a ton of mistakes today but that's what happens with limited weapons and a rookie QB who is trying to make plays happen instead of allowing them to occur naturally. That is why it is imperative that the front office gets aggressive now and brings in a couple of playmakers for Darnold. Cooper/D Thomas and Bell/Johnson would be a good start. If they allow Darnold to play with the same lineup he played with today for the next couple of weeks it's going to stunt his growth. It's time to be bold.
  9. choon328

    We need better players

    You guys are right. You can't blame Macc for the injuries but he can not let this team stay depleted at the skill positions for the next few weeks. He needs to make a move or else Darnold will regress badly the next couple of weeks against the Bears and Dolphins. You saw what he looked like today without Enunwa, Powell and Pryor. This organization can NOT hang this kid out to dry. Be aggressive and get this kid some damn playmakers!
  10. There is no way the Jets address the Offensive line with a high pick or a high priced free agent. Zone blocking teams don't do that. Lineman who get drafted high are almost exclusively maulers. Besides Carpenter the Jets offensive line is set for next year. Beachum (29), Long (27), Winters (27), Shell (26) make up a relatively young line. -Beachum has a year left on his deal and the Jets will likely extend him if he stays healthy. He has no more guaranteed money after this year. -Long has 3 years left on the deal he signed this off-season -Winters has 2 years left on his contract -Shell has 1 year left on his deal and I expect that they'll extend him as well. He just keeps getting better. The only position open will be LG and I think that's why you see them paying a lot of money to keep Falah and Braden on the practice squad. This off-season there was a lot of talk about how much the Jets liked Braden. I could see him sliding right into the starting lineup next year. A zone blocking team does not need high draft picks to fill out their line. They just need to identify players who can perform well in a zone concept.
  11. Bowles needs to go. The End
  12. Powell and Crowell are both averaging 4.5 ypc. James Conner is averaging 3.9 ypc. Run blocking is not the issue. The change to the zone running scheme, like they run in Pittsburgh, relies more on the backs making the right cuts at the right time. Bell just happens to be one of the greatest zone running scheme backs of all time. Oh and he had 85 receptions last year. It's not like that would help our young QB out.
  13. Conner had 13 yards rushing till about 5 min left in the 4th quarter tonight
  14. If you have up a 3rd and he didn't re-sign you'd get that 3rd back in a comp pick. And this rental, if that's what it would turn out to be, would be more valuable to Darnold's progression than anything else. You can't put a price on that.
  15. I think people are forgetting how great Bell is. Nobody would've batted an eye had the Steelers made him the highest paid RB ever this off-season yet people don't want to give up anything more than a late round pick for him. He immediately makes Darnold and this entire offense much much better. Darnold needs to be surrounded with playmakers early on to take pressure off of him. Look at Goff andMahomes and the talent they have around them at RB and WR. If you're all in on developing Darnold then you should be all in on Bell. We run the same zone run scheme as they do in Pittsburgh. It would be a seamless transition. And save me the argument that we need all of our picks. When is the last time the Jets drafted an elite offensive playmaker in any round let alone a mid round. People who are butt hurt over his comments about not wanting to play for the Jets fail to realize that he grew up a Jets fan. They also fail to realize that those comments were made before Darnold got here. A franchise QB can change a lot of opinions.

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