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  1. I don't care who the coach or GM are, or who the starting QB is I just want to watch a winner. The fact that you and others would rather they lose to get rid of a coach and GM speaks to your lousiness as a fan of the team.
  2. I think the majority of hate for Cousins is the fact that they want Bowles and Macc to fail. Bringing in Cousins and surrounding him with talent could theoretically get us in the playoffs. That would put a wrench in the plans of the "Fire everybody" contingent
  3. (D) Kirk Cousins is a much better QB right now than Drew Brees was in 2006 when he hit Free Agency. And that has nothing to do with his shoulder injury at the time. Brees was a second round pick who had a slow release, he was too small and lacked accuracy down the field. Philip Rivers was going to be the much better player bc of his prototypical size and arm talent. Look how that turned out for NO and the Chargers.
  4. What i support is getting a top 10 QB by any means necessary. All we've complained about forever is that the Jets don't have a QB. That the Jets give out big contracts to defensive lineman and CB's. Now they have an opportunity to bring in a top 10 QB in the prime of his career and have $70 million to build around him for the next 5 seasons. If the Jets had the first pick then I may have a different opinion but they don't. Signing Cousins would be something the Jets have NEVER done before. They've always either drafted a young guy or signed an old passed his prime veteran to hold the fort. Thi
  5. Reading this thread is what I imagine it would be like to read a transcript of my wife and her friends talking about their periods. The same 10 people in here verbally shedding their uterine lining like they do in every thread about getting a top 10 QB. The truth is they don't want a competent QB bc that would mean their bitchy schtick wouldn't get as much attention. Go get a tampon, stick it in your smelly bloody vagina mouths and stop derailing every Cousins thread bc you're feeling crampy and bloated. #NoOffense
  6. I think the Jets quickly fired Morton after this season bc of the connection between Bates and Cousins. It's no coincidence Mike Shanahan comes out to rave about Bates 2 days before the Redskins made that trade for Smith. We'll see.
  7. Stafford signed a 6 yr $135 million contract with $92 million guaranteed prior to the 2017 season. Cousins deal should come in around $145 with $100 million guaranteed. This contact should be easy to negotiate based on their similarities. I'd sign up for that. I'm tired of young QB's coming here and failing. Get a top 10 QB in here, build the offense around him this off-season and hope the young defense continues to grow.
  8. Petty believers want them to throw the ball down field bc he can't complete a 5 yard pass. It's not coaching when the guy is so inaccurate.
  9. I forgot that the only thing GM's do is draft players. They don't sign free agents, rookie free agents or make trades. Got it
  10. Lee is much better, Maye and Adams have played really well. Bass has been a big surprise. Davis has played much better than he has in years. Williams hasn't missed a beat. Cooper has stepped up filling in for Mo. He's gotten a lot out of the defense.
  11. Then right back to missing wide open WR's 3 yards away. Smh
  12. He can't complete a wide open swing pass. I'm content with "restraining" him till Hack comes in. Then open the offense. Petty is trash
  13. Ozzie Newsome must be an awful GM since the Ravens have $19 million in dead money this year.
  14. I forgot that guys never improve. Jerry Hughes says hello
  15. That comparison=You've never seen either QB play
  16. I remember a time when Geno Smith was the next great QB. He was getting the same hype as Darnold. Then he played one more year in college and that all changed. Playing the 2017 season in hopes to draft a certain QB the next year is idiotic.
  17. Yeah what were the Chargers thinking when they drafted Rivers when they had Brees already. It must mean Brees sucks. You keep bringing up the Bucs drafting Winston but you're failing to see the big picture of why they did. Lovie Smith took over the Bucs the year they drafted Winston. Glennon is a stationary QB with a big arm and Lovie wanted a more mobile guy to run his system. Winston just happens to have similar arm strength as well. You keep making it seem so cut and dry when there were many other factors that went into that decision. You are ignorant when it comes to the details surr
  18. The Bucs drafted Winston and moved on from Glennon bc they changed coaching staffs and wanted to start fresh. Get your facts straight.
  19. This thread screams of people who have actually never seen him play. 18 games started, 30 tds, 15 ints, 4100 yards, 84.6 QBR. After his rookie season in 2013 75% of the league would've thrown multiple first round picks for him. You all have no clue.
  20. Have you ever watched Mike Glennon throw the ball? To say he's Ryan Fitzpatrick II is beyond ignorant on many levels.
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