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  1. Can people please stop ******* defending Darnold? He had Berrios open deep and he was calling for the ball and Darnold ran it for 2 yards instead. Hes broken.
  2. The people who thought the Jets were going to be good this year are the clueless ones. They had a bad WR core, an offensive line that never took a snap together prior to week 1. No pass rush from the defensive line or any edge rush to speak of. And they had a bad CB situation as well. And this was before all of the injuries. The only hope for them to be competitive was Darnold taking a huge leap and that's not happening.
  3. Its funny how everybody complained how Rex didn't do anything with the offense yet were thrilled when Gase said Gregg Williams was the HC of the defense. The biggest mistake Rex made was to try to pay attention to the offense.
  4. Give Rex Trevor Lawrence and a great OC/Playcaller and he'll win a lot of games. If Rex had a top 10 QB his first time around he probably wins a SB and doesn't have a losing season. Even though Sanchez played really well in the playoffs I think a better QB would have had the Jets in the playoffs each year Rex was there therefore giving him more chances to win a SB.
  5. There are 2-3 other studies that are months ahead of this one but it's still good news
  6. 2000 yds passing 13 tds 4 int 2 TDs rushing 61% Comp So 4,000 yds, 26 tds and 8 int wouldn't be top 10? 26 tds would've been good enough for 8th most in the NFL last year. At worst it was top 12 I'm not defending Darnold. He's been awful so far this year. But the guy I responded to wondered why people gave him sh*t about him wanting to trade Darnold before this year. And it was obvious that Darnolds last 8 games gave a lot of people hope he would keep progressing.
  7. Well that's bc last year in the final 8 games he played like a top 10 QB. This year not so much.
  8. Have you watched them play this year? It doesn't take a genius to see that this team is terrible. The only hope for this team was a massive progression by Darnold and that doesn't seem to be happening. I'm 100% sure people would rather be talking about how great Darnold and the team look rather then getting the #1 pick but it is what it is.
  9. That's not how it workss for QBs. The Redskins gave up 3 1st round picks and a 2nd to move up 1 spot to draft RG3.
  10. There is so much that goes into this. A new HC coming in plus in this scenario we're assuming Darnold does not play well all year. This offseason the Jets have to make a $25+ million decision on Darnold and his 5th year option. With all of those things being factored in I think you try as hard as you can to move Darnold and draft Lawrence with the #1 pick. Start fresh with a new HC and QB. That would buy JD 4 more years to spend with a QB on a rookie deal. Idk how, in this scenario, you pass up a QB and pick up Darnolds 5th year option.
  11. I'm having shoulder surgery next Thursday so thankfully I'll be in a Percocet haze during the game.
  12. The TE's should have about 15 targets combined this week. On the other hand Gase is an idiot and will run 4 wide sets all game.
  13. That's why you don't pay him $18 million

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