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  1. I think a decision on Geno has to be made this week. Only 2 QB's will see playing time next week. The starters will go 3 quarters and the backups will go the remaining time. If Geno is still on the team for next game he isn't going anywhere in my opinion. I'd like to see them attempt to move him early this week. There are like 4-5 teams and injury away from turning to a way worse QB than Geno. It's more likely to be for a conditional 7th that will upgrade depending on playing time. We have too much young talent to keep 4 QB's and after last night there is no way Petty would be released.
  2. I'm creating my 53 man roster based on what the Jets did last year. The 2015 53 man roster consisted of: QB-3 HB-4 WR-5 TE-2 OL-10 DL-7 OLB-4 ILB-4 CB-7 S-4 I changed the numbers up a little bit based on this years personnel. Here's my 53 man roster: QB-3 Fitz, Geno/Petty, Hack (Geno or Petty wilk be gone by week 4 of the preseason in my opinion) RB-4 Forte, Powell, Robinson, Bohanon WR-7 B. Marshall, Decker, Enunwa, J. Marshall, Peake, Thompkins, Ross TE-2 Davis, Amaro OL-9 Clady, Carpenter, Mangold, Winters, Breno, Shell, Ijalana, Qvale, Johnson DL-6 Mo, Sheldon, Williams, McLendon, Jenkins, Simon OLB-4 Jenkins, Mauldin, Catapano, Bishop ILB-4 Harris, Henderson, Carter, Lee CB-6 Revis, Skrine, Williams, Milliner, McDougle, Burris S-5 Pryor, Gilchrist, Miles, Middleton, R. Martin Special Teams-3 Folk, Edwards, Purdum
  3. I don't really believe that the Jets want to keep 4 QB's at all this year. I think they're giving Petty every opportunity to prove that he would be a capable backup for this season. It's up to him to prove it on the field. I'm sure their hopes are for Petty to impress in order to attempt to move Geno for a late round pick before the season. (Possibly landing spots: Packers, Seahawks, Lions and Ravens). But I think this is less about a competition between Geno and Petty and more about hoping Petty can be counted on so that the Jets don't have to spend $4-$6 million on a backup next season. Because 1 of the 2 will not be on the team this year. Hack can't be put on the practice squad because another team will most definitely steal him away. I don't think Hackenberg will play till the 4th pre-season game and I believe he'll play the whole game. There really is no need for the organization to rush him. I think that a best case scenario for the organization would be to have Fitz return for 2017 as well, as long as he produces, and then turn it over to either Petty or Hack in 2018.
  4. It's a 5 yr extension worth $92 million that can go up to $115 million with incentives. $18.2 million/year. It's not a 6 year deal worth $90 million. Thats how the Jills want to phrase it. His base this year is $1 million and they're including that in the deal for optics to make it look like they're only paying him $15 million. But those numbers I wore above are what his agent tweeted out. Thats the real deal. Not so team friendly anymore.
  5. He could have been easily replaced by a younger higher upside QB who got released. But I'm assuming his familiarity with the system is what got him put on the practice squad.
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