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  1. I hope so too lol. The Jets need some damn luck with these mid round picks
  2. Yep, I could not believe he would be described in that way by his father and HS coach. Most players would take a nosedive after that but the Jags committed to him week 16 of the regular season and couldn't dare back out at that point.
  3. Not many fanbases would rather pass up a proven veteran in order to give an UDFA a shot in hopes it works out. I'm really not sure how you can have any question marks at any position on offense after bringing in Wilson. Douglas has been working all off season to sure up the offense so there are no glaring holes. The only one hes ignored so far is TE which is why I think it'll be addressed before training camp. It may not be Ertz but it'll be a veteran starter.
  4. I can't find it but there was a report that Clarke is not even in the running for a starting position this year.
  5. Jets fans are always looking for the underdog story bc of Chrebet and love to complain about lack of talent but then are afraid to bring in a real starting TE bc "let's give Yeboah a shot". I think that's partially what he means and it's true.
  6. I'm not sure what anybody has against upgrading every position possible. Why be content with the list of JAG's you just mentioned? A healthy Ertz, even at this point in his career, is a massive upgrade to those nobodies and can be a security blanket for Wilson. In 2019 Ertz had 88 rec, 916 yds, 6 tds and a Pro Bowl appearance. He had an injury plagued 2020, that means he's done?
  7. I'm not sure why anybody would expect Fant to start over Lewis or even GVR at RG. It makes more sense to keep Fant as the swing tackle in case of injuries..
  8. Herndon is awful and I don't think he makrs this team. Zero dead money and over $2 million in savings of traded or cut. Right now Kroft is the starter, not Herndon.
  9. Fant becomes the swing tackle like he was in Seattle. That makes more sense.
  10. Two completely different players. Fant was a TE coming out, ran a 4.8, benched 225 lbs 22X Flowers was 330 lbs, benched 225 lbs 37X, ran a 5.31. Flower mold of a tackle who can move inside, Fant doesn't.
  11. I'm not sure about that. The one position he's been aggressive with and "overspent" has been offensive line. Whether it's money (Fant, GVR, McGovern) or draft capital (Vera-Tucker). If the Jets want him they can have him bc nobody else would be able to outbid them at this point on a 1 yr deal. And I'm sure Moses would want to hit FA after the season for a final big contract so I think a multi year deal is out of the question.
  12. LaFleur was the passing game coordinator in SF and I doubt he will run it much different here. The TE position will be addressed via Trade before training camp, in my opinion. I expect them to make a run at Ertz. This idea that LaFleur or Saleh will change it up bc they're in a new place is ridiculous. They're here bc of how they ran their units, they're not changing much.
  13. Cole and Moore both are versatile enough to play inside and outside and I think they will switch often. In a 3 WR set it'll be Davis, Cole and Moore. Cole is way more versatile than Crowder and this offensive staff values versatility. Crowder value to this offense is very limited, hence the paycut.
  14. LaFleur used a slot WR only 55% of the time while in SF. Way less than Gase.
  15. They have to hit on Wilson otherwise the picks are pointless in my opinion.
  16. You are incorrect about the Rookie pool anyway. The Jets have $27 million in cap space with every pick signed and accounted for except the top 3. They account for just under $11 million in needed cap space remaining In the off-season the Cap # is totaled by adding the top 53 salaries. 6 of the rookies that are signed along with 5 players (Mann, Ficken, Guidry, Huff and Ty Johnson) who should make the 53 are not included in the current cap number bc they're not in the top 53 highest players signed currently. If we assume they all make the final cut they would replace higher salaried player
  17. I am one of those people who saw a noticeable improvement when Elflein was starting next to Becton.
  18. Regardless of the other players you mentioned the scheme itself will make his Targets plummet. Crowder will never get more Targets than he did in Gases offense bc of the scheme. People don't realize that Crowder is a very scheme driven player. A team that has a hole at the slot position in a very slot dependent scheme will value him more. Vertical offenses and schemes that value position flexibility at WR will value him less. It's really that simple. It's the same reason why I think the Jets will make a trade for a veteran pass receiving TE before training camp. The Shanahan offense has
  19. Cole and Crowder had almost identical numbers in 2020 with the same number of targets on the year. Crowder 89 Targets 59 Rec 699 yds 6 TDs Cole 88 Targets 55 Rec 642 yds 5 TDs Cole got $5 Million guaranteed this year with a $5.5 Million cap hit. I'm sure Crowder is being asked to reduce to that amount due to the very similar numbers in 2020. I think that's fair considering Cole was on the open market and Crowder isn't. This is a business after all.
  20. The only issue with Mims so far has been injuries. He displayed tremendous ability to track the ball and make the catch last year with a QB whose worst trait was throwing downfield. Now he has a QB whose best trait is throwing back shoulder down the field. Mims should thrive if he can stay healthy. With all of that being said I think there will be a healthy rotation of the top 4 WRs each game and I don't expect any of them to put up huge individual numbers. A good season from the WR group should be 3 WRs with over 70 rec. If they add a TE like Ertz then obviously this won't happen and I'd sub
  21. I don't think the Jets are trying to get Crowder to take less money. Alot of prior are aiming that's what they're doing. I think they're trying to trade him and don't want him at OTA's to avoid injury. If he's getting traded I think it'll be before mini camp next week. I expect Cole and Moore to move around the formation a lot in order to keep the defense on their toes. Crowder doesn't offer that versatility.
  22. It's been the TE's almost exclusively. They need to address the position via Trade pretty aggressively prior to camp if they want to help Wilson grow. They currently have no reliable TE's in an offense that relies on TE's as an outlet for the QB.
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