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  1. When Watson settles, which based on how all of the public discourse between lawyers has abruptly stopped will be soon I'm sure, Watson will get a 4 game suspension just like Big Ben did when he was accused and settled. The Texans will then trade him to the Panthers, which is why they didn't go QB in the 1st round. They wanted to keep this door open. The owner is infatuated with the idea of Watson and acquiring Darnold isn't going to prevent them from trading for a top 5 QB in his prime. Darnold will get to start while Watson is suspended and then Darnold will be traded either during the season
  2. When Watson settles with his accusers the Panthers will go all in for him. Darnold will get a 4 game audition for another team during Watsons suspension and will get traded again. The owner is infatuated with the idea of Watson.
  3. Now with Darnold there's less of a chance
  4. One thing Rhule hasn't done is deny what Bridgewater said.
  5. Pre June 1st Cut: $12.5 million dead money, $5 million savings. Post June 1st cut $9.5 Dead Money, $8 million savings If he plays like a Pro Bowler they'd keep him if he's average they'd likely cut him using a June 1st designation instead of paying a $17.5 million cap hit.
  6. No 2 minute drill or red zone practice???? That's an interesting strategy, let's see if it pays off with Darnold.
  7. He shouldn't even be on the roster next year
  8. No offense but this is embarrassing
  9. No we won't. The Jets will again have to spend some money in FA again next year.
  10. The other Trade that I could see happening is Crowder for Ertz. But that won't happen till June 1st.
  11. So that's the reason he couldn't catch a cold last year? It's Gase' fault? You guys need to find another excuse for all of these bad players who you keep defending.
  12. It's hilarious that anybody thinks Darnold is an upgrade over Bridgewater
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