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  1. The Jets would've released him before the season. That's why they had leverage. This is what I said on June 4th "Decrease his base salary but guarantee it. So instead of $11 million with no guaranteed money it decreases to $5-$6 million fully guaranteed. Saves cap space for a guy like Morgan Moses and gives Crowder some financial stability.
  2. If you think society has accepted this style of life you're dreaming. Maybe in your little bubble that's true but in society it's not. There are entire religions who are not accepting. Evangelicals and Catholics make up about 180 million people in America and neither of them are accepting of LGBTQ. There may be a minority in these groups who are accepting but the majority don't agree with that lifestyle. But again, it's about the internal struggle and the strength it takes to come out in a society that is largely not accepting of that lifestyle.
  3. You are one of the most ignorant people I've run across. You could've just ignored this.
  4. I said right away this would be the case. Guarantee him some money but cut the base to save money. Win win for each side.
  5. It's not a signing bonus, it's a roster bonus. Two totally different things.
  6. It's not about those people, it's about a person's own internal struggle. Don't downplay the significance of this moment in someone's life bc YOU think it's "no big deal".
  7. He's a role player with 14.5 sacks the last 3 seasons. He's not an All-Pro but he's a good player. We have fans here creaming themselves over John Franklin Myers and his 5 sacks the past 2 seasons as a role player yet Nassib isn't a good player? Try watching football sometime.
  8. It's really that they drafted Samuel Cosmi last year and he plays RT. Leno got a 1 yr $5 mil deal to play LT. Moses had no guaranteed money left on his contract and the release saved the Redskins about $8 million this year and next.
  9. Saleh said yesterday that not including the Superstars, the difference between A-Z at CB is just opportunity and you'll never know if that Z guy can become A if you don't give him a shot.
  10. Maybe I'm wrong but this entire off-season, including this possible Moses deal, has been about upgrading every position possible on offense. It was reported that they made a run at Jonnu Smith in FA so I don't think they're done upgrading the position. Why would they choose to go balls to the wall upgrading the offense in FA and the draft and then just ignore the TE position? It was literally the worst TE room in the nfl in 2020 and all they did was add a career backup who couldn't start over Dawson Knox last year. Yesterday, a reporter asked LaFleur about the TE position and the best th
  11. Listening to the Saleh press conference today it sounds like they're rolling with the young guys at CB.
  12. I think GVR is your starting right Guard. Good pass blocker, below average run blocker. Put him next to a road grader like Moses and all of a sudden his run blocking improves. Kind of like Elflein when he started next to Becton. The money they're paying Fant this year means nothing. Moses is an obvious upgrade and if last year is any indication Fant will be needed a bunch to relieve Becton at LT. One positional group JD has never been cheap with is the offensive line so I doubt he cares if his swing tackle is making $9 million this year. The real question is what dominoes fall afte
  13. Yep, And some think they'll wait till next year to upgrade the TE position. It's happening this year.
  14. Now do the 3 years before last season.
  15. Didn't you hear? He's not 25 or under and wasn't drafted by the Jets so they don't want him. I can't wait for mid season and the same guys killing JD for not adressing TE as we watch Herndon drop passes and underwhelm like the other TE's on the roster.
  16. This season is not about the "team success", it's about developing a ******* rookie QB. An idea some of you seem to be allergic to.
  17. Bc he took a substantial paycut. If he didn't, he'd be gone. Him being here still changed nothing in regards to their plans for the season
  18. Here's the bad news, there is still a season this year. Jets need to close that hole at TE somehow. Kroft isn't going to cut it.
  19. Van Roten was actually pretty good in pass protection last year but he struggled in the run game. For what's its worth PFF has him as the 26th rated Guard entering the 2021 season. 26. GREG VAN ROTEN, NEW YORK JETS Part of the overhaul on the New York Jets offensive line, Van Roten has been a consistently above-average pass-blocker in the NFL, even if his run blocking has been less than ideal on a similarly consistent basis. In his first season with the Jets, he allowed 24 total pressures from 13 games of action.
  20. That was 4 years ago. He's had 20 receptions Total since then. The Bills have just as big of a hole at TE that the Jets do and they didn't even bring him back.
  21. The Jets currently don't have the starting TE on the team. I think for sure they're going to address it prior to training camp. I can't see them ignoring it and letting a career backup TE start after they made so many investments to bring in playmakers to surround Wilson with. Along with backup QB its the biggest glaring hole in the offensive roster. I think they're using the OTA's and mini camp to evaluate the offense and they'll go out and be aggressive bringing in veterans to patch those holes. At least that's what I hope they do. They need to do everything to make it easy on Wilson t
  22. The only thing I've seen is "late in the morning". I'm going to assume around 11 am bc I feel like that's similar to when OTA's started
  23. Darnold must've put grease on the Footballs last year. I guess that was the cause of the drops
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