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  1. Well as we know JD was brought in after Gase was hired with no power to get rid of him. What did you expect him to say at that point? Its different when you hire your own guys And this just has a different feeling. He hires a young defensive HC who other teams were clamoring for. He's bringing in a new defensive philosophy of actually rushing the QB instead of playing coverage. He brings in a young modern OC who comes from a highly effective offensive tree.Thereuis a lot to be excited about when it comes to the coaching staff. Now, JD just has to give them the pieces to work with. That
  2. Explosiveness in the run game? That screams Travis Etienne at 23 or 34
  3. Who is Sam Darnold? I thought that was just Josh Rosen with a little more mobility
  4. Teams that are ready to win and can take a financial risk on a veteran player. The Jets are not near ready to win and the risk for them financially makes zero sense.
  5. He's got 2 years left with any guaranteed money. $6 million cap hit if traded in 2021 and only $8 million guaranteed next year. He can be cut after that with no dead money. The Rams, Packers, Giants and Broncos all still need an ILB. As long as his medical check out I can see him being traded. There's not a ton of financial risk for the team trading for him.
  6. It has nothing to do with "mean spiritedness". He's coming off a serious injury to his groin and has been away 2 years. He's never played in this style of defense and was never the quickest guy at his position to begin with. Plus, the Jets have been trying to shed older, he'll be 29, expensive veterans since JD got here. There is a difference of $8 million in savings if they trade him now or wait to cut him after the season. It's a huge financial risk that I don't think JD is going to take on a guy who has been away 2 years and coming off a serious injury. It's not personal.
  7. I think Davis will start at MLB and Moseley will get traded during or post draft for a 7th round conditional pick. He really doesn't fit the system as an off the ball linebacker and he's been away 2 years. I think the Jets will cut their losses and move on at this point since JD didn't sign him. It would free up an additional $1.5 million this year and $13 million in 2022.
  8. CB's are not important to this defense. It's as simple as that. Shake the mentality of the last 12 years off . This is a different system that relies on the front four primarily.
  9. The typical "slot" CB position in this defense is usually manned by someone who can play near the line of scrimmage and cover TE's. It's not your typical Brian Poole type of guy. In the Legion of Boom defense it was played by Byron Maxwell who is 6'1" 205lbs. I could see a lineup where Austin or Jackson is playing that spot. Also, think about this. The CB's in that secondary were: Richard Sherman (5th Round) 6'3" 205 lbs Brandon Browner (Undrafted) 6'4" 230 lbs Byron Maxwell (6th Round) 6'1" 205lbs The current CB's in the Jets roster: Bryce Hall 6'1" 202 l
  10. What will help Zach Wilson more, an interior offensive lineman at 23 or a CB? We both know the answer to that. This team can not fail at building around their young QB again. And i'm telling everybody right now that Salehs defense does not value CB's enough to use a 1st rd pick on one. It's not happening. They will add a mid round pick and a vet after the draft and that's it.
  11. The two existing young players that will benefit the most from this scheme change is Austin and Zuniga.
  12. CB is literally the least important part of this defensive scheme. Pass Rusher is #1, #2, #3 & #4 in what is most important for this defensive scheme. On offense: agile offensive lineman and getting a reliable pass catching TE.
  13. I said the exact same thread in that silly "draft a CB at #23" thread.
  14. Here are some mid rd CB's that the Jets should be looking at based on a zone scheme fit: Israel Mukuamu, South Carolina, 3rd-5th Marco Wilson, Florida 3rd-5th Deommodore Lenoir, Oregon 4th-6th Keith Taylor, Washington 4th-6th Thomas Graham, Oregon 4th-6th
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